6 Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins to Enhance Your Customer Service

A quicker turnaround time is essential in any business. A customer always prefers a brand that successfully resolves an issue with the least effort involved in query resolution.

This is supported by a Hubspot study which says 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.

Many CMSs in the market offer a knowledge-base component built-in. But if you are on WordPress, you’ve guessed it right: there’re plugins to cater to this in the easiest way.

A WordPress knowledge base plugin is the most appropriate tool to help you in this regard. Though it is possible to publish your FAQs or support guides as separate pages in WordPress, it becomes tedious process overtime for you to manage it.

Even a customer will find it cumbersome to keep navigating through these pages. This led us to compile a set of the best WordPress knowledge base plugins for you.

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6 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Brand

The best way to garner goodwill is to resolve discrepancies before they snowball into a big issue quickly. This will help you create a loyal customer base and make people recommend your brand to their acquaintances.

In addition, an ideal WordPress knowledge base will help you efficiently reserve a common platform for your FAQs, troubleshooting solutions, and more on your WordPress site.

Following are 6 of the WordPress knowledgebase plugins we recommend:

1. WP Knowledgebase



  • $74 per year (Personal)
  • $124 per year (Extended)
  • $184 per year (Professional)

WP Knowledge base is a simple yet effective knowledge base plugin. This plugin gives you the control of visual elements like theme color, sidebar layouts, and more.

You can even provide or remove the ability for customers to comment on the knowledge base articles or FAQs. WP Knowledge base has a free and paid version based on your needs.

The Pro version provides you with added features like search analytics, article feedback, and the ability to put links to related articles in one common view.

2. Heroic Knowledgebase


  • $149 per year (Heroic KB Essential)
  • $199 per year (Heroic KB Plus)
  • $399 per year (Heroic KB Pro)

Heroic Knowledgebase is one of the best WordPress knowledge base plugins. It provides a curated knowledge base experience with instant search, article analytics, user feedback, email reports, and more.

This plugin also comes with a ‘help assistant’ that is sort of a floating window that appears on the side of every page, ensuring that the customers don’t miss out on their queries.

Heroic Knowledgebase also has multilingual support, helping you to cater to global audiences easily.

3. Echo Knowledgebase


Pricing: (For 1 Site)

  • $105 per year (Heroic KB Essential)
  • $200 per year (Professional)
  • $380 per year (Access Control)

Echo Knowledgebase is a ready-to-use knowledge base plugin that enables you to set one up in less than 5 minutes. You also have better control over the minutest details of your knowledge base page.

There is a freedom to choose the individual components of the page, including the icons. You get to choose from 500 icons and the option to upload your own designed icons.

Echo knowledgebase also has an access manager using which you can define roles and create groups based on your permissions.

4. Very Simple Knowledge Base

Pricing: Free

As the name suggests, Very Simple Knowledge Base is a simplistic yet robust Knowledgebase solution for your site. It is a lightweight plugin, and if you are looking to simply compile your support guides, FAQs, etc., in one place, then it is ideal for you.

However, this is a free plugin, and you will need to add shortcodes and tweak them accordingly, which then changes the appearance of the posts.

5. Helpie WP

Pricing: (For 1 Site)

  • $49.99 per year (Basic)
  • $69.99 per year (Pro)

Helpie WP is the most collaborative knowledgebase plugin of all. It allows your team to communicate and make changes on the fly. With Helpie WP, you can create your Wiki page for your internal teams.

You can also create full-fledged Wiki sites for your customers that will eliminate any miscommunication between your brand and them. This plugin also provides a page builder with many themes and tags for your customers’ user-friendly product documentation.

6. BetterDocs


  • $69 per year per site (Individual)
  • $149 per year unlimited sites (Small Business)
  • $299 lifetime support unlimited sites (Agency)
  • $639 lifetime support unlimited sites (WPDeveloper Agency Bundle)

BetterDocs is a resourceful plugin aimed at streamlining customer support by resolving their queries as quickly as possible. It has built-in templates for the landing page, archive page, and more, which do not need coding.

In addition, the live search feature enables customers to find instant answers to their queries and gives them the same desired document or query reply.

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Scale Up Your Customer Support With Helplama

A strong customer support system and a robust knowledge base are essential for establishing a brand. Unfortunately, some solutions are not standard and can’t be molded into a FAQ section.

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