Best Social Login Shopify Apps in 2023

Last Updated: December 2023

Your customers need no more time-wasting trying to remember pesky passwords if your store has a one-click social login. Customers are more likely to visit an online store when they have an opportunity to sign up using a prevailing social media account. Do you know why? Because they want the process to be as easy and quick as possible.

Here are some best social login Shopify apps that can help you deliver a smooth customer experience by letting your customers login/sign-up to your store without having to enter their credentials every time.

Significance of Adding Social Login App To Your Applications

Verified Email

You will get the real email address of your visitors if you have a curated social login app. Verification of the user’s email is already done by the social network provider.  Even though some social media platforms like Twitter do not share the user email address many of the providers share this information. So you will get an actual email address rather than the fake addresses that many users generally use to register in web applications. Additionally, the social network providers will handle the password recovery process.

Boost Registrations

According to a Web Hosting Buzz Survey, 86 percent of users say they are bothered by the need to create new accounts on websites. Many of these users would rather leave your site than register. Thus providing Social Login to your apps will increase the number of registrations to your site. Web Hosting Buzz survey also reports that 77 percent of respondents agree that “Social Login is a good solution that should be in any site.”

Access to Customer Demographics

With the use of social login apps, you may get more demographic information about your visitors and access richer user profiles. Social network providers can give you additional data about users, such as location, interests, age, gender, mobile number, email id and more. Using this data, you can target your audience and give personalized content to the user.

Up-to-date Profiles

By using social login apps, you get up-to-date profile information. Usually, users do not manage to keep their profiles updated on most websites and apps they use, but they sure do it on social media networks. Therefore, having Social Login guarantees that you have accurate and revised information about your users.

One-Click Return Experience

Returning experience to your application will be very simple after users register in your application using Social Login, as they are likely to be logged into the social network, and merely one click will be sufficient to login into your application.

Less Cart Abandonment And More Conversions

For e-commerce stores, social login offers the opportunity to simplify the checkout experience for online shoppers. This results in fewer abandoned carts and more purchases on both web and mobile.

Best 13 Shopify Social Login Apps

1. Hiko Social Login(Overall ratings ⭐5/5, 24 Reviews)

Link to the app: https://hiko-social-login

HIKO Social Login is a Shopify app that enables customers to log in/register into your online store using social network accounts. Major social net works are integrated with this app.

Hiko Social Login
Image Source –

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: 20 popular social media platforms’ integration is possible with HIKO social login. You can integrate Google, Google One Tap, Facebook, Apple Twitter, Amazon, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify, Microsoft, Yahoo, LINE, Twitch, Discord, Kakao, Naver, Tumblr, VK, Yandex, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.
  • Automatic Set-up: They provide you with the option to integrate the app into your Shopify store automatically. Advanced users also have the option to do it manually using HTML tags.
  • Google One Tap: Google One Tap stimulates customer acquisition by prompting the login to the customers on the page they’re at on your store. Customers will remain on the same page without being interrupted to be redirected to the landing page after clicking on the prompt.
  • Multiple Languages: Support multiple languages and allow defining new languages. 11 languages are already built-in which include languages like English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and Italian.


Hiko Social Login is available in a free plan. The free plan includes 18 social logins and avatars. They only allow 30 logins per day in the free plan. Other plans are Professional and Premium and they cost $2.49/month and $4.99/month respectively. These plans include unlimited logins which are not available in their free plan.

   2. Flits: Customer Account Page (Overall ratings ⭐4.9/5, 533 Reviews)

Link to the app:

Enhance your Shopify customer account pages to increase engagement using Flits: Customer Account Pages. Flits is a customer account page that consolidates all the data of the customer on one page.

Flits: Customer Account Page
Image Source –

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: Flits provides a great social login aspect. Customers to your store can log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google or Amazon accounts. This makes it simpler for your customer to enroll on your store site and make purchases.
  • Access to Customer Profiles: Irrespective of the platform used to log in, Flits renders all the details obtained from your clients in a consolidated and easy-to-use format. This allows you to ease your delivery process and understand your customer profile better. 
  • Show Customized Ads: They allow you to show customized ads to your customers based on their previous purchases. This can be a valuable Shopify tool for upselling and increasing revenue.
  • Customizable Customer Account Page: You can enhance your store design with the highly customizable Flits customer account page. 
  • One Easy-to-access Place: Helps create a more engaging experience for shoppers by bringing all their data to one easy-to-access place that creates purchasing from your store easier. Flits summarize all your shopper data in one place – profile (birthday, gender, contact number), order history, recently viewed products, & delivery addresses. This makes it easy for shoppers to purchase from your store.


A 30-day free trial is available and other plans start from $4.99/month(Basic Plan). The billing cycle will start only after the free trial period ends. The Business plan costs $19.99/month and the Enterprise plan costs $29.99/month. The number of customers allowed in each plan varies according to the price.

   3. Open SignIn – Social Login (Overall ratings ⭐4.4/5, 79 Reviews)

Link to the app:

Open SignIn ‑ Social Login is a Shopify app built by Okas Concepts, and is part of the Best Shopify Apps collection.

Open SignIn social Login
Image Source –

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: Open SignIn app allows integrations with a wide range of social platforms, including all commonly used platforms and some rarely used ones. Open SignIn integrates with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn.
  • Customization: Open SignIn provides effortless, super easy customizations to match the interface with the design of your store. You can use Widget Designer to mix and match the design with your store. You can also design buttons or upload your custom icons and use translation texts to customize various texts. They also offer automatic configuration.


Price starts from $1.49/month (Base Plan) and a 15-day free trial is also available. Their Pro plan costs $5.45/month. Both the paid plans allow unlimited users/logins. 

   4. EasyAuth – Social Login (Overall ratings ⭐4.5/5, 14 Reviews)

Link to the app: www Shopify login.easyauth

Easyauth Social login
Image Source –

EasyAuth Social Login app built by Nexus Media allows your customers to sign up and log in with their account in popular social networks with a single click. No need to fill out forms and restore lost passwords if you have EasyAuth – Social Login app for your Shopify store.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: EasyAuth provides Shopify login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Yahoo, and other services for your customers.
  • Easy Setup: Extremely simple automatic installation is possible with its code-free installation process. 
  • Customization: Flexible look and feel can be made to fit your theme perfectly and your login pages can be customized to match your brand identity, you can decide social buttons’ styles, width, size and much more.


The price for a month is $5 and a 7-day free trial is also available. 

    5. One Click Social Login (Overall ratings ⭐4.3/5, 312 Reviews)

Link to the app: https://apps.shopify/one-click-social-login 

One Click Social Login
Image Source –

Simplify the login process with the One Click Social Login app available in the Shopify app store. One Click Social Login is a registered technology company offering a set of web-delivered tools and services for establishing Shopify Stores (“”) login and signup with many social networks and email providers.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: Get automatic social login with just one click using your customers’ favorite social network. They offer both automatic and manual integration processes, allowing you to choose the right one based on your expertise. 
  • Easy Setup: The installation is pretty easy. You can enable the automatic installation, that is the social login buttons will appear next to your login and signup forms.
  • Customization: One-Click Social Login is easily customizable. If you don’t want the automatic setup you can manually paste a simple code into your templates on the place where you want to show the social login buttons.


A 15-day free trial is available. The paid plans include Basic ($2.99/month), Standard ($4.99/month), and Pro ($9.99/month). Unlimited user login and registration are possible through all the paid plans.

   6. Oxi Social login (Overall ratings ⭐4.8/5, 411 Reviews)

Link to the app: https://apps.shopify/oxi-social-login 

Oxi Social Login
Image Source –

The Oxi Social Login Shopify app is built by Oxi Apps. By using Oxi Social Login you can avoid existing registration and login procedures which are slow procedures. This is an opportunity for increased customer conversion.

Key Features:

  • All Social Login Integration: With a single click, your customers can log in to your app using a social networking platform. Oxi Social Login features integration with all leading social networks to facilitate single-click login.
  • Easy Installation: Automated Setup & Installation is possible and you can have Social Login operating within minutes. Their automated setup allows you to integrate the app with your Shopify store and start using it in minutes. 
  • Availability of Customer Data: Oxi also helps you to collect customer data which can be further utilized for upselling and brand advertising.
  • Increased Customer Signup and Conversion: By avoiding existing usual registration and login procedures which are slow methods it’s an opportunity for improved customer signup and in the case of conversion, with social login, there is a lesser possibility that customers abandon their cart.


A 15-day free trial is available for this app. The Essential plan costs $1.99/month and the Pro plan costs $4.99/month.

   7. Quick Social Login (Overall ratings ⭐3.9/5, 19 Reviews)

Link to the app: https://apps.shopify/social+login

Quick social login
Image Source –

Quick Social Login app is a convenient way for the social network’s billions of global users to log into your store. By

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: Quick Social Login App provides social media integration of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon, Microsoft, WordPress, Dropbox and Mailchimp.
  • Easy Setup: Delivers a straightforward installation process. Extremely simple setup, no need to copy or paste any codes. It helps you engage with your store right away.
  • Customization: Flexible look and feel can be made with Quick social Login apps’ customization features to fit your theme perfectly. This app also supports a login/register popup.


Quick Social Login is a free Shopify social login app.

   8. Social Login ‑ miniOrange (Overall ratings ⭐4.7/5, 21 Reviews)


Link to the app:

MiniOrange social login
Image Source –

Eliminate your customers’ difficulty remembering or typing enter usernames and passwords by using Shopify social login app mini Orange. This app is optimized for all devices and automatically adjusts to the orientation and resolution of your website.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: miniOrange is a Shopify social login app providing integrations with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, LinkedIn, Discord, etc. 
  • Email Service Integration: They also provide email integration services with the provision to integrate with MailChimp, Phone number and Email verification, HubSpot and many more.
  • Customization: Icon Customization – you can customize the shape, space, color & size of social login icons on the signup page.


A free plan is available for the miniOrange social login app. The free plan includes only 4 Social Login Networks and 50 Users Registration/Login per month. But the paid plans include 26+ Social Login Networks and unlimited login and registration.

   9. Passwordless Social Login (Overall ratings ⭐4.9/5, 6 Reviews)


Link to the app:

Passwordless Social Login is a Shopify app built by Dimension Software which provides the fastest and most secure way for your customers to login into your store. Passwordless login systems offer a password-free alternative for Login and signup.

Passwordless login
Image Source –

Key Features:

  • Passwordless Login: There are many ways that your customers can simplify their login with the many options offered by this app. Your customers can simply use any email address, they only have to match the temporary security code they received on their email and click the ‘Login’ link.
  • Social Media Integration: They also offer a Social Login option with their Elite package. This allows your customers to log in with their social media accounts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • Easy Setup: Passwordless Social Login app provides automatic, simple installation within minutes. 
  • Customization: This app will help style everything to your brand standards with its fully customizable UI to perfectly reflect your brand identity. iOS & Android native mobile app support, too, is provided.


A free plan is available for the Passwordless Social Login App and other plans start from $3/month. The PRO plan costs $3/month and the ELITE plan costs $13/month. The Social Login feature is not available for the free plan and PRO plan. The free plan contains passwordless login and installation setup. 

   10. Smart Social Login (Overall ratings ⭐3.2/5, 68 Reviews)

Link to the app:

Smart Social Login
Image Source –

Smart Social Login app built by Webdesk Solution is a Shopify store that allows your online store customers to log in with their social media accounts.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: You can provide hassle-free login processes to your customers using the Smart Social Login app. Smart Social app supports the social logins of major social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Amazon.
  • Easy Setup: The Smart Social Login app installation process is as easy as it can get. They have put all the possible efforts to make it a seamless integration.


Smart Social Login App costs $1.49/month.

   11. Login with Amazon (Overall ratings ⭐3.5/5, 82 Reviews)

Link to the app:

login with amazon
Image Source –

Let the Amazon customers use their Amazon credentials to log in to or sign up to your online store.

Key Features:

  • Amazon Integration: Login with Amazon is a Shopify app that makes your store or site easier to use for Amazon’s customer base of hundreds of millions of people. This app lets your customers use their Amazon accounts to log into your Shopify store. 
  • Access to Customer data: You can get the customers’ details like name, email address, and zip code using their amazon account. Further, you can also use Amazon payments on your Shopify store and directly get the customers’ billing details. This lets you leverage Amazon’s customer base and also allows you to pull necessary information automatically.


The Login with Amazon app is available for free in the Shopify app store.

   12. Social Login Pro (Overall ratings ⭐4/5, 1 Review)

Link to the app:

Social login Pro
Image Source –

Social login Pro is a Shopify app that allows you to seamlessly include social login options for your store’s online customers.

Key Features: 

  • Social Media Integration: There are more than 32 social networks that your customers can use to join your store or site and these include: Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, Twitter, Google, Instagram and more.
  • Easy Setup: All you need to do to get this app working is to add the social network API key pair into the correct boxes in the backend of your Shopify store. Then click on save. This will enable the specific social network and allow users to log in. Therefore, unlike with other plugins on this list, you can restrict which social media platforms users can use.
  • Customization: By default, the login buttons will be displayed on the login form, new account form, and a login popup. The appearance of the social login buttons can be customized. And you can add the login buttons to any page on the store by using an embedded code.
  • Reward Social Login Users: One of the biggest benefits of using this app is that you can reward those who are using the social login. You can offer them discounts and more that can be auto-generated so they can’t be shared with other users without your permission.
  • Access to Customer Data: You can use the plugin to track social users in your store. This allows you to see lots of information that can help you improve marketing and more on your website.


Social Login Pro is available for free and their PRO plan costs $2.99/month. Their free plan allows Sign-in/Signup from Google and Twitter, whereas their PRO plan allows Sign-in/Signup from multiple social media platforms.

   13. Growave (Overall ratings ⭐4.9/5, 1647 Reviews)

Link to the app:

Growave social login
Image Source –

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers Shopify stores with Rewards and Loyalty, Product Reviews, Wish Lists, Referrals, and Instagram UGC.

Key Features:

  • Social Media Integration: Enable one-click login to remove barriers in the shopping process with this Shopify app. This app provides embed social login buttons anywhere on your Shopify site and enables one-click login for your customers. Growave lets customers log in using their Facebook, Google, Line, Twitter, Yahoo, Tumblr, Instagram or Amazon accounts.
  • Shop Through Instagram feed and UGC: Turn your Instagram and user-generated content into shoppable galleries and boost sales by allowing your customers to shop directly from an Instafeed.


A 14-day free trial is available and paid plans start from $9/month (Basic). The basic plan includes up to 75 orders and their Starter plan which costs $19/month allows up to 150 orders and 24/7 live chat support.


Social media covers a large percentage of our apps (and time). Some visitors will be glad to use existing login details from Social Media as quicker sign-up alternatives and so won’t be put off by the odds of repeating their details in ‘another form’.

Social login is a desirable feature that can help facilitate user verification while also providing more reliable access to user data for personalization. Businesses implementing social login apps need to be watchful with regards to privacy issues as regulations like the CCPA and GDPR provide users legal rights to opt-in and out of various data collection and sharing practices.

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