11 Best Shopify Influencer App you need to know!

shopify influencer app

Last Updated: February 2024

Are you looking for a Shopify influencer app? Then you are in the right place. The 2023 global influencer market reached an impressive $21.1 billion, doubling since 2019. Influencers are pivotal in product promotion. Explore our curated list of the 11 Best Shopify Influencer Apps to supercharge your marketing efforts and stay ahead of the curve!

11 Best Shopify Influencer App


shopify influencer app

Pricing: A free trial is available & paid plans start from $99/per month.

Happine.cc streamlines your influencer marketing workflow from start to finish. It saves your time and effort by eliminating the need to shift through large databases and manage multiple influencers.

Key Features

    • Automated Rewards: Automates influencer rewards based on set milestones.
    • E-commerce Integration: Compatible with Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and Shopify.
    • CPC Campaigns: Utilizes user-generated content for CPC(Cost Per Click) campaigns.
    • Automated Payments: The AI system measures influencer performance and issues rewards automatically.

2. Shopify Collabs

Pricing: Free

It is a free Shopify app, that helps merchants find partners for product promotion. Additionally, it offers custom application pages, influencer connections, free product sharing, and paid collaboration programs.

Key Features

    • Influencer Discovery: Find and connect with influencers who can promote your products effectively.
    • Product Seeding and Discounts: Distribute free products to influencers for promotional purposes.
    • Affiliate Programs: Create and manage partnerships with collaborators, offering compensation for their efforts.
    • Tracking and Analytics: Monitor and analyze the performance of your influencer and affiliate campaigns to make data-driven decisions for optimization.


shopify influencer app

Pricing: Paid plans start from $299/per month.

SARAL facilitates the creation of a centralized system for efficient management of your influencer marketing campaigns. This platform empowers you to seamlessly access a database of 150 million creators for potential collaborations.

Key Features

    • Shopify Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Shopify for efficient campaign management.
    • Influencer Discovery: Connects with 150M creators to facilitate collaborations.
    • Outreach Tools: Provides email outreach tools for automated influencer communication.
    • Application Page: Allows custom pages for customer brand ambassador invitations and order tracking code generation.


Pricing: Contact the team.

Affable offers scalable solutions for influencer management. This platform grants you access to a database of 6 million creators, allows you to send bulk invitations, and automates your communication.

Key Features

    • Influencer Discovery and Analytics: Affable offers tools to find and analyze influencers, helping you make informed collaboration choices.
    • Custom Campaigns: You can create tailored campaign templates to meet your specific business needs, adding tasks and defining proposal terms.
    • Product Seeding: Facilitates product collaborations with influencers and provides a way to track the results of these collaborations.
    • Paid Collaboration: Affable enables you to generate affiliate links and pay commissions to your partners via PayPal, simplifying compensation processes.


shopify influencer app

Pricing: Request a quote.

Streamlining influencer collaboration, GRIN is a top influencer marketing platform that helps businesses efficiently manage and optimize their campaigns. It simplifies influencer discovery, streamlines relationship management, and enhances performance tracking.

Key Features

    • Influencer Discovery: Tools to find and connect with suitable influencers for your brand.
    • Campaign Management: Streamlining the creation, execution, and monitoring of influencer marketing campaigns.
    • Influencer Relationship Management: Managing influencer relationships, communication, and agreements.
    • Payment and Compensation: Handling influencer payments and compensation for collaborations.

6. Upfluence

Pricing: Contact Upfluence.

Upfluence is a versatile influencer marketing platform. It streamlines the process of influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance tracking. This platform is an essential tool for businesses aiming to collaborate with influencers.

Key Features

    • Campaign Management: Streamlining the creation, execution, and monitoring of influencer marketing campaigns.
    • Relationship Building: Managing influencer partnerships, communications, and contracts.
    • Performance Analytics: Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of influencer campaigns.
    • Audience Insights: Providing data on influencer audience demographics and engagement.

7. Buzzbassador

shopify influencer app

Pricing: A free trial is available and a paid plan starts from $39.

Buzzbassador serves as a fundamental influencer management tool that enables you to construct landing pages for connecting with micro-influencers. Moreover, you can smoothly integrate these pages into your Shopify store.

Key Features

    • Micro-Influencer Marketing: Buzzbassador specializes in micro-influencer management, making it easy to collaborate with niche influencers.
    • Landing Pages and Application Forms: You can create landing pages for connecting with micro-influencers, enhancing your outreach.
    • Referral and Affiliate Code Generation: Buzzbassador allows you to generate unlimited referral and affiliate codes for your program.
    • Centralized Dashboard: The platform offers a centralized dashboard to manage applications and monitor ongoing projects efficiently.

8. Sauce

Pricing: A free trial is available.

Sauce, a Shopify Instagram influencer marketing platform, grants access to 6 million influencer profiles. Additionally, it enables the execution of product gifting campaigns and tagging customer posts.

Key Features 

    • Influencer Discovery: Access a database of 6M influencer profiles and evaluate their suitability.
    • Visual Shopping Tool: Convert images into clickable posts for quick product access and import user-generated content for visual testimonials.
    • Workflow Automation and CRM: Streamline influencer management and communication.
    • Tracking and Reporting: Get actionable insights into influencer popularity and campaign performance.

9. Afluencer

shopify influencer app

Pricing: A free trial is available & paid plan starts from $49.

Afluencer is a prominent influencer marketing app that serves as a bridge between businesses and influencers. This platform offers a variety of tools and resources to help brands discover and collaborate with influencers who can effectively promote their products or services

Key Features

    • Influencer Discovery: Tools to find influencers in your niche or industry.
    • Campaign Management: Streamlining the creation, execution, and monitoring of influencer marketing campaigns.
    • Performance Analytics: Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and tracking influencer performance.
    • Communication Tools: Facilitating communication and collaboration between brands and influencers.

10. Vwala

Pricing: A free trial is available & paid plan starts from $10.

Vwala empowers you to establish and automate your influencer marketing program. Moreover, with this platform, you can easily invite influencers through an embeddable signup page.

Key Features

    • Influencer Management: Vwala facilitates the establishment and automation of influencer marketing programs.
    • Embeddable Signup Page: You can invite influencers through an embeddable signup page and streamline the onboarding process.
    • In-App Messaging: The platform offers in-app messaging to communicate with creators and track your sales.
    • Custom Branding and Integration: Personalize the dashboard and code links with your branding, and integrate email support via Mailchimp or Klaviyo

11. Linkr

shopify influencer app

Pricing: A 7-day free trial is available & the paid plan starts from $157.

Linkr provides influencer discovery, campaign management, and product seeding capabilities. While you’ll receive several standard templates for a quick start, the platform allows for campaign customization to align with your specific requirements.

Key Features

    • Influencer Discovery: Linkr provides tools for discovering and connecting with influencers.
    • Customizable Campaigns: You can customize campaigns to meet your specific needs and goals.
    • Cost Calculator: Linkr offers a cost calculator to help determine fair compensation packages for influencers.
    • Content Sourcing: This lets you buy influencer-created content for reuse, avoiding copyright issues.

Saufter for E-commerce customer support

Saufter.io is a leading e-commerce support tool that is designed to enhance customer service and support for online businesses. This comprehensive platform offers a range of features and capabilities to improve customer interactions and streamline support operations.

Key Features

    • Ticket Management: Efficiently handle customer inquiries and support requests through a centralized ticketing system.
    • Multichannel Support: Provide support across various communication channels, such as email, live chat, and social media.
    • Returns and Refunds Handling: Providing a structured process for handling product returns and issuing refunds.
    • Automation: Implement automation for routing and responding to common customer queries.
    • Performance Analytics: Gain insights into customer support performance and make data-driven improvements.
    • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, and other tools to enhance the support workflow.

Final Words

In Conclusion, these 11 top Shopify influencer apps are essential for thriving in the growing influencer marketing landscape. They empower your brand’s reach and effectiveness in 2023’s booming global market. With Shopify influence app for influencer discovery and seamless collaboration, they’re your key to online success.



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