7 Best Shopify Facebook Reviews Apps in 2023!

7 Best Shopify Facebook Reviews Apps in 2023!

Last Updated: February 2024

Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur looking to take your Shopify store to new heights in 2023? Well, if you’re not tapping into the power of social proof yet, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity!

Facebook reviews can work wonders for your business, boosting credibility and driving sales. But managing reviews manually can be time-consuming and tricky. That’s where Shopify Facebook reviews apps swoop in to save the day!

In this blog post, we’ve handpicked the top 7 must-have Shopify Facebook review apps for 2023. Get ready to amplify customer trust, skyrocket conversions, and watch your online store flourish like never before!

1. Freshreview Reviews App

Freshreview Google Reviews App

Pricing: Free

Rating: 4.9/5

Are you tired of sifting through a sea of reviews on your Facebook page? Enter Freshreview, the ultimate lifesaver for busy Shopify store owners! With its sleek and intuitive interface, Freshreview seamlessly gathers all your Facebook reviews in one place, saving you precious time and effort.

But that’s not all – this app boasts smart filtering options, allowing you to showcase only the most glowing customer feedback. Let your satisfied customers take center stage, while you bask in the glory of increased credibility and conversions!

Key Features

    1. Centralized Review Management: Freshreview consolidates all your Facebook reviews, making them easily accessible and manageable from a single dashboard.
    2. Smart Review Filtering: Highlight the best of the best! Freshreview lets you filter and display only the most positive reviews, creating a stellar first impression for potential customers.
    3. Customizable Display Options: Personalize the appearance of your reviews to seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store’s design, maintaining a cohesive and professional look.

2. Facebook Reviews by Elfsight


Pricing: $5.99/month; 7-day free trial

Rating: 3.9/5

As a Shopify merchant, you know that a strong social media presence is crucial. Cue Elfsight’s Facebook Reviews app, your gateway to harnessing the power of genuine customer feedback from the world’s largest social network.

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly import and proudly display Facebook reviews on your e-commerce site. But wait, there’s more! Elfsight’s customizable review widgets allow you to add a touch of elegance to your website, giving your brand a dash of sophistication and trustworthiness.

Key Features

    1. Seamless Facebook Integration: Effortlessly sync your Facebook page with your Shopify store, pulling in authentic reviews from real customers.
    2. Eye-catching Review Widgets: Choose from a variety of stylish layouts and designs to beautifully showcase your Facebook reviews, blending seamlessly with your store’s aesthetic.
    3. User Review Request: Boost your review count by sending automated review requests to satisfied customers, making sure their positive experiences are shared for the world to see.

3. Reputon Customer Reviews App


Pricing: Free; paid plans start at $9.99/month

Rating: 4.8/5

When it comes to winning over potential buyers, trust is the name of the game, and Reputon knows it best!

This customer reviews app goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to collect and display authentic Facebook reviews while also keeping a keen eye on your competitors. Stay one step ahead with Reputon’s intelligent sentiment analysis, helping you understand customer emotions and sentiments, and tackle any negative reviews like a pro!

Key Features

    1. Competitor Analysis: Stay ahead in the market with a comprehensive analysis of your competitors’ reviews, gaining valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses.
    2. Sentiment Analysis: Understand your customers on a deeper level by analyzing the sentiments behind their reviews, helping you tailor your products and services accordingly.
    3. Automated Review Responses: Save time and energy with Reputon’s automated responses to reviews, ensuring your customers feel heard and valued, even during your busiest days.

4. Facebook Reviews by Omega


Pricing: $5.99/month; 14-day free trial

Rating: 4.7/5

Are you on a quest to supercharge your Shopify store’s reputation in 2023? Look no further than Facebook Reviews by Omega, the ultimate reviews app built to skyrocket your credibility. Seamlessly integrate your Facebook reviews into your e-commerce site and unleash the power of social proof.

Omega’s user-friendly interface lets you moderate reviews with ease, ensuring that only genuine feedback sees the light of day. Boost conversions, build trust, and watch your sales soar with this game-changing app by your side!

Key Features

    1. Effortless Integration: Connect your Shopify store to your Facebook page effortlessly, pulling in all the positive reviews to showcase to potential customers.
    2. Review Moderation: Take charge of your brand’s reputation by moderating reviews, keeping out any spam or fake feedback.
    3. Responsive Design: With Omega’s responsive review widgets, your Facebook reviews will look stunning on any device, providing a seamless browsing experience for all visitors.

5. Reputon Facebook Reviews


Pricing: Free; paid plan costs $5.99/mo

Rating: 4.8/5

When the competition is fierce, building a loyal customer base becomes paramount. That’s where Reputon Facebook Reviews steps in as your loyal ally! Easily import Facebook reviews and flaunt them on your Shopify store to establish credibility from the get-go.

But that’s not all – Reputon’s powerful sentiment analysis and keyword tagging system enable you to dig deep into customer sentiments and identify trends, giving you a competitive edge like never before!

Key Features

    1. Customer Insights: Uncover hidden gems in your reviews with Reputon’s sentiment analysis, understanding what truly resonates with your customers.
    2. SEO-friendly Reviews: Leverage the power of keyword tagging to make your reviews SEO-friendly, boosting your store’s visibility and attracting more organic traffic.
    3. Multi-platform Integration: Besides Facebook, Reputon supports reviews from multiple platforms, giving you a unified platform to manage all your customer feedback.

6. Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews


Pricing: Free; paid plans begin at $19.99/mo

Rating: 4.5/5

Are you a creative entrepreneur with a thriving Etsy shop and a Shopify store? This is the app you’ve been dreaming of!

Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews lets you gather reviews from both Etsy and Facebook and display them seamlessly on your e-commerce site. Now you can build trust with potential customers by showcasing your exceptional products and services in one place. Embrace the power of cross-platform social proof and stand out from the crowd like never before!

Key Features

    1. Etsy and Facebook Integration: Gather and showcase reviews from both Etsy and Facebook on your Shopify store, creating a comprehensive hub of social proof.
    2. Customizable Display: Tailor the appearance of your reviews to match your brand’s identity, ensuring a consistent and appealing look for your customers.
    3. Review Request Automation: Automatically send review requests to your satisfied customers, boosting your review count effortlessly and organically.

7. TestimonialHub


Pricing: Free; paid plan costs $2.99/mo

Rating: 4.8/5

If you’ve ever struggled to collect valuable testimonials from your happy customers, TestimonialHub is here to put an end to that struggle.

This app simplifies the testimonial-gathering process, making it easy for you to request and curate customer testimonials from Facebook. Boost your store’s credibility with genuine, glowing reviews, and watch as the power of word-of-mouth marketing propels your business to new heights!

Key Features

    1. Testimonial Collection: Effortlessly collect and store testimonials from your Facebook page, giving you a treasure trove of social proof.
    2. Testimonial Widget: Showcase your best testimonials in a beautiful and customizable widget, enticing potential customers with the positive experiences of others.
    3. One-click Sharing: Seamlessly share your testimonials on social media or your website, amplifying their reach and impact.


In conclusion, harnessing the power of social proof through the 7 best Shopify Facebook review apps in 2023 will elevate your e-commerce game to new heights. Freshreview’s streamlined management, Elfsight’s elegant widgets, and Reputon’s advanced insights empower you to build trust and make data-driven decisions.

Additionally, Import Etsy, Facebook Reviews bridge platforms, while TestimonialHub simplifies testimonial collection. Embrace these remarkable tools and watch your store flourish with increased credibility, conversions, and unwavering customer loyalty.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the voice of your customers becomes the most compelling marketing strategy, and these apps are the key to unlocking that powerful connection.

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