9 Best Shopify Facebook Retargeting Apps

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9 Best Shopify Facebook Retargeting Apps

Last Updated: July 2024

Hey there, online store owners! If you’re looking to boost your sales and get the most out of your marketing efforts, mastering the art of Shopify Facebook retargeting is a game-changer. 

Did you know that, 97% of website visitors leave without making a purchase on their first visit? Don’t worry, though! We’ve got you covered with the 9 best Shopify Facebook retargeting apps to help you win back those potential customers. With these powerful apps, you can strategically retarget your website visitors on Facebook, re-engage them, and turn them into loyal customers. 

So, get ready to dive into the world of Shopify Facebook retargeting apps and unlock the full potential of your online store!

  1. Omega ‑ Multi Facebook Pixels
  2. OnePixel Facebook Pixel,TikTok
  3. Google, Facebook & Insta Ads
  4. FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App
  5. Ako Marketing Retargeting Ads
  6. Scalify: Facebook & Google Ads
  7. AdRoll Marketing & Advertising
  8. Easy Ads for Facebook Ads
  9. AdMonks: Automated Retargeting

1) Omega ‑ Multi Facebook Pixels

Omega ‑ Multi Facebook Pixels

Rating: ⭐ 5/5

Pricing: 7-day trial; Two Owl plan costs $12.99/month

Discover Omega – Multi Facebook Pixels, the ultimate Shopify Facebook retargeting app to boost your marketing game. Standout features include:


    • Multi Facebook Pixels: Manage and track multiple pixels with ease. 
    • Advanced Custom Events: Tailor retargeting campaigns based on specific customer actions. 
    • Dynamic Product Ads: Enables you to create dynamic ads that showcase products your customers have shown interest in. 
    • Smart Targeting Rules: Refine targeting with custom rules to target specific groups of customers based on their interactions, purchase history, or any other criteria you choose.
    • Detailed Analytics: Measure ad performance with comprehensive insights.

2) OnePixel Facebook Pixel,TikTok

OnePixel Facebook Pixel,TikTok

Rating: ⭐ 4.8/5

Pricing: Free; paid plans start at $9.90/month with a 7-day trial

With OnePixel, you get precise pixel tracking for more effective ad campaigns, seamless installation of multiple pixels, and the ability to bypass iOS 14 and ad blockers. Plus, it simplifies audience targeting by generating instant Facebook ad audience lists.


    • Seamless Pixel Installation: Automatically install multiple social pixels to your website without any coding required. 
    • Conversion-API Tracking: Bypass iOS 14 and ad blockers for Facebook, Google, and TikTok, ensuring data accuracy and completeness. 
    • Quick Pixel Setup: Add pixels to your website without the need for account connection and authentication. 
    • Instant Audience Lists: Create multiple Facebook custom audience and lookalike audience lists instantly for highly-segmented targeting.
    • Event Tracking: Track all essential events on your website, including page view, view content, add to cart, checkout, and purchase.

3) Google, Facebook & Insta Ads

Google, Facebook & Insta Ads

Rating: ⭐ 4.7/5

Pricing: Plans start from $29.99/month

This sixads’ powerful app lets you effortlessly boost your online presence and skyrocket your sales through targeted Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, sixads got you covered.


    • Automated Ad Campaigns: Easily create and manage effective ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram with just a few clicks. 
    • Smart Targeting: Reach the right audience at the right time with advanced targeting options to maximize your ad’s impact. 
    • Ad Design: Design stunning ad creatives with sixads’ user-friendly tools, ensuring your ads grab attention and drive conversions. 
    • Budget Control: Set your desired budget and monitor ad spending to optimize your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
    • Performance Analytics: Track the performance of your ad campaigns with detailed analytics, helping you refine your strategies for better results.

4) FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App

FBTrack ‑ Facebook Pixels App

Rating: ⭐ 4.7/5

Pricing: Unlimited plan charges $7.99/month; 7-day trial

Meet FBTrack, the ultimate app by Optiapps that will take your ad campaigns to the next level! With FBTrack, you can effortlessly install and manage Facebook pixels on your website, supercharging your retargeting efforts and boosting your sales.


    • Event Tracking: Track key events such as page views, add to cart, purchases, and more. 
    • Custom Audiences: Create highly-targeted custom audiences based on user actions, helping you deliver personalized ads for maximum impact. 
    • Lookalike Audiences: Utilize the power of Facebook’s lookalike audiences to expand your reach and connect with new potential customers.
    • Conversion Optimization: Optimize your ad campaigns for specific conversions and drive higher ROI.

5) Ako Marketing Retargeting Ads

Ako Marketing Retargeting Ads

Rating: ⭐ 4.6/5

Pricing: Free; Plans begin from $19/month with a 14-day trial

Ako Marketing Retargeting Ads, the all-in-one app by Akohub will revolutionize the way you run retargeting campaigns! With Ako Marketing, you can unlock the full potential of your Facebook ads and reach your audience at the right time with the right message.


    • Automated Retargeting: Intelligently retargets your website visitors with personalized ads based on their interactions and behavior. 
    • Dynamic Product Ads: Showcase the right products to the right customers with dynamic ads that display their previously viewed items. 
    • Custom Segmentation: Create highly-targeted audiences based on specific actions, allowing you to deliver relevant ads and boost conversions.
    • Campaign Insights: Gain valuable insights with in-depth analytics and performance reports to optimize your ad campaigns.

6) Scalify: Facebook & Google Ads

Scalify Facebook & Google Ads

Rating: ⭐ 4.2/5

Pricing: 7-day trial; Basic plan costs $49/month; Pro charges $99/month

Are you looking to amplify your Shopify store’s Facebook and Google advertising efforts? Look no further than Scalify – the Facebook and Google Ads app that will take your retargeting game to the next level! 


    • One-Click Setup: Seamlessly integrate your Shopify store with Facebook and Google Ads in just one click. 
    • Automated Retargeting: Automatically retargets your website visitors with personalized ads based on their interactions and interests. 
    • Dynamic Product Ads: Display the most relevant products to your potential customers with dynamic ads that adapt to their browsing history. 
    • Advanced Targeting: Create highly-segmented audiences based on various criteria, allowing you to deliver the right message to the right people.
    • Smart Budget Allocation: Optimize your ad spend with intelligent budget allocation across your retargeting campaigns.

7) AdRoll Marketing & Advertising

AdRoll Marketing & Advertising

Rating: ⭐ 4/5

Pricing: Plans start at $36/month

AdRoll Marketing & Advertising is the ultimate Shopify Facebook retargeting app that empowers you to reach your target audience with precision and drive more sales.


    • Powerful Retargeting: Allows you to retarget potential customers who have visited your store but didn’t make a purchase. 
    • Dynamic Ads: Create personalized and dynamic ads that showcase the products your customers are most interested in. 
    • Cross-Platform Advertising: Run retargeting ads not only on Facebook but also across various platforms like Instagram, Google, and the web. 
    • Advanced Audience Segmentation: Target specific audience segments based on their behaviors, interests, and demographics.
    • Smart Budget Optimization: Optimize your ad spend with AdRoll’s intelligent budget allocation, ensuring that your budget is invested where it matters the most.

8) Easy Ads for Facebook Ads

Easy Ads for Facebook Ads

Rating: ⭐ 4/5

Pricing: 7-day trial; Basic plan costs $39.95/month; Pro charges $59.95/month

Looking to boost your product sales on Facebook and Instagram without the hassle of complex ad setups? Meet Easy Ads, the AI-powered advertising app designed to supercharge your marketing efforts effortlessly.


    • AI-Powered Advertising Funnel: Leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create a personalized advertising funnel on Facebook and Instagram. 
    • Automated Audience Targeting: Automatically targets top audiences within your niche and retargets interested buyers. 
    • Campaign Template: With a ready-made campaign template and preset audience targeting and ad creatives, you can launch your ads within minutes. 
    • AI Optimization: Maximize your ad conversions with Easy Ads’ automatic AI optimization, making sure your ads perform at their best.
    • Performance Dashboard: Keep track of your ad performance effortlessly through an easy-to-understand dashboard, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for better results.

9) AdMonks: Automated Retargeting

AdMonks Automated Retargeting

Rating: ⭐ 3.9/5

Pricing: Begins at $9/month; 7-day trial

With its advanced automated retargeting features, AdMonks takes the guesswork out of advertising and ensures that you never miss a chance to re-engage with potential buyers. Here are the AdMonks’ key features:


    • Retargeting Campaigns: Uses smart algorithms to automatically create and manage retargeting campaigns, targeting users who have shown interest in your products. 
    • Product Ads: Show personalized ads to your potential customers, displaying the exact products they viewed on your store. 
    • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Identifies users who abandoned their carts and retargets them with compelling ads. 
    • Customizable Ad Creatives: Easily customize your ad creatives with AdMonks’ user-friendly interface, ensuring your ads match your brand’s style and messaging.
    • Real-Time Analytics: Keep track of your ad performance with real-time analytics, allowing you to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Ready to Boost Your Marketing Efforts With Retargeting?

When it comes to boosting your Shopify store’s performance through effective retargeting on Facebook, these nine apps stand out as top contenders. Each app offers unique features to help you re-engage with potential customers and drive more sales.

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