Discount codes and coupons are always first in the list of lucrative and ravishing incentives for your loyal customers which make them feel crowned and a high retention rate comes in handy (not to mention the excitement of new and returning customers).

In fact, a large proportion – 86% of consumers would “like” a brand’s Facebook page if it offers discounts and incentives on the products, as per a Helplama survey.

Whether it is having customers sign up for newsletters, refer you to a friend, share your products on social media or make a purchase, generating unique discount codes is the best sort of reward one can expect.

And if you run an e-commerce business using Shopify, trust us, you are noticeably lucky!

That’s because Shopify App Store provides you with a number of cool discount code generator apps that can make things simple and stylish for you. Now, we are here to do the legwork of finding the best discount code generator for you.

Here are the top 5 Shopify discount code generators at your disposal:

  1. AVADA Discount Code Generator
  2. All In One Automatic Discount
  3. Last Second Coupon ‑ Exit Pop
  4. Bulk Discount Code Generator
  5. Simple Discount Code Generator

#1 AVADA Discount code generator (5/5, 4 reviews)


Key Features

  • Limitless codes:  For each markdown, there is no limit on the amount of code that can be produced. You may quickly create a one-of-a-kind rebate code pool with only a few clicks.
  • Sparing time and effort: The manual code era is over. Using the Avada Discount Code Generator, you can save a lot of time and effort.
  • Simple to introduce and use: The one-tick system is upheld. Furthermore, the user-friendly application interface makes it simple for administrators to fulfill their tasks.


You wouldn’t believe it if we say you can create limitless coupons here without cost. Yup! Its totally free.

Popular Reviews

“Still the same comment, but I will add some for sure when I will have tested the app for real. I recently added this app and can’t really assess its value since actually my shop isn’t published, but for sure it seems very awesome and professional and made with care. And the best is that it’s free. These people are really doing a great job in helping small enterprises with a so kind attitude.” (5 stars) –

“Did exactly what we needed . Very fast and straight forward app.We are happy this app doesn’t require user base access or order access so we keep our customers privacy . Looking forward for more upgrades (allowing generate gift-cards as well will be awesome )

Thank you” (5 stars) – Teimim

#2 All In One Automatic Discount (4.9/5, 132 reviews)

Key Features

  • Automatic offer with Discount code: Using this application you can create different types of automatic offers like Bundle, Wholesale, Free gift, BOGO, Volume/Bulk, etc…With the automatic offer in the cart page users can use the discount code as well from the application.
  • Different percentage discount with single discount code: Different discounts apply using the same discount code based on collection or subtotal of the cart.
  • Compatible with Shopify POS: Application offers you to create upsell offers like Post Purchase and works with Shopify POS.


There are three plans with this application.

1) Flex Plan (Free to install)

Usage based plan with unlimited offer create. $0.5 charge per discounted order generated by app, max cap limit $149.00 per month.

2) Base Plan ($9 / Month)

Free 100 orders per month, After free orders; $0.5 charge per discounted order generated by app, Max cap $30 per month for this additional cost. After that app is works with unlimited orders.

Create any 5 Offers and 5 discounted orders.

3) Wide Plan ($24 / Month)

Free 300 orders per month, After free orders; $0.5 charge per discounted order generated by app, Max cap $30 per month for this additional cost. After that app is works with unlimited orders.

Create any 15 Offers and 30 discounted orders.

Click here to get full detail about the app intro and plan.

Popular reviews

“The app is great, I use it for different Create your own bundle options. I had a problem with setting the discounts (I saw they weren’t working correctly) and contacted support – Rakshit guided me patiently and helped me fix the issue (it was totally on me). I am super happy with the app’s performance and with the support I received. Thank you!” (5 stars) – KBlessd Butters

“App has all the features we needed and then some features we didn’t know we needed. Setup is easy with excellent documentation and instructions. The best part about it is the support team. Quick responses, friendly and they resolve issues and answer questions to our satisfaction. Can’t recommend enough!” (5 stars) – Paperfinery

#3 Last Second Coupon ‑ Exit Pop (4.8/5, 183 reviews)


Key Features

  • De-escalate the abandoned carts: Reduce the number of abandoned carts by displaying limits or coupons in a popup before shoppers leave your business with almost nothing. It helps you in converting these visitors into paying customers.
  • Advanced Targeting: Provides unique or updated rebate codes based on country, pages, truck values, and device. Increases the value of your perks with targeted promotions.
  • Holiday and Event Themes: Curated event themes help you communicate the event mindset, increase transformations, and close more sales.


Starts at $9.99/month. 7-day free trial.

Popular Reviews

“Easy to set up. Looks good. I would suggest a volume on the sound just in case they are jamming to some music. A little pricy, but if it works it’s worth it!” (5 stars) – My Splice Of Life

“Very easy to make exit intent coupons. But for a 9.99$/month app I’d atleast expect to be able to make coupon pop-ups specific to a product.. there’s even free apps that already do this, but they don’t look as good.” (3 stars) – GuruFit

“I really like the app, because it helps me get the eye of the people who don’t sign up for a coupon. This still allows me to create an email list when they checkout using the last second coupon and the fact that it stays at the top of computer so the customer doesn’t forget about it is a plus.” (5 stars) – Shotzie’s Way Store 

#4 Bulk Discount Code Generator ( 4.8/5, 302 reviews)


Key Features

  • Saves Time and Effort: With just a few clicks, you can create large collections of exclusive coupon codes with no restrictions to utilize for more specific targeting.
  • Stops Coupon Abuse: Don’t think about all those coupon-sharing websites. When coupons are limited-time offers, they can only be used once.
  • Fully Integrated: Inside the Shopify Admin, useful shortcuts and straightforward control behavior make the operations easier to complete.


 As of now, Bulk Discount Code Generator is a totally free-to-use Shopify app.

Popular Reviews

“The Bulk Discount Code Generator is so useful! You can create a discount with all the right parameters and then use the Bulk Discount Code Generator to make many more similar discounts. We were looking for a way to create discounts off subscription products in bulk to enable subscription gifting (e.g., someone purchases 6 month subscription, so we give their recipient a discount for $x off the first 6 payments). Recharge had told us that the only way to do this was with, but the Bulk Discount Generator + Gift Up! enabled us to gift subscriptions without Rise! Now, our gift recipients sign up with a credit card and a gifted discount so we can easily keep them as subscribers after their gift ends.”  (5 stars) – Tiny Earth Toys

“Great app, works perfectly, and the support answers you immediately. We recommend this app to everyone.” (5 stars) – Askari

#5 Simple Discount Code Generator  (3.4/5, 14 reviews)

Key Features

  • Prefixed CG: Generate arbitrary codes with a prefix of your choice using Prefixed Code Generation.
  • CSV Import: Easily import codes from a CSV file.
  • Simple to Use: Integrates seamlessly with the Shopify administrator to provide you with a fantastic experience.


 Despite its advanced tech supports and imports Simple Discount Code Generator is completely free to use.

Popular Reviews

“FANTASTIC, really easy to use I’m very happy see how we go! as a suggestion for upgrading this app, I would like to generate custom codes based on email name. This is a great start thank you so very much guys” (5 stars) – Scandishop Online

“The app works exactly as described creating multiple coupon groups quick and easily. Can’t comment on the support that’s because I haven’t had a reason to contact them, it just works perfectly. Other alternative apps that offer these features charge you $$ this is FREE. I highly recommend trying it yourself.” (5 stars) – Dans Custom Portraits

On a final note,

We know how daunting it is to go, surf through the internet in the name of research and pick the right kind of apps for you. All you have to do is to go through our clear & crisp research outcomes and find your best app.

Building a coupon strategy is key to creating a strong marketing strategy that will drive sales and boost the retention level.

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