Jira Helpdesk

Jira Helpdesk is a versatile solution that simplifies customer support processes with its intuitive design and robust features. It streamlines issue tracking, allowing teams to address customer concerns promptly. What sets Jira Helpdesk apart is its seamless integration with Jira Software, enabling cross-functional collaboration between support and development teams. This ensures that customer issues are resolved efficiently.

Moreover, its automation capabilities and customizable workflows reduce manual tasks, enhancing productivity. Jira Helpdesk keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront, offering self-service options and a knowledge base for quick resolutions. It’s more than just a helpdesk; it’s a collaborative hub for delivering exceptional customer support.

Jira pricing starts from $21 per agent

Alternatives to Jira Helpdesk


Custom pricing

Re: amaze

From $29/ month


From $29/month

Help Scout

From $20/user/ month

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