Filey, Files Backup & Export

Filey, a quaint coastal town, mirrors the meticulous nature of files, backups, and exports in the digital realm. Just as Filey’s picturesque landscapes preserve the essence of time, proper file management safeguards digital assets. Like the tides that ebb and flow, files require regular backups to prevent loss. Much like Filey’s charm exported through its beach scenes, digital files can be shared across platforms, ensuring accessibility. In the serene dance of sea waves, the importance of a seamless file system becomes apparent—Filey’s beauty echoing the harmony found in well-organized, backed-up, and exported digital archives, safeguarding memories against the sands of time.

Its pricing starts from $4.99/month

Alternatives to Filey, Files Backup & Export

Exlm – Export Import Pages

From $0.99/month

AClone: Backup & Duplicate

From $59/month

Goshu: Backup, Restore, Export

From $29.99/month


From $4/month

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