Drag Helpdesk

Drag Helpdesk is the streamlined support lifeline that transforms tangled customer concerns into seamless solutions. With its intuitive interface and collaborative approach, it harnesses the power of simplicity to conquer the most complex of issues. Its unified platform transcends the conventional boundaries of traditional helpdesk systems, offering a comprehensive array of tools to bolster communication and efficiency. Through its dynamic ticketing system and real-time collaborative features, Drag Helpdesk fosters a cohesive ecosystem of problem-solving, where queries metamorphose into triumphs, and customers into loyal advocates. It’s the technological compass navigating businesses towards unparalleled customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Drag pricing starts from $8 user / month

Alternatives to Drag Helpdesk


From $90 /month

Re: amaze

From $29/ month


From $29/month

Help Scout

From $20/user/ month

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Helplama Helpdesk is now Saufter.io!