Automizely, a robust e-commerce solution, empowers businesses with its versatile app designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus. Offering a seamless blend of marketing, sales, and customer engagement tools, Automizely simplifies the complexities of online retail. Its user-friendly interface enables easy setup of automated campaigns, pop-ups, and email marketing, enhancing customer interactions and driving conversions. As for pricing, Automizely provides a tiered structure with a free plan offering essential features. For more advanced capabilities, there are affordable paid plans, ensuring scalability for businesses of all sizes. The transparent pricing model and feature-rich packages make Automizely a valuable asset for optimizing e-commerce operations.

Automizely Pricing starts from $11month

Alternatives to Automizely

starts at free


From $9.99/month

From 19/mo


From $6.99/ month

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