10 Best Shopify Announcement Apps in 2024

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Best Shopify Announcement Apps

Last Updated: May 2024

Announcement bars are a simple yet effective way to increase your sales. They assist you in delivering essential and targeted information to your shoppers in an attractive way. Therefore, you can discover many Shopify announcement apps in its app store.

However, you only need the best one that befits your store. The only problem is that it takes a lot of time to go through the Shopify app store to find it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do that.

Here we have already shortlisted the top 10 announcement bar Shopify apps. Just review them to pick the right one for your business.


Best 10 Shopify Announcement Bar Apps

  1. Sales Popup Autoketing ‑ POP (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 5,518 Reviews)
  2. Hextom: Quick Announcement Bar (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 5,373 Reviews)
  3. Sales Popup Conversion Pro (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 4,094 Reviews)
  4. AAA Web Push & Announcements (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 1,049 Reviews)
  5. qikify Sales Pop, Social Proof (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 905 Reviews)
  6. Amai Sales Countdown Timer Bar (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 621 Reviews)
  7. Attrac Announcement Bar Banner (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 529 Reviews)
  8. 20+ Promotional Sales Tools (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 472 Reviews)
  9. WebRex Multi Announcement Bar (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 327 Reviews)
  10. AiTrillion ‑ All in one app (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 327 Reviews)


1) Sales Popup Autoketing ‑ POP (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 5,518 Reviews)

Sales Popup Autoketing ‑ POP displays your store’s recent order notifications which serve as social proof and stimulates your visitors to shop more. Also, you can create urgency and scarcity by showing a countdown timer and stock countdown.


  1. Notifications – Automatically display notifications of your store’s recent orders or products added to the cart.
  2. Quick view mode – Show a popup containing your sales information in quick view mode.
  3. Coupon code wheel – When your customers sign up for an email, send a gift or discount code.
  4. Countdown – Add countdown and sales announcements on the cart page to stimulate faster checkouts.


  • Free
  • Basic – $9.99/month
  • Pro – $14.99/month


2) Hextom: Quick Announcement Bar (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 5,373 Reviews)

With 7 years of experience in app building, Hextom has developed a total of 13 apps. One of them is the Quick Announcement Bar app that allows you to boost your sales with a fully customizable banner.


  1. Customization – Place multiple announcement bars in rotation and add various animation effects, background images, and styles.
  2. Offers advanced targeting based on geolocation, customers, products, pages, and devices.
  3. Scheduling – Plan your events in advance for celebrations like Christmas, and Thanksgiving.


  • Basic plan – $0/month
  • Premium plan – $9.99/month


3) Sales Popup Conversion Pro (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 4,094 Reviews)

Sales Popup Conversion Pro
Image source – apps.shopify.com

Developed by Care Cart, the Sales Popup Conversion Pro app lets you show your visitors the items that have been bought recently. Moreover, you can insert trust badges in your store to gain confidence with new consumers.


  1. Boost sales by displaying sales notifications and an announcement bar.
  2. To create urgency, add sold counter, countdown timer, stock countdown bar, and visitors counter.
  3. Quick view – Allow your users to have a quick view of your products.
  4. Other features include a free shipping bar, share cart, and sticky cart drawer.


  • Free
  • Lite – $3.99/month
  • Plus – $9.99/month
  • Premium – $29.99/month


4) AAA Web Push & Announcements (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 1,049 Reviews)

Unlike other Shopify announcement apps, the AAA Web Push & Announcements is a free app. It doesn’t have any paid plans. 

Here, you can increase your conversion rates by using creatively designed web push notifications.


  1. Web push notification – Welcome visitors, recover abandoned carts, inform price drops & back in stock products, etc., with push notifications.  
  2. Connect with your prospects by sending push messages even when they are not in your store. 
  3. Announcement bars – Build multiple announcement bars by adding effects like rotating text, and blinking. Next, place them anywhere on your site.
  4. Also, display countdown timers and free shipping bars.


  • Free


5) qikify Sales Pop, Social Proof (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 905 Reviews)

qikify Sales Pop, Social Proof app also goes by the name, Sale Kit. It reduces cart abandonment, builds trust, and increases your sales through social proof, popups, and promotional bars.


  1. Social proof – Display recent purchases, sales popups, and visitor counters for social proof.
  2. FOMO – Insert countdown timer and sold count to create scarcity and FOMO.
  3. Campaigns – Promote your campaigns through announcement bars and popups.
  4. Analytics helps you to control your store’s performance and manage your campaigns better.


  • Free plan – $0.00/month
  • Starter plan – $4.99/month
  • Basic plan – $12.99/month
  • Growth plan – $39.99/month
  • Premium plan – $99.99/month


6) Amai Sales Countdown Timer Bar (Rating ⭐4.7/5, 621 Reviews)

As the name itself reveals, you can add a customizable countdown timer to your store and use it for your events, product launches, flash sales, and so on.


  1. Countdown timer – Use the same timer or design a unique one for each customer. Plus, choose the timer to be always active, recurring, or of fixed length.
  2. Scheduling – Schedule between dates and auto-restart the timer.
  3. Displaying options – Make the timer sticky or insert it on the page header/footer, and product pages. Or simply, copy & paste the GIF of the countdown timer and email it to your users.
  4. Announcement bar – When no timer is active, use it as an announcement bar.


  • Free
  • Unlimited plan – $8.95/month
  • Priority support – $17.95/month


7) Attrac Announcement Bar Banner (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 529 Reviews)

Attrac Announcement Bar Banner
Image source – apps.shopify.com

The Attrac Announcement Bar Banner app is used by 10,000+ merchants. You too can use it for the countdown timer, multi-announcements like free shipping, and even email capture forms.


  1. Engage customers – Announce special offers and events by creating high-converting bars and banners.
  2. With advanced targeting, display the right message to the right shopper.
  3. Grow your email list – Instead of popups, use the expandable form to capture leads.


  • Free trial 7 days
  • Free – $0/month
  • Plus – $5.99/month
  • Pro – $9.99/month
  • Max – $29.99/month + $15 per extra 1,000 contacts


8) 20+ Promotional Sales Tools (Rating ⭐4.8/5, 472 Reviews)

Just like its name, you can apply more than 20 promotional sales tools to your website. For example, banners, popups, coupons, forms, and timers. 

Now, note that the app is developed by Zotabox. And, they claim to have many tools to increase your subscribers.


  1. Increase conversions by turning on the Add To Cart button and automatic cross-sell/ upsell tool.
  2. Notifications – Add recent sales notifications to your website. 
  3. Integrations – Integrates with 20+ email service providers like Mailchimp.


  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Starter – $6.49/month
  • Express – $14.99/month
  • Platinum – $39.99/month


9) WebRex Multi Announcement Bar (Rating ⭐4.9/5, 327 Reviews)

Always keep your customers engaged with your store updates, promotions, and events with the WebRex Multi Announcement Bar Shopify app. To do this, it provides the following features.


  1. Bars & banners – Has countdown timer, free shipping bar, display banner, and announcement bar.
  2. Setup – The app is easy to set up. Plus, it is fully customizable & responsive.
  3. Other features include advanced targeting.


  • Basic – Free
  • Monthly – $4.99/month
  • Life-time – $49.99 (one-time payment)


10) AiTrillion ‑ All in one app (Rating ⭐4.6/5, 327 Reviews)

With the AiTrillion ‑ All in one app, you don’t need multiple apps as it provides email & SMS marketing, loyalty programs, membership, and even reviews. Furthermore, by removing multiple apps and using only fewer apps, you can improve your store’s speed.


  1. Marketing campaigns –  Personalize and automate your marketing campaigns via web push, SMS, and email.
  2. Engage your customers through membership, loyalty programs, product reviews, and affiliate services.
  3. Increase sales with announcement bars, popups, product recommendations, and more.
  4. Set up automation for back-in-stock notifications, price drop alerts, and browse abandonment.


  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Startup plan – $15/month
  • Growth – $65/month
  • Premium – $195/month
  • Enterprise – $395/month
  • Enterprise + – $795/month
  • Enterprise pro – $1250/month
  • Enterprise – Contact the sales team for more details. 


Wrapping Up!

We hope anyone of the best Shopify announcement apps helps you to improve your sales. In case you are wondering which one is most suitable for your business, then we cannot answer it. Because the needs and requirements of each store are different.

Therefore, review the features and pricing details of the above Shopify announcement bar apps to find the one that fulfills your business needs. 

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