7 Best Shipping Software For Shopify In 2024

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best shipping software for shopify

Last Updated: May 2024

$6.15 trillion is the expected total retail sales for 2023, shows an eCommerce statistics report.”

Ask yourself, are you equipped enough to meet such demand alongside providing excellent customer service?

In case you are looking for a way to improve your outgoing shipments and returns processes, effective shipping software is what you need.

With features like comparative carrier pricing, bulk printing of shipment information, custom tracking, and confirmation notifications, you can streamline your operations and improve your customers’ experience.

Here are the 7 best shipping software for Shopify in 2024 to help you get started.

List Of 7 Best Shipping Software For Shopify

1. Airhouse

best shipping software for shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.9/5

Pricing: Personalized

Airhouse is an all-in-one E-commerce fulfillment operations platform that streamlines logistics for fast-growing D2C brands. Their enterprise-grade warehouses and shipping carriers offer unparalleled operations, technology, and service.

This software had won G2’s #1 3PL software award for the current year.

Key Features

  1. Automatic order fulfillment process: Once an order is placed, the inventory is picked, packed, and shipped directly to your customer.
  2. International warehouse network: Automatically ship products from the warehouse closest to the customer’s final destination.
  3. Quality control: Access warehouse operations remotely via unlimited project photos/videos, test shipments, quotes, etc.
  4. Native cart and shipping carrier integrations: Enables easy order and inventory management and efficient shipping carrier connections.
  5. Analytics & Reports: Provides real-time insights and data to predict inventory issues,  order status, and product demand.

2. MyCarrier

best shipping software for shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.7/5

Pricing: Paid plans start at $1/day

If you are looking for an efficient and stress-free shipping solution, the MyCarrierTMS platform assures you that. The platform eases your shipping process through various automation. And, gives you complete control over the fulfillment process plus deeper visibility into the shipping data.

Key Features

  1. Partner carrier support: Offers unlimited quotes, dispatches shipments via API, and tracks your shipments on any plan.
  2. Non-partner carrier support: Access unlimited quoting and manual dispatching, but limited API-dispatching.
  3. All quotes on one page: Easily compare rates and transit times from multiple carriers to find the best shipment option.
  4. Live calendar: Displays all your shipments in one place to track them in real time and notify your customers.
  5. Cargo insurance: Guaranteed protection, quick payouts, hassle-free claims with cost-effective coverage.
  6. Analytics & Reports: Gives you data insights into metrics, like delivery times, transit times, and carrier performance.

3. Freightview

best shipping software for shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.7/5

Pricing: Custom pricing with a 14-day free trial

Freightview is the ultimate multi-modal TMS that helps you streamline your LTL, FTL, and parcel shipping. This cloud-based TMS is neutral, contract-free, and lets you interact directly with carrier partners. The software was recognized as the “2021 FedEx Compatible Solution of the Year“.

Key Features

  1. Carrier integration: Retrieves direct LTL and parcel rates from your carriers for easy comparison in one place.
  2. Shipment management: Auto-schedules carrier pickups and generates bills of lading, labels, and tracking info.
  3. Analytics & reports: Evaluate carriers, rates, routes, shipment history, and more. Export custom reports as CSV files.

4. ShippingEasy

best shipping software for shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.6/5

Pricing: Free; Growth plan at $19.99/month with a 30-day free trial

ShippingEasy offers you the easiest way to ship with attractive carrier discounts, easy automation, and award-winning support.

Key Features

  1. Discounted Rates: Offers discounted shipping rates with USPS, UPS, and DHL Express.
  2. Flat Rate Green: Lowest prices for packages between 2 lbs and less than 20 lbs.
  3. InstantLabel: Once an order is placed on your site or any other integrated platform, it auto-prints the labels.
  4. Integrations: Manage and process all your orders from different e-commerce websites, marketplaces, etc in one place.
  5. Analytics & Reports: Automatically emails the scheduled custom reports of shipments, statuses, etc.
  6. User support: Receive onboarding and ongoing support through phone, live chat, or email.

5. ShipStation

best shipping software for shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.4/5

Pricing: Paid plans start at $9.99 with a 30-day free trial

Irrespective of your business size, ShipStation helps you streamline your shipping operations. With over 100 stores, shopping carts, and marketplace integrations, you can easily connect all your sales channels and manage all your orders from one platform.

Key Features

  1. Rates & Discounts: Get the lowest shipping rates and deep USPS discounts regardless of where you ship or what plan you use.
  2. Automation: Labels bulk printing, order management, return label inclusion, email notifications to customers, etc.
  3. Customization: Create custom-branded shipping labels, packing slips, and email messages.
  4. Integrations: Possible to link your own UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other carrier accounts.
  5. Analytics & Reports: Get daily or weekly with deep analysis of shipping costs, destination countries, user activity, etc.
  6. User support: Connect with the company through live chat, phone, email, and community forums for assistance.

6. AfterShip

best shipping software for shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.5/5

Pricing: Free; plans start at $9/month

Looking for shipping software that can help you drive customer loyalty and generate additional sales? Check out AfterShip.

Through its multiple shipping solutions, you can simplify your E-commerce fulfillment operations. Additionally, using its protection service, you can secure your packages and give your customers peace of mind.

Key Features

  1. Shipment management: Create bulk shipping labels, calculate shipping rates, bulk order updates, and more from one place.
  2. Carriers: More than 80 carriers, USPS discounts, and own carrier account linking are available.
  3. Automation: Create automated shipping rules for the entire shipping workflow, from tracking to notifications.
  4. Integrations: Extensive e-commerce platforms and API integrations to centralize and manage all the tracking data.
  5. User support: Avail assistance via 24/7 email, live chat, a self-service help center, and on-demand support.

7. FedEx Ship Manager

best shipping software for shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.5/5

Pricing: Custom pricing; open an account or ship as a guest

With FedEx, you can ship the way you want it. And, it is evident from its pricing info above. It allows you to easily manage your shipments anytime, anywhere using this software. All you need is internet access, a printer, and a FedEx account number.

Key Features

  1. Shipping labels: Create single or multiple shipping labels using a mobile or computer device.
  2. Popular shipping services: Express, ground, international, freight, flat rate, and same-day delivery options are available.
  3. Shipping supplies: Order online and purchase boxes, envelopes, packaging materials, labels, and more.
  4. Sustainability and carbon neutral operations: Offers eco-friendly shipping options with the use of sustainable packaging materials.
  5. In-person help: Seek guidance on packaging, labeling, and shipping options, at any of their physical locations.
  6. User support: Get solutions through FAQs, chat support, and phone support.

Easy Returns Automation Software

As a bonus, we would like to share an easy returns automation software to ease the otherwise painful E-commerce returns processes.


Rating: ⭐ 5/5

Pricing: Personalized; 15-day free trial

When it comes to easy returns automation software for Shopify in 2024, Saufter is a great choice. Firstly, the software is intuitive and easy to use letting you customize the widgets and workflows effortlessly with its user-friendly interface.

Secondly, it integrates seamlessly with Shopify, allowing you to manage all your returns and customer inquiries from one place. Here are some key Saufter features:

Key Features

  1. Self-service portal: Allows customers to initiate returns, refunds, exchanges, etc without contact center help.
  2. Anti-refund strategies: The AI algorithm auto-prompts suitable deals and offers to reduce refund requests.
  3. Advanced reporting and analytics: Track crucial return metrics, gain insights, and tweak returns strategy with data-driven decisions.
  4. Detect delivery delays: This feature automatically detects any delays in order shipments and notifies you instantly.
  5. Omnichannel integration: Covers all the support channels – email, phone, live chat, social media, WhatsApp, SMS, and more.
  6. One view: View the entire customer history in one place by simply scrolling up and not toggling between windows.

In Conclusion

With the right shipping software, you can streamline your order fulfillment process, increase efficiency, and provide a better customer experience. Choose any of the above 7 best shipping software for Shopify after trying it with your business model.

In addition to that use Saufter, to attend to your global customers 24/7 and help them with any issues or questions they may have. Plus, it comes with a flexible and affordable pricing structure so that you can hand-pick the necessary tools and pay only for them.

Start your 15-day free trial now.

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Prevent Subscription Cancellations Automatically

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