8 Best ServiceNow Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

ServiceNow Alternatives

Last Updated: February 2024

Are you looking for the best ServiceNow alternatives and Competitors? Right, then you have landed in the right place.

As you know, ServiceNow is an IT service management tool that helps your business to speed up productivity and solve customer requests and issues.

However, ServiceNow has a few snags in its features, like slow loading speed and a steep learning curve

As ServiceNow doesn’t suit all types of businesses and is challenging to customize too, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best ServiceNow alternatives and competitors which would overcome the drawbacks of ServiceNow.

Here are 8 Best ServiceNow Competitors and Alternatives

  1. Helplama Helpdesk 
  2. Zendesk
  3. Zoho Desk
  4. SupportBee
  5. Freshdesk
  6. Spiceworks
  7. Jira
  8. HubSpot Service Hub.

1. Helplama Helpdesk 

ServiceNow Alternatives

On our list, first comes one of the ServiceNow alternatives, which is the Helplama Helpdesk. It is a robust and automated self-service platform with a knowledge base that makes it easy for you to solve customer queries. In fact, it identifies the issues and resolves them quickly without an agent.


  • Canned Responses: Automatically provides quick responses to user queries with the help of an AI-enabled chatbot.
  • Omnichannel Support: Live chat support, email, and phone call integration features are provided by Helplama.
  • Ecommerce Integrations: Helplama Helpdesk easily integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • Social Media Integration: Offers social media integration with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Automated Agent Training: Provides agent-related services like automated agent training and hiring experienced agents.
  • AI-drafted Emails: Customer issues are addressed by sending AI-drafted emails.
  • Entire Customer History: View your customer journey on a single platform.


  • Free trial: 15 days for all plans,
  • Standard: $99/3 agents/ month ($29 for each extra agent),
  • Pro: $199/3 agents/ month,
  • Enterprise: $399/3 agents/ month.

2. Zendesk

ServiceNow Alternatives
Image source – zendesk.com
ServiceNow Alternatives
Image source – zoho.com/desk

Incorporating the AI concept, Zoho Desk provides quality services to customers, improves agent productivity, and enriches the customer experience by utilizing its context-aware helpdesk software. Zoho caters to every business size, from freelancers to enterprises.


  • It is easier to implement than most of the software on the market.
  • There are no hidden charges, and the long-term contract provides excellent value for money.
  • Easily integrates with multiple apps.
  • Is a cloud-based customer support software with a knowledge base allowing customers to communicate across multiple platforms.
  • With the help of Zoho Desk’s mobile app for Android and iOS, you get an overview of customer service health and close tickets on the go.
  • A self-service portal such that customers can find answers to common questions on an instant basis. 


  • Free trial: 15 days,
  • Full version: customizable.

4. SupportBee

ServiceNow Alternatives
Image source – supportbee.com

SupportBee is a cloud-based ticketing system software that assists the helpdesk staff and also the customer by providing access to a shared inbox, customer portal, and knowledge base


  • Easy to set up with a very short learning curve.
  • Has simple interface that allows teams and members to communicate and coordinate inside the tool.
  • The ticket system in SupportBee organizes and collaborates on customer support emails.
  • SupportBee integrates well with your existing email client be it on mobile or desktop with its seamless cloud technology.
  • Allows customers to manage and track the progress of the support system with the help of a web portal provided by the customer portal software.


  • Free trial: 14 days,
  • Startup: $13/ user/ month,
  • Enterprise: $17/ user/ month.

5. Freshdesk

Image source – freshdesk.com

Image source – freshdesk.com

Leveraging the power of AI, Freshdesk provides automated agent workflows and resolves questions. Freshdesk consists of a bunch of products like a support desk, contact center, and omnichannel suite that provide customer success. It is also scalable from small businesses to large enterprises.


  • Supports Multi-channel communication.
  • Unified inbox to track and manage incoming support tickets from multiple channels.
  • Incoming tickets are automatically categorized and routed to specific fields.
  • Learning from past tickets proactively suggests new resolutions to customer queries.
  • Ensures that there is no agent collision where multiple agents tend to work on a single ticket.
  • Quick responses are provided through pre-formatted replies.


  • Free trial: 15 days up to 10 agents,
  • Growth: $14.57/ agent/ month,
  • Pro: $52.23/ agent/ month,
  • Enterprise: $83.81/ agent/ month.

6. Spiceworks

Image source – spiceworks.com

Image source – spiceworks.com

Spiceworks is a cloud-based helpdesk software with a predefined setup without the need for server procurement, setup, or maintenance. Spiceworks, which is a competitor to ServiceNow, provides secure remote assistance by starting a support session directly from your helpdesk tickets. It also supports multiple sites and user portals that roll up to the master help desk.


  • Easy to use ticketing system.
  • Tracks ongoing projects and customer requests.
  • Easy to set up and handles ticket issues in minutes.
  • Tracks technology issues and resolves them instantly.
  • Documents your actions and track your devices with the help of Spiceworks Cloud Helpdesk.
  • Customizable portal with a self-service facility.
  • Automatically add end users by integrating with Active directory.
  • Supports multiple channels and views the team performance in a dashboard with auto-sign-in of tickets.


  • It’s free to use and starts from $45/ month.

7. Jira

Image source – atlassian.com

One of the Service now alternatives is Jira, which is a well-designed software tool used by agile teams to plan and track releases into stories, epics, and smaller tasks. Its wide range of templates allows you to kickstart instantly and make customizations as you progress in the project. It provides end-to-end support for customers and business partners.


  • Moreover, it is designed for non-technical teams such as Finance, Marketing, and HR to change requests, workflow management, and task management.
  • Prioritize issues from Jira using your Roadmap app.
  • The Jira service desk is user-friendly.
  • Easy to track bugs and ticket issues.
  • Tracking and creating knowledge base content and tagging others is also done with ease.


  • Free: Up to 10 users,
  • Standard: $7.75,
  • Premium: $15.25,
  • Enterprise: Annually billed and customizable.

8. HubSpot

Image source – hubspot.com

Image source – hubspot.com

HubSpot is a CRM platform that provides the best customer service in one place. HubSpot can automate customer service processes by creating tickets and assigning or escalating them to the best user in your team. CRM effectively provides your business with a unified view of every customer interaction.


  • Easy to use helpdesk software.
  • Resolves issues in a faster way.
  • Uses bots to improve live chat efficiencies.
  • Built-in reporting tools to track ticket volume, response and resolution time, customer feedback, and more.


  • Free with limited features
  • Starter: $45/ month,
  • Professional: $450/ month,
  • Enterprise: $1200/month.


Each of the alternatives to ServiceNow has different benefits in catering to customer service. Considering your business goals and customer requirements, choosing the best will potentially help in the development of your business.

Helplama Helpdesk provides you with a sophisticated experience in servicing the customer with its all-in-one helpdesk software designed to offer services via mail, SMS, phone, and live chat with an AI-integrated facility.

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