7 Best SAP Litmos Alternatives & Competitors You Need To Know!

SAP Litmos Alternatives

Last Updated: February 2024

SAP Litmos has been one of the most attractive LMS destinations among its alternatives for companies’ training needs. With a userbase sprawling across 150 countries, SAP Litmos aces not only employee training requirements but also customers’ and partners’ needs. 30 million happy customers have reportedly taken 1 billion+ courses and reaped its benefits. 

Convinced enough? We guess not, since the market of LMS is now more tech-savvy than ever, and it only makes sense to look around before investing. Here are the insights on the 7 best SAP alternatives you can consider to help you make the best call.

Pricing Table of SAP Litmos Alternatives

This article shall be your guide to understanding alternative Learning Management Systems.

NamePricing Starts AtPricing LimitationsPricing Details
HowNow£4 per monthYou can choose from 3 plans. But, the pricing structure is limited to per user.Check Pricing Details
DoceboRequest a QuoteOffers a custom and advanced LMS solution but is better suited for over 300 customersCheck Pricing Details
LoopRequest a QuoteMany plans to choose from, but the number of users is limited depending on the plan.Check Pricing Details
Absorb LMSRequest a QuoteAbsorb LMS provides support beyond learning but charges per user or active user.Check Pricing Details
LearnUponRequest a QuoteThe first three plans have a limited set of users, but the enterprise plan allows 500+ users.Check Pricing Details
Paradiso LMSRequest a QuoteOffers three standard plans, better suited for 100+ members. Customizable plans.Check Pricing Details
Thrive$19,500/year for minimum 3 yearsPricing varies based on users but is levied for 3 years.Check Pricing Details

7 Best SAP Litmos Alternatives

Modern-day solutions are riding the wave of some breakthrough solutions. This is a major disruption of age-old traditional practices; nevertheless, it is an evolution that traditional LMSs have not quite mastered. Let’s see some of these modern solutions:

1. HowNow (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 29 reviews)


HowNow is based on the concept of maximizing learning but cutting off information search time. It makes learning fun and unlimited.


  • Easy integration with existing tools for instant access to knowledge likewise eliminates the need to switch applications.
  • Nuggets, in addition, let company experts capture and share snippets of their exclusive skills and knowledge.
  • Allows users to measure their skills and progress.
  • The platform provides recommendations based on courses surfed or completed.


  • The process of getting started can get overwhelming and difficult to grasp. It is like a new language that users need to learn, such as nuggets and more.
  • Data migration is not well optimized.


2. Docebo (Overall ratings: 4.4/5⭐, 324 reviews)

Docebo is one of the most comprehensive LMS platforms. A great fit for academic institutions as well as companies, it builds a robust system sporting a holistic approach to learning backed with AI features.


  • Easy to track performance and engagement of trainees.
  • Simple to get started.
  • Clean and intuitive interface most suitable for large-scale organizations.
  • Allows creating and selling courses and, equally, comes inclusive of LinkedIn Learning.


  • Expensive for small-scale companies.
  • Doesn’t allow live training.


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3. Looop (Overall ratings: 4.9/5⭐, 85 reviews)

Looop is the next-gen LMS you would want to weigh the features of. This platform is built to enhance the learning structure; indeed, it automates the efforts of the L&D team.


  • Easily integrates with existing tools and applications.
  • Offers a mobile app.
  • Easy to get started, create content, and also share it across the platform.
  • Automated communication within the space to meet the initiatives of learning.
  • Easy to curate reports on engagement metrics, analytics, user feedback, and ROI or business impact.


  • Limited gamification makes it difficult to drag and drop elements in courses.
  • Dashboard is not at its full potential and can be improved for better management.


4. Absorb LMS (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 191 reviews)


Fit for all types of organizations, Absorb LMS caters to the learning needs of everyone.

The platform facilitates automation; thereupon, you can set the rules of training and engagement. Other amazing features, likewise, include learner engagement, observation checklists, AI, mobile app, E-Signatures, Absorb pinpoint, and more.


  • Comes with a library of existing courses to get you started instantly.
  • The drag and drop interface, similarly, makes it easy to customize or add courses to the repository.
  • Courses are customizable and come with quizzes and tests.
  • Easy to create and sell courses.
  • Lets you track learner engagement.


  • Not a quick and easy solution as it would take a while for users to get accustomed.
  • Limited built-in testing features.


5. LearnUpon (Overall ratings: 4.6/5⭐, 108 reviews)

LearnUpon is an intuitive platform made to deliver fast and efficient training. You can choose from a range of formats to create the most interactive course, for instance, the one your organization needs.

The automation feature of this platform, conversely, collects feedback, assigns tasks, handles enrollment, user creation, and more. You can share the out-of-box reports that this platform creates with any inbox.


  • Caters to a large number of learners and also small teams.
  • Easy to get started.
  • Possible to create tailor-fit courses with quizzes and tests to track the progress.
  • Gamification options like badges, points, and leaderboards make learning fun.
  • Easily integrates with existing tools and platforms.


  • Difficult user management bars and limitations.
  • Customization is often limited.

6. Paradiso LMS (Overall ratings: 4.3/5⭐, 12 reviews)

Paradiso LMS is a complete training solution for your business needs. This platform enables AI-backed solutions for open and social learning; additionally, it offers face-to-face training options.

It has a course catalog with 10k+ courses from different industries. You can also create and maintain a knowledge base to ramp up the learning initiatives of your company.


  • The platform is fully customizable.
  • Interactive video learning sessions with ample gamification.
  • Game points engage users and make documentation easy.
  • Mobile compatible.
  • Easy to use and set up.


  • An updated UI would work better.
  • Slow site speed is bothersome.

7. Thrive (Overall ratings: 4.7/5⭐, 11 reviews)


Thrive best adapts to the needs of modern businesses. Moreover, the platform is based on a simple and transparent annual subscription-based pricing concept. It also has a content club for campaign-led learning modules and a data lab for meaningful insights.


  • AI-personalized learning.
  • The platform has 130+ off-the-shelf e-learning courses.
  • Social learning available with user-generated content.


  • Microlearning does not give full insight into the topics.
  • Personalized branding is challenging.
  • You cannot integrate self-made courses with off-the-shelf content.

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