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best saas landing pages

Last Updated: July 2024

Looking to discover the “best SaaS landing pages” to elevate your digital presence? You’re in the right place because today, we’re diving into the world of the 5 best SaaS landing pages.

In the competitive realm of digital marketing, your landing page is your first impression, and we all know how important first impressions are.

Did you know that a well-optimized landing page can increase conversions by up to 300%?

So, let’s explore these top-notch SaaS landing pages and discover how they can work wonders for your business. Plus, we’ll throw in three essential tools to supercharge your own landing page game. Let’s get started!

Benefits of the Best SaaS Landing Pages

To begin, let’s delve into the advantages offered by the finest SaaS landing pages.

  1. Boosted Conversions – Engage and convert visitors into valuable leads and customers more effectively.
  2. Improved User Experience – Create a user-friendly, seamless journey for your visitors, making it easier for them to navigate your site.
  3. Enhanced Credibility – Establish trust and professionalism with a well-crafted landing page, showing your commitment to quality.
  4. Higher ROI – Achieve a better return on investment by increasing conversion rates and lowering customer acquisition costs.
  5. Reduced Bounce Rates – Keep visitors on your page longer, reducing the chances of them bouncing away without taking action.
  6. Optimized SEO – Improve your search engine rankings with well-structured landing pages that adhere to best SEO practices.

These benefits underscore the crucial role that top-tier SaaS landing pages play in the success of your online marketing efforts. Keep reading to learn about some examples of best landing page practices.

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Best SaaS Landing Pages – Examples

Example 1: Simplicity and Transparency – Xactly

best saas landing pages

When you land on Xactly’s SaaS landing page, you’re in for a treat. This landing page is all about simplicity and transparency that can make your SaaS experience a whole lot better. 

    • Simplicity is KeyThe page is clean and straightforward, with no clutter or unnecessary jargon to make it easy for you to understand what Xactly offers. 
    • Transparent InformationYou’ll get a clear picture of their product, its features, and what it can do for you. 
    • Easy NavigationNavigation through Xactly lets you find what you need without clicking through a maze of links.
    • No Overwhelming FormsFilling out forms can be a drag, but Xactly keeps it concise. This means less time filling out forms and more time exploring what matters to you.

Example 2: Trim, Fit, and Tidy – Shopify

Get ready to be impressed by Shopify’s landing page. It’s a true exemplar of being trim, fit, and tidy like a well-organized toolbox, ready to help you build your online store with ease.

shopify - best saas landing pages

    • SubtletyShopify’s landing page demonstrates subtlety with a clean, uncluttered design.
    • Compelling CaseIn just three concise sections, Shopify effectively presents its offering, making a strong impression on visitors.
      • Design & Customization: First, it highlights the ease of designing and customizing a beautiful layout.
      • Pricing: Second, Shopify transparently discusses pricing, setting a reasonable minimum cost, which holds significant value for retail businesses.
      • All-in-One: Lastly, it reassures visitors by emphasizing that Shopify manages all aspects of the sales process, from marketing to shipping.
    • Bookended CTAsShopify excels with its CTAs. A captivating call to action at the top welcomes you, guiding you to explore their services. As you scroll, another CTA at the bottom ensures you won’t miss a chance to sign up or delve deeper into what Shopify provides.

Example 3: Personalization and Exemplifying Value Prop – Domo

best saas landing pages

Domo’s landing page is all about you. It outlines precisely what you’ll walk away with after your 60-minute onboarding session. This means you’re not left guessing; you know what to expect.

    • Tailored LanguageThe language on the page speaks directly to you. It’s filled with ‘you’ perspectives, and it tells you what you can achieve in a short amount of time.
    • A Lasting ImpressionDomo discloses to its trial users how to make the most of their data right from the start. This means you get value, whether or not you decide to convert.
    • Versatile Across IndustriesNo matter your industry, Domo’s versatility ensures you’ll find similar results. It doesn’t matter where you work; Domo’s got you covered.
    • Seamless IntegrationAnd when it comes to analytics, integration is often a headache. But Domo makes it easy by partnering with powerful SaaS allies like Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. They’ve got all the bases covered to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Example 4: Easy Yet Comprehensive Support – Marketo

marketo - best saas landing pages

Marketo’s landing page makes one thing clear: they’re all about making your experience easy and comprehensive, offering a 2-in-1 package with your sign-up. Marketo provides all the support you need, and their design, resembling Adobe’s industry-leading standards, ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience.

    • Straight to the PointMarketo doesn’t waste your time. Everything you need to see is right there on the screen as soon as you arrive. No scrolling is required, which means fewer distractions.
    • Attractive DesignThe design is not just attractive; it’s simple and aligns with many design concepts Adobe is known for in their industry. It’s a clean and pleasing experience right from the start.

Example 5: Rocking & Rolling – Dropbox

Dropbox’s landing page is more than inspiration; it’s a masterclass in user experience. It’s like a well-organized toolbox, ready to help you manage your digital life with ease.

best saas landing pages

    • AestheticsIt’s a visual delight, presenting a sleek and modern design that’s both easy on the eyes and professional, ensuring that your first impression is a lasting one.
    • Pull-Away FormInstead of bombarding you with a lengthy, intimidating form, Dropbox presents it in an unobtrusive way. Available when necessary and gracefully steps aside, allowing you to explore without pressure.
    • CTA BuffersThe well-placed call-to-action (CTA) buffers give you time to understand the product before committing, respectful of your decision-making process.
    • One-Click Sign-UpWith just one click, you’re in, ready to explore the world of Dropbox without any hassle.

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Now, it’s time to move on and dive into the next section where we’ll introduce you to three indispensable tools for enhancing your landing pages.

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3 Tools for Best SaaS Landing Pages

1. GrayGrids

graygrids - best saas landing pages

Rating: ⭐5

Pricing: $99

GrayGrids is a versatile tool that helps you create stunning landing pages effortlessly. With user-friendly features and a wide range of customizable templates, it simplifies the process, even if you’re not a design expert.

Key Features

    • Ready-Made Templates: Access a diverse library of professionally designed landing page templates to kickstart your project.
    • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Easily customize templates using a simple drag-and-drop interface, without any coding.
    • Mobile Responsiveness: GrayGrids automatically optimizes for mobile and tablet users, increasing your reach and impact.

2. UIdeck

best saas landing pages

Rating: ⭐4.6

Pricing: $99

UIdeck, a dynamic tool, simplifies the process of crafting eye-catching landing pages for your SaaS products. It’s designed with you in mind, offering intuitive features to make your landing page creation smooth and effective.

Key Features

    • Customizable Components: Create unique landing pages with ease by selecting from a wide array of customizable components like headers, call-to-action buttons, and forms.
    • Integrated Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your landing page’s performance with built-in analytics, helping you track visitor behavior and optimize your conversion strategy.
    • SEO-Friendly: Improve your search engine visibility with UIdeck’s SEO-friendly features, including meta tags and structured data, to ensure your landing page ranks well and attracts more visitors.


htmlup - best saas landing pages

Rating: ⭐4.6

Pricing: Free

Though a free tool, HTML5 UP empowers you to effortlessly build captivating landing pages. With its user-friendly approach and an array of exceptional templates, it streamlines the process of designing and launching your landing page.

Key Features

    • Diverse Templates Selection: Choose from a wide variety of well-crafted landing page templates, ensuring a design that suits your SaaS product’s style and message.
    • Seamless Integration: Easily integrate HTML5 UP landing pages with your existing website or hosting service, allowing for a hassle-free and cohesive online presence.
    • Optimized for Speed: Enjoy fast-loading landing pages, enhancing the user experience, and ensuring your potential customers won’t be kept waiting.

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Hope you try these tools and in the next section, we will discuss how to enhance the customer service of your SaaS business.

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Saufter.io – Customer Service for Saas Business

Unlock the power of an all-in-one SaaS helpdesk software, designed for automated customer support. Seamlessly integrate with email, live chat, social media, Shopify, and beyond. Benefit from an array of automation features for self-service, agent training, recruitment, and more.


Plus, enjoy the advantage of 6 months of free credits to kickstart your journey towards exceptional customer service. Your support is simplified.

Key Features

    • Best-in-Class Self-Service: Offer article suggestions via the self-service portal and live chat for top-notch customer self-help.
    • One View Ticket Management: View all support tickets in one place with a simple scroll, keeping it efficient and organized.
    • Custom Automation: Empower customers to self-help for login issues, plan changes, and bug troubleshooting with tailored automation.
    • Settings Guide: Guide your customers through intricate configurations with an engaging interactive tutorial, simplifying their experience.
    • Automated Agent Training: Automatically build training simulations using experienced agents’ responses, providing valuable mock tickets for new agents.
    • Agent Recruitment: Test and train new agents from their marketplace, whether it’s part-time or full-time, to ensure the best team for your support.

Unlocking Success with the Best SaaS Landing Pages

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, your SaaS success hinges on captivating landing pages.

As we wrap up this journey into the world of the “best SaaS landing pages,” remember this: Landing pages boast a 160% higher conversion rate than alternative methods of sign-up forms.

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