10 Best Live Chat Extensions for Magento Website

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10 Best Live Chat Extensions for Magento Website

Last Updated: April 2024

Hey there, online entrepreneurs and Magento enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your customer support and engagement to the next level? We all know that a responsive and interactive website can make a world of difference in today’s competitive online marketplace. And when it comes to enhancing the customer experience, there’s one tool that stands out from the rest: live chat!

If you’re running your e-commerce business on the powerful Magento platform, you’re in luck. In this blog, we’re going to dive into the exciting world of live chat for Magento websites that boost your conversions.

Table of Contents:

  1. Saufter
  2. Tawk.to
  3. Olark
  4. LiveChat
  5. Tidio
  6. HappyFox Live Chat
  7. Gorgias
  8. Zendesk
  9. LiveAgent
  10. Smartsupp

1) Saufter


Pricing: Custom pricing

Introducing Saufter – the ultimate solution for streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency through smart automation. With its user-friendly interface, your support team can effortlessly provide immediate assistance, resolve issues, and foster stronger customer relationships.

Key Features

    • Omnichannel Integration: Seamlessly integrate website chat, social media, and messaging apps into a unified platform. Effortlessly handle queries from multiple channels, ensuring a consistent and exceptional customer experience.
    • Knowledge Base Integration: Create a comprehensive repository of articles, FAQs, and valuable resources by integrating the knowledge base into your store. Bridge the gap between live chat and knowledge base by directly sharing relevant articles with visitors. 
    • 24/7 Self-Service Options: Empower your customers to solve problems independently with round-the-clock self-service options, delivering convenience and autonomy. 
    • Customizable Widget: Personalize the chat widget to match your brand’s identity, ensuring a cohesive and branded experience for your customers. 
    • Email Integration: Seamlessly integrate your email support with Saufter, allowing you to efficiently organize and manage email requests. You can even leverage AI-drafted emails to save time and enhance customer communication.
    • Real-Time Reports: Gain valuable and detailed real-time insights into key customer support metrics across all channels, including live chat interactions. Get a clear view of your support team’s performance and make data-driven decisions.

2) Tawk.to

Tawk.to logo


Pricing: Free

Welcome to the world of Tawk.to – a powerful live chat software that brings exceptional customer support to your fingertips. With Tawk.to, you can engage with your website visitors in real-time, providing instant assistance and building meaningful connections.

Key Features

    • Visitor Monitoring: Gain insights into visitor behavior, tracking navigation, page views, and referral sources to understand their needs better.
    • Ticketing System: Efficiently manage customer inquiries with an integrated ticketing system, ensuring no query goes unanswered.
    • Chatbots: Automate customer interactions with customizable chatbots, offering instant self-service options.
    • Team Collaboration: Seamlessly collaborate with your support team, assigning chats, transferring conversations, and utilizing internal notes.

3) Olark

Olark logo


Pricing: Starts at $29/seat/month; 14-day free trial

With Olark, you can deliver exceptional customer service, foster engagement, and drive conversions. Experience the power of live chat and elevate your customer support game with Olark.

Key Features

    • Real-time Chat: Engage with customers instantly through live chat, offering personalized support and resolving queries efficiently. 
    • Customizable Chatbox: Tailor the chatbox to match your brand’s look and feel.
    • Automated Messaging: Set up automated messages to greet visitors, provide helpful information, and guide them through their journey.
    • Visitor Insights: Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior, including their location, browsing history, and referring URL. 
    • Team Collaboration: Collaborate with your support team, transfer chats, and leave internal notes.
    • Integration and Reporting: Integrate Olark with your favorite tools, such as CRM and helpdesk systems, and access detailed reports to measure performance and improve customer satisfaction.

4) LiveChat



Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans begin from $20/agent/month

LiveChat is not your average customer support tool. It’s packed with unique features that will revolutionize the way you engage with your website visitors. Here are some standout features that set LiveChat apart:

Key Features

    • Chat Transcripts & Ticketing System: Automatically saves chat transcripts, allowing you to refer back to previous interactions. Plus, its built-in ticketing system enables seamless ticket management for efficient issue resolution.
    • Chatbots and Automation: Offers chatbot capabilities, automates greetings, and responses, and even provides self-service options with customizable chatbot workflows.
    • Canned Responses & Message Sneak-Peek: Streamline your chat responses with canned messages. Plus, with the message sneak-peek, your agents can see what the visitor is typing even before they hit send.
    • File Sharing and Rich Messages: Easily share files, images, and videos in the chat window.

5) Tidio

Tidio logo


Pricing: Free; paid plans start from $29/month; 7-day trial

Looking for a powerful tool to boost your website’s customer engagement? Look no further than Tidio. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, Tidio enables you to provide instant support, capture leads, and automate customer interactions.

Key Features

    • Chatbots: Use AI-powered bots to automate responses and offer 24/7 support.
    • Email Marketing: Utilize pre-built templates and targeted messages to boost your email marketing efforts.
    • Visitor Tracking: Monitor visitor behavior and gain insights to improve your customer interactions.
    • Customizable Widget: Match the chat widget’s appearance to your brand for a seamless user experience.
    • Mobile App: Stay connected with customers on the go using the Tidio mobile app.
    • Integration: Easily integrate Tidio with popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and more.

6) HappyFox Live Chat

Happyfox logo


Pricing: Begins from $29/month with a 14-day free trial

Introducing HappyFox Live Chat, the ultimate solution for Magento websites. With its exceptional features, HappyFox stands out as the best live chat platform for your Magento store. Here are its unique key features:

Key Features

    • AI-driven Chatbots: Empower your customer support with intelligent chatbots that provide instant assistance and handle common queries effortlessly. 
    • Co-browsing: Seamlessly collaborate with customers by sharing screens and guiding them through complex processes. 
    • Integration with Helpdesk: Streamline your support operations by integrating live chat with the HappyFox Helpdesk, enabling a smooth transition from chat to ticket-based support.
    • Proactive Chat: Engage with visitors in real-time using automated triggers and personalized messages.
    • Visitor Analytics: Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior, browsing patterns, and engagement metrics.

7) Gorgias

Gorgias logo


Pricing: Plans start from $10/month; 7-day free trial

With the following unique features, Gorgias enhances your Magento store’s customer support, enabling efficient and personalized interactions that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Features

    • Unified Inbox: Manage all customer communication channels, including live chat, emails, social media, and phone calls, from a single dashboard for streamlined customer support.
    • AI-powered Automation: Leverage advanced automation capabilities to automate repetitive tasks, such as order tracking and returns, saving time and improving efficiency. 
    • Customer Insights: Access detailed customer profiles with order history and relevant information.
    • Macros and Templates: Create pre-built responses and templates for quick and consistent customer support.
    • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Magento and other popular e-commerce platforms.

8) Zendesk

Zendesk logo


Pricing: Begins at $19/month; 14-day trial

Elevate your customer support with a top-notch live chat extension, Zendesk. Streamline your communication, automate tasks, and deliver exceptional service utilizing the following features:

Key Features

    • Seamless Omnichannel Support: Handle customer queries from multiple channels like live chat, email, social media, and phone calls. 
    • Advanced Ticketing System: Generate, track, and categorize support tickets for efficient issue resolution and better customer service management. 
    • Customization: Tailor the chat widget to match your brand’s look and feel. 
    • AI-powered Automation: Automate repetitive tasks, provide instant responses with chatbots, and deliver personalized experiences with AI-powered suggestions.
    • Robust Analytics and Reporting: Gain valuable insights into customer interactions, agent performance, and customer satisfaction.

9) LiveAgent

liveagent logo


Pricing: Starts at $9/agent/month; 7 or 30 day trial (depending on your email)

Unlock the power of seamless customer communication with this best live chat extension for Magento. You can experience real-time chat, ticketing, and automation, all in one platform.

Key Features

    • Omnichannel Communication: Engage customers across multiple channels like live chat, email, social media, and voice calls. 
    • Advanced Ticketing System: Streamline customer inquiries and support requests with ticket management, routing, and collaboration tools. 
    • Automation: Automate repetitive tasks, assign tickets, and ensure prompt responses with smart workflows. 
    • Customer Portal: Empower customers with self-service options, access to ticket history, and knowledge base resources.
    • Reporting and Analytics: Drive continuous improvement with customer interactions, agent performance, and customer satisfaction reports.

10) Smartsupp

Smartsupp logo


Pricing: Free; plans begin at $19.5/month; 14-day trial

Smartsupp is a powerful live chat software that helps you engage with website visitors and provide real-time support. Its key features include:

Key Features

    • Visitor Tracking: Monitor and analyze visitor behavior on your website, including their browsing history and current page. 
    • Chatbots: Use AI-powered chatbots to handle common queries, provide instant responses, and gather visitor information.
    • Video and screen sharing: Enhance customer support by offering video and screen sharing capabilities.
    • Integration options: Seamlessly integrate Smartsupp with popular platforms like Magento, WordPress, Shopify, and more.


In conclusion, these 10 live chat extensions for Magento websites offer a range of features to enhance customer support and improve user experience. Choose the one that best suits your business needs and start engaging with your customers in real-time.

If you’re unsure, give Saufter a try without any hesitation. It offers a free trial without requiring your credit card information. 

Sign up and explore its features risk-free!



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