13 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies You Need To Know!

influencer Marketing Agencies

Last Updated: February 2024

Influencer marketing has the potential to drive impressive ROI by not only increasing brand awareness but also generating high-quality leads and conversions. Influencer marketing agencies play a pivotal role as intermediaries between brands and influencers. Selecting the right influencer marketing agency is vital for impactful campaigns, seamless collaboration with influencers, and creating authentic connections with your target audience.

To assist you in making informed decisions, we have conducted thorough research and compiled a list of the 13 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies You Need To Know in 2023.

List of the 13 best Influencer Marketing Agencies

Helplama connects your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts to deliver high-quality customer care services with improved efficiency. Additionally, it gathers dependable data from your partners and influencers to enhance the overall customer experience.

Key features:

  • Operational Insights: Operational insights are basically performance measurements of an organization’s operational activities.
  • Custom Automations: Helplama can help you choose the right automation and customize it to suit your needs.
  • Trouble Alerts: The Helplama Helpdesk will keep a close eye on your orders around the clock, ensuring that none of them experience delays during fulfillment or transit..
  • Self Service: Set up automation for the repetitive tasks and leave it to the system. 
  • Unite All Channel: Manage all your support channels – Email, Live Chat, Phone, Facebook, and more from one place.

Moburst’s influencer marketing experts handle the entire process, from research to talent selection based on performance metrics. They create impactful briefs, guide the influencers with key brand messages, and assist with creative editing. Additionally, Moburst provides comprehensive reporting and employs data-driven attribution for effective campaign measurement.

Key features:

  • Only Result: By utilizing the influencer’s content, we repurpose it to generate numerous other assets, including ads. This streamlined approach to the creative process not only makes it more cost-effective for the client but, more importantly, drives tangible results.
  • Data-driven services: Moburst’s unique influencer selection approach is data-driven, leveraging audience insights and past performance. With a deep understanding of each influencer and their audience demographics, we ensure precise matching for your brand’s needs.
  • Superior planning & reporting: Moburst excels in meticulous planning and delivering comprehensive reports. They provide regular, insightful reports on a weekly basis, highlighting the results achieved based on the KPIs established at the start of the campaign.


Neoreach platform offers seamless influencer exploration, with over 40 filters for precise targeting based on keywords, social platforms, profile performance, and various audience demographics.

key features:

  • Vast Network: Neoreach’s extensive network of influencers, built through years of campaign execution, ensures perfect fit and successful relationships based on data-driven insights.
  • Creative Strategy & Direction: Neoreach integrates your brand’s core messaging into authentic, story-driven content that extends beyond the campaign. 
  • Paid Media: Neoreach strategically syndicates influencer content, utilizing expertise in user acquisition and paid media. Our team optimizes ad auctions, budgets, offers, copy, and creative to maximize ROI across prominent platforms including Facebook®, Instagram®, Google®, TikTok®, Snapchat®, and others.

Goat is a prominent player in the influencer marketing industry. Their team of experts has partnered with globally recognized brands to generate awareness, drive engagement, increase conversions, and foster brand loyalty.

Key features:

  • Tracking & Optimization: Goat’s team excels in tracking and optimizing campaigns, focusing on performance metrics to ensure efficiency. They provide clear and transparent results, along with valuable learnings, to brand partners.
  • Human Touch: In influencer campaigns, forging a genuine human connection and crafting a compelling narrative are paramount. Our Strategy team ensures that these essential elements are always prioritized and never overshadowed.
  • End-to-end management: Goat handles the end-to-end influencer marketing process, encompassing campaign ideation, implementation, and delivery. You can rely on us to take care of every step along the way.

HireInfluence collaborates with clients to deliver fully-managed, innovative influencer marketing campaigns that prioritize authentic human connections.

Key features:

  • Talent curation: HireInfluence stands out by sourcing creators based on benchmark metrics. We employ a thorough, manual selection and validation process that goes beyond the limitations of popular databases.
  • White glove campaign execution: HireInfluence ensure a seamless experience between creators and clients, fully engaged and committed as a direct extension of your brand.
  • Accurate reporting: HireInfluence analytics are customized to client objectives, delivering essential insights such as EMV, sentiment analysis, and conversion tracking.

House Of Marketers has quickly established itself as a world-leading influencer marketing agency, co-founded by former TikTok employees and agency partners.

Key features: 

  • Fully-Managed Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Its global services encompass every aspect, including strategy development, influencer selection, onboarding, content creation, campaign management, and detailed reporting.
  • Influencer Strategy Development: Their specialist team provides influencer strategy development, including planning, research, development, and creative consultancy services.
  • Industry Trend Analysis:Industry Trend Analysis: Being a top influencer marketing agency, they stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the industry.

Audiencly aims to bridge the gap between businesses of all sizes and industries by connecting them with content creators and influencers worldwide.

Key features:

  • 7 step campaign: Through predefined steps, they carefully define your key performance indicators (KPIs) and target audience, laying the foundation for a compelling and impactful campaign.
  • Precise audience selection: After identifying your target audience, we proceed to identify and select suitable influencers who can effectively contribute to achieving your objectives.

Carusele, a data-driven marketing agency, leverages first and third-party data to create custom, audience-targeted content. This precision targeting ensures your message reaches the right consumers effectively.

Key features:

  • Measurable business results: Carusele campaigns prioritize important metrics such as increased sales, conversions on e-commerce platforms, targeted web traffic, ad recall rate, audience engagement, and visible impressions.
  • Advanced targeting: Carusele programs offer personalized paid media strategies that utilize look-alike audience segments, ensuring that your precise target audience gets to see the most relevant content.

inBeat is a performance-driven micro-influencer agency with a global presence, operating from offices in Montreal, Paris, and Singapore.

Key features:

  • In-house creative director: Experience the advantage of having a dedicated in-house creative director assigned to your campaign. Working together on content and brand, placing them at the forefront of attention and amplifying their impact.
  • Scalable: Empower you to generate hundreds of visual assets each month, facilitating a high-volume content creation process that enhances your brand’s visual presence.
  • Influencer focus groups: inBeat’s network group offers insights into customer habits and generates creative ideas for future influencer marketing campaigns.

inCast provides a comprehensive suite of services that encompass influencer outreach, content creation, digital marketing, and social media management.

Key features:

  • Official TikTok partner: As an official TikTok partner for content creation, inCast possesses an enhanced capability to reach your target audience and effectively deliver your message in a compelling and engaging manner.
  • inCast Performance Tracker: inCast offers a self-serve solution to analyze campaign reach and effectiveness. Access automated, real-time influencer marketing reports that are easily shareable.

August United excels in creating audience-first and outcome-based influencer programs.They design and optimize end-to-end campaigns for maximum impact.

Key features:

  • Influencer brand retreats: During these retreats, clients have the opportunity to connect with influencers and collaboratively establish strategies for their future influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Structured strategy: Their structured framework for identifying influencers, conceptualizing campaigns, and establishing guidelines to ensure a sustainable influencer marketing strategy for brands.

Popcorn Growth is a TikTok marketing agency founded by minority women, offering a great choice for brands prioritizing inclusive campaigns.

Key features:

  • Data Analytics approach: Popcorn Growth is based our campaigns on data analytics, ensuring a strategic and data-driven approach to achieve optimal results.
  • Fast-track process: Team of TikTok specialists streamline the entire process, accelerating your influencer marketing campaign from strategy to video production. 

Lytehouse is the preferred agency for businesses seeking to leverage the influential networks of influencers and achieve success through their digital impact.

Key features:

  • Strategy & Casting:Lytehouse takes an influencer-agnostic approach to develop creative digital influencer marketing strategies that successfully achieve key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Quality over quantity: With a vast global network of over 10,000 influencers at their disposal, they carefully select the ideal influencers for your campaign, ensuring optimal results and maximizing your investment.


Unlock the potential of your engagement and branding with the assistance of the 13 Best Influencer Marketing Agencies mentioned above. These agencies are equipped to take your brand to new heights. 

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