8 Best Image Watermark Apps for Shopify

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best watermark apps shopify

Last Updated: April 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best image watermark apps for Shopify to boost your store’s growth?

Discover the ultimate protection for your Shopify store visuals with our roundup of the “8 Best Image Watermark Apps for Shopify.” Safeguard your brand’s integrity and enhance credibility effortlessly with these top-notch apps. 

From sleek logos to customizable overlays, these apps offer everything you need to keep your images secure and elevate your online presence. 

Let’s dive in and explore the leading solutions to level up your image game! Let’s take the first step towards a more secure and trustworthy online shopping experience!

1. Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.8

Pricing: From $9.99/month, Free plan available.

Hextom: Bulk Image Edit & SEO is a powerful app designed to elevate your store’s performance through optimized images.

This app ensures your visuals are SEO-optimized for organic search engine traffic. By compressing images, it enhances loading times and boosts search rankings.

Furthermore, Hextom ensures uniform image sizes, giving your store a professional and trustworthy appearance. To safeguard your brand, it provides protection against competitors.

Key Features

  • SEO Optimization: Improve SEO by optimizing image sizes (loading time), alt-text, and file names.
  • Bulk Image Editing: Easily perform bulk square, resize, crop, rotate, frame, trim, and watermark actions on your images.
  • Convenient Image Management: Upload and download store images for backup, restore, or product launch purposes.
  • Individual Selection: Apart from bulk editing, the app allows for individual selection of specific images for customization.

2. Engage ‑ Easy Watermarks

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.5

Pricing: From $7.99/month, Free plan available.

The best way to brand and safeguard your priceless pictures is to use Engage – Easy Watermarks. Seamlessly upload your own logo and apply it to all your images with just one click

Moreover, explore the built-in previewer, which comes packed with numerous additional options like image resizing, renaming, compressing, tiling, and bordering, providing complete control over your watermarking process

Also, if you prefer a hands-off approach, the auto-watermarking tool allows you to set it up once and forget about it, ensuring consistent protection across all your photos effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Automatic Stickers: Automatically add on-sale, new arrivals, and out-of-stock stickers to product photos.
  • One-Click Processing: Easily process all your product photos with a simple one-click action.
  • Photo Restoration: Restore your original photos anytime with the option to revert changes.
  • Theft Prevention: Disable right-clicking on your site to protect your photos from unauthorized usage.
  • No Membership required: Watermark your photos without the need for a membership, ensuring easy usage for all users.

3. Swap Photo Editor

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.4

Pricing: From $6.99/month, with a 3-day free trial

This go-to app is for seamless and efficient photo editing. You can customize your images with ease by adding or removing backgrounds, logos, texts, and stickers to make them truly unique. 

Furthermore, experience enhanced photo sourcing with its Google Images integration, which helps you find higher-quality matches for your existing pictures. 

Key Features

  • Multiple Editors: Access three different editors – Adobe Classic, Photopea, and Swap Editor for diverse editing options.
  • Quick Removal: Easily remove existing logos, texts, and backgrounds from images in a time-efficient manner.
  • Enhanced Image Search: Find higher-quality photos by searching the web within the app.
  • Comprehensive Editing: Edit banners, products, collections, articles, assets, and your uploaded files with ease and convenience.

4. Awesome SEO Image Optimizer

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.6

Pricing: From $9.99/month.

Awesome SEO Image Optimizer is your ultimate solution to boost your site’s performance and rankings. With Google’s emphasis on page load time, proper image optimization is crucial to retaining customers and maximizing profits

Also, enjoy three primary image optimization operations, including making images square, compressing them, and adding watermarks

Additionally, choose between two modes for compression: lossless (maintaining quality, larger file size) or lossy (smaller file size with slightly lower quality).

Key Features

  • Speed and SEO Enhancement: Compress images to reduce file size, improving store speed and SEO rankings.
  • Brand Watermarking: Protect your images with your store’s logo to prevent unauthorized use by competitors.
  • Automated Optimization: Enjoy fully automated resizing and optimization of new images without manual intervention.
  • Image Restoration: Restore product images from backup for up to 180 days, ensuring data security and retrieval.

5. All in One Image SEO Optimizer

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ N/A

Pricing: From $19.90/month. With a 2-day free trial.

Introducing All in One Image SEO Optimizer, your go-to image enhancement tool for better search engine visibility and site performance

With the Image With Alt SEO Tool, easily optimize images for Google and other search engines, ensuring they are easily found and recognized.

Furthermore, protect your product images with the watermark tool, adding holograms to deter unauthorized use.

Key Features

  • Image Protection: Prevent image copying by adding a company logo to your visuals.
  • Site Speed Optimization: Speed up your website by optimizing product images.
  • Enhanced SEO: Improve your image search engine score by incorporating product names and tags.

6. Super Watermarks ‑ Badges

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ 3.8

Pricing: From $6.99/month. Free plan available.

Super Watermarks – Badges is a cutting-edge yet user-friendly bulk editing application designed to elevate your product images. Seamlessly add highly customizable product badges, watermarks, logos, stickers, labels, and box frames to your photos with just one click.

Moreover, discover an array of outstanding product badge categories, perfectly suited for your year-end shopping campaigns and the upcoming Summer season.

Key Features

  • Versatile Customization: Add product badges, labels, stickers, tags, and box frames to product images for enhanced visuals.
  • Personalized Branding: Utilize your own logo as a product badge to maintain consistent branding.
  • Multiple Campaigns: Apply multiple badges simultaneously by running multiple campaigns for varied promotions.
  • Efficient Bulk Application: Easily apply badges to products in bulk, saving time and effort.

7. Avada SEO & Image Optimizer

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.9

Pricing: Free plan is available. Price starts from $34.95/month, with a 14-day free trial.

Unleash the full potential of your website with Avada SEO & Image Optimizer. Dominate your search rankings and attract valuable free traffic with these potent SEO tools. 

From meta tags to image optimization and sitemap generation, it offers all the essentials to boost visibility and engage potential customers.

Also, this user-friendly app goes the extra mile with features like JSON-LD structured data and Chat GPT, enhancing page speed and ranking.

Key Features

  • Page Speed and Score Boost: Enhance page speed with image optimization, smart speed, and lazy load features.
  • Improved SEO Ranking: Optimize SEO ranking through meta tags, local business data, and Google structured data implementation.
  • Automated SEO Audit: Conduct automated SEO audits for products, collections, blog posts, and other pages.
  • Broken Link Detection and Page Redirection: Identify and manage broken links and 404 pages with ease.

8. SEOAnt ‑ Image Optimizer & Speed

best watermark app shopify

Rating: ⭐ 4.8

Pricing: From $4.99/month, Free plan available.

Experience the power of SEOAnt Image Optimizer & Speed, your ultimate solution for automated image optimization. This app effortlessly optimizes images across product, collection, blog, and asset pages with auto-sync functionality. 

Moreover, compress new images automatically while customizing alt text, file names, and converting PNG to JPG. Additionally, you can easily add watermarks for added protection.

Also, witness a significant improvement in image SEO, page loading speed, and SEO rankings, resulting in increased website traffic and higher sales.

Key Features

  • Optimal Image Size: Automatically optimize image size without compromising quality based on your preferred settings.
  • Enhanced Image SEO: Edit Alt Text, File Name, and Convert PNG to JPG for improved image SEO.
  • Brand Protection: Easily add and customize watermarks to safeguard your brand identity.
  • Accelerated Website Speed: Preload pages before user clicks to increase website speed and user experience.


In conclusion, investing in the right image watermark app for your Shopify store can significantly impact your brand’s credibility and protection. 

With the top 8 Best Image Watermark Apps we’ve explored, you can safeguard your valuable visuals and enhance your online presence effortlessly.

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