15 Best Freshdesk Apps to Supercharge Your Support


Last Updated: February 2024

Customer service is a major customer touchpoint that matters. After setting up your Freshdesk account and getting your customer support agents ready, you might have realized the need to upgrade Freshdesk’s native customer support functionality. Fortunately, several apps in the Freshdesk marketplace can supplement your support agents to enhance the efficiency of your customer support.

Choose the Right Apps to Integrate With Your Freshdesk

Integrate your Freshdesk account with leading applications in the Freshdesk marketplace to empower your support agents and impress your customers. Find 11 of the best Freshdesk apps to supercharge your customer support below:

1. Emailbot

Emailbot Try for free/book a demo The Emailbot Freshdesk app classifies inbound emails and extracts needed information for automatic processing. The Emailbot deciphers the sender’s intention and performs different actions according to the email category and request type. The Emailbot will create tickets when required or specified and send all necessary details to the support agent. This way, the agent can handle many tickets efficiently without revisiting inbound emails.

2. Opinyin Surveys

21-day free trial Opinyin is one of the best Freshdesk apps to read customer satisfaction feedback. Opinyin’s patented AI reads all your free text feedback and highlights customer pain and pleasure points. You get a list of ticket-linked responses, a topic explorer, real-time analysis scores and trends over a specified period. When a ticket is closed, the Opinyin App sends survey invites directly from your Freshdesk domain to collect customer feedback. This Freshdesk app’s dedicated admin portal provides custom survey creation and account management to supercharge your customer support.

3. Spark By Seekify

Free to install Integrating Seekify App with Freshdesk will help create, assign and collaborate content to improve the performance and productivity of support agents. Your customer support agents get insights to set the right performance goals using access to Cx-driven upskilling content focused on Customer Support and Customer Handling Tactics & Tricks. With Seekify, you get access to content reports and a feature to engage with the customer support team through comments.

4. Moments AI

Request quote  Get this app from the Freshdesk marketplace for actionable insights from your Freshdesk tickets. Use this Freshdesk app for automatic AI tags that trigger specific actions in the support desk, such as automated responses or auto-routing / auto-assignments of tickets. These tags also act as filters in Freshdesk reports. The app has an automatic routing and response feature, helps you analyze tickets quickly, and provides insightful reports to supercharge customer support.

5. Simplesat

Simplesat 14-day free trial Simplesat is a customer feedback app in the Freshdesk marketplace and is an upgrade to Freshdesk’s native survey functionality. Ticket feedback gets collected through surveys embedded in an email after a ticket is closed. Simplesat also allows you to customize the design, update contact fields, create follow-up tickets, add private notes, update ticket fields and tags and add additional questions. Simplesat also displays detailed reports and analytics giving your team control and transparency over the customer satisfaction experience.

6. AmplifyReach ChatBot – AI for CRM & Sales

Try for free AmplifyReach is a no-coding chatbot in the Freshdesk marketplace to scale your customer engagement, and drive sales, lead generation & overall happiness through 24*7 customer support, customer engagement, and sales through web, mobile and social channels. This Freshdesk comes with industry-standard security, a human-like dialogue for chats, analytics, and intent switching for the user to switch between conversations seamlessly.

7. Nicereply

14-day free trial Nicereply Freshdesk app lets you measure customer satisfaction, net promoter score, or customer effort score via a survey at the bottom of every email or after a ticket or a chat resolves according to your settings. The surveys are entirely customizable. With this app for Freshdesk, you will be able to see the performance of your support agents and teams, all feedback related to a ticket, and analytics.

8. Miuros Assist

Miuros-Assist Book a demo/choose a paid package Miuros Assist Freshdesk app supercharges your support by empowering agents with automation to boost productivity, halve onboarding times and ensure faster replies. It runs across all text-based channels according to your communication guidelines and is compatible with several languages. The app also has automatic categorization, smart rerouting, automated responses, and other smart features.

9. SmileBack

14-day free trial With the SmileBack app for Freshdesk, get instant feedback and comments from clients through one-click surveys at the close of every ticket, with an additional option to schedule recurring surveys. This Freshdesk app comes with efficient analysis and reporting tools with real-time dashboards. Additionally, you will get to turn client comments into client testimonials and showcase your responses.

10. Zonka Feedback

Free to try Zonka Feedback helps to measure and improve the effectiveness and quality of your customer service and support team with customizable surveys and feedback forms. With the Zonka Feedback app, you can create Freshdesk tickets based on survey responses, trigger email surveys when a ticket gets solved or updated, send survey questions in every email, and sync survey data and CX metrics to Freshdesk.

11. Auto Ticket Merger

Free to install The Auto Ticket Merger app for Freshdesk comes in handy when a single customer raises multiple tickets in a short while. The app merges all such tickets created by a single email ID into the first one. This feature is useful when customers raise multiple tickets if an e-commerce purchase fails.

12.  Microsoft Teams

Free to try The Microsoft Teams app for Freshdesk ensures you stay updated about the tickets assigned to you. The app also enables collaboration with your team. You will get notified when a ticket is assigned to you or when a ticket priority is modified as well as when a customer responds to a ticket or when a public or private note is added,  through conversations by the Freshdesk bot and you will be able to add quick replies or notes to your tickets directly from Teams.

13.  Freshsales Conversations

Free to try The Freshdesk app Freshsales Conversations pulls customer data from Freshsales into Freshdesk for quicker resolution of tickets. This Freshsales-Freshdesk integration fetches relevant customer information and makes it accessible for you to view on Freshdesk. Thus, you get additional context regarding your customers’ problems and requests. The information collected is mainly from email conversations and phone logs with sales agents. The app speeds up your response times and increases productivity.

14. Email Tracking for Freshdesk

21-day free trial The Email Tracking app for Freshdesk monitors the email usage of your clients. It tracks the opens of each email you send through Freshdesk. You will get precise times of every email open and real-time notifications about ‘read’ emails. You will receive private ticket notes with the precise information on each ticket open to which you can add tags to manage customer follow-ups. With the app, you also can track all customer activity within a specific ticket.

15. Google Hangouts Chat

Free to try With the Google Hangouts Chat Freshdesk app, you don’t have to switch locations or put teamwork on hold to access ticket updates. The ticket updates will be provided by the Freshdesk bot inside the Hangouts chat. You will get notified when a ticket is assigned to you, when a ticket priority is modified, when a customer responds to a ticket, or when a public or private note is added.

Be Attentive to Your Customers

Every interaction might leave your customer with something to say. It could be a simple compliment or a detailed suggestion. It could be a remark that may not need any words to convey. In all cases, you need to ensure that no customer is ever left hanging. It would be unreasonable to burden your support agents with all the work. Here is where integrating leading customer support apps in the Freshdesk marketplace with your account comes in. Perfect your customer support to ensure maximum returns for your investment.  Need help? Helplama can address all your customer support needs. Click here to know more.


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