5 Best Extra Fee Apps for Shopify

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Extra Fee Apps

Last Updated: June 2024

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, establishing a robust online store is just the first step toward success. To truly thrive and maximize your revenue potential on the Shopify platform, you need to harness the power of innovative tools and best apps that can supercharge your sales.

In this article, we will unveil the 5 best extra fee apps for Shopify, designed to elevate your online store’s performance and increase profitability.

Are you eager to boost your average order value, drive more conversions, and enhance your customer’s shopping experience? Let’s delve into the top 5 extra fee apps that will empower your Shopify store to new heights of prosperity and success!

1. SimplyCost ‑ Profit Tracking

Rating: ⭐ 4.8

Pricing: From $4.99/month. 14-day free trial.

SimplyCost simplifies profit tracking for businesses. While online stores efficiently track sales revenues, this app goes a step further by automatically monitoring business expenses, saving merchants valuable time and effort. 

By automating profit calculations, SimplyCost enables users to focus on other crucial business tasks, ultimately enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

With effortless integration of expense tracking and sales data, this powerful app empowers informed decision-making in real time. 

Key Features

  • Advertising Spend Integration: Seamlessly connect and import advertising spend data from major Ad platforms to track and optimize your marketing investments.
  • Flexible Expense Tracking: Easily add custom one-off or recurring expenses to gain comprehensive financial insights and manage your business’s costs effectively.
  • Tailored Payment Gateway Processing Fees: Set up personalized processing fee rates for each payment gateway, ensuring transparent and efficient financial transactions.
  • Shopify Transaction Fee Management: Effortlessly configure Shopify transaction fees for stores not utilizing Shopify Payments, enabling accurate and streamlined financial operations.

2. UpCharge: Surcharges & Fees

Rating: ⭐ 4.1

Pricing: From $9.99/month. 14-day free trial.

UpCharge: Surcharges & Fees is a versatile app that allows you to create an unlimited number of fees (surcharges)

Whether it’s for specific products or the entire shopping cart, you can set fixed-amount or percentage-based fees. With customizable conditions, you have full control over the visibility and application of fees. 

From rush delivery to gift wrap and order personalization, this app facilitates charging fees for various products or services, enabling businesses to offer additional options and enhance customer experience.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Fee Options: Create an unlimited number of fees and surcharges for increased flexibility.
  • Versatile Input Types: Choose from multiple fee input types, including checkbox, drop-down, radio buttons, text, date, or hidden.
  • Multiple Fee Types: Offer fixed-amount fees and percentage-based fees to suit different scenarios.
  • Customizable Settings and Conditions: Control the application and triggering of specific fees with tailored settings and conditions.

3. Delirious Profit

Rating: ⭐ 4.2

Pricing: From $5/month. With a 7-day free trial.

Delirious Profit simplifies profit and margin calculations for Shopify stores, making it effortless to manage finances, especially at the End of the Financial Year. 

Also, by adding the cost price (COGS) to product variants, the app automatically calculates the margin made on each item, saving time and eliminating the need for spreadsheets. 

Moreover, with Delirious Profit, businesses can focus on value-adding activities that drive business growth instead of getting bogged down by manual calculations.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Access all data effortlessly with an intuitive user interface, ensuring quick navigation and easy data retrieval.
  • Powerful Reports: Gain valuable insights with detailed reports, enabling quick breakdowns of your financial data for better decision-making.
  • Excellent Support: Experience responsive and helpful customer support to assist you throughout your financial management journey.
  • Track Expenses: Easily add single and recurring expenses, allowing you to monitor costs effectively and make informed financial decisions.

4. Profiteer ‑ Cost of Goods Sold

Rating: ⭐ 4.2

Pricing: From $15/month. With a 3-day free trial.

Profiteer ‑ Cost of Goods Sold is an essential app that addresses Shopify’s limitation of not providing cost prices for sold products. Over time, it has become the go-to solution for generating reliable reports on the cost of goods sold. 

The app empowers merchants with complete control over past, present, and future cost prices for any SKU, enabling accounting reports previously unavailable in Shopify. 

Also, with most reports available as user-friendly CSV files, seamless compatibility with all accounting packages is ensured, streamlining financial management for Shopify store owners. 

Key Features

  • Inventory Reports: Generate comprehensive inventory reports reflecting the current value of your cost of goods for better stock management.
  • Sales Reports: Access detailed sales reports displaying the total value of the cost of goods sold, aiding in precise financial analysis.
  • Order-Level Cost Price Modification: Enjoy full control by modifying the cost price of any SKU sold at the order level, ensuring accurate and updated cost calculations.

5. BeProfit ‑ Profit Analytics

Rating: ⭐ 4.9

Pricing: From 25/month. With a 7-day free trial.

BeProfit ‑ Profit Analytics simplifies real-time profit and loss tracking with its intuitive analytics dashboard and robust profit tracking features.

From order metrics and shipping to inventory, marketing costs, and attribution, the app offers automated or custom reports to analyze all aspects in one place. 

By integrating with store platforms, marketing channels, accounting, payment processors, and shipping accounts, BeProfit ensures accurate and comprehensive reports.

Key Features

  • Data Sync and Up-to-Date Reports: Sync ad platforms, expenses, and order data for real-time reports.
  • Scheduled Custom Reports: Schedule and receive custom reports via email for convenient analysis.
  • Mobile Accessibility and Collaboration: Access the app anytime, anywhere, and collaborate with teammates.
  • Advanced Analysis with Cohort Analysis: Analyze customer lifetime value, ROAS, and CAC using cutting-edge cohort analysis.
  • UTM Tracking for Optimization: Optimize ads, email campaigns, affiliates, and influencers with UTM tracking capabilities.


In conclusion, the best extra fee apps for shopify empower businesses with automated tagging, customizable fees, and real-time profit tracking, optimizing strategies and boosting revenue. 

These indispensable tools streamline financial management and elevate the customer experience, ensuring competitiveness in the e-commerce landscape. 

Maximize your Shopify store’s performance with these innovative solutions for sustainable growth.

Additionally, with the integration of Saufter, businesses gain access to comprehensive customer support, streamlining ticket management, automated workflows, and multi-channel assistance. 

This powerful solution ensures seamless handling of customer inquiries, fostering trust and loyalty. 

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