12 Best Email Help Desk Software in 2024

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Best Email HelpDesk Software

Last Updated: June 2024

Whether you want to communicate with your customer or resolve any issues they have, it is important to have a user support system. An email help desk software is one such system.

But it is difficult and time-consuming to research tons of email ticket systems out there in the market to find the best solution for your business. To help you with this task, we have shortlisted 12 top email ticketing software. Before proceeding with them, you get to review the basic features that an email helpdesk software must have.

What You Should Be Looking For In A Ticketing Email System

1) Ticket Conversions

It is useful to convert customer conversations related to an issue into tickets. So, whenever your client talks about a problem via email, your agent should be able to convert it into tickets. It becomes easier if you have a platform where you can view all your customers’ history.

2) Agent Workspace

A digital space specially built for support agents is called an agent workspace. It displays assigned tasks and all the necessary tools to create, edit, modify, and delete tickets. Also, your employees can collaborate with each other to quickly resolve an issue.

Overall, the agent workspace allows your support team to manage user requests and resolve them efficiently.

3) Knowledge Base for Self-service

The best email to ticket system gives you an opportunity to resolve consumer problems even before they contact your support center. Building a knowledge base is the best and most common way to do this.

Here, you include all the primary information in the form of how-tos, FAQs, product-related articles, etc.

4) Real-time Reports

For any customer support software, measuring helpdesk metrics is crucial. Because they help you understand your business and support center performance. Through the analytical reports, you can know which areas in your support center need improvement and take necessary actions. 

Top 12 Help Desk Email Ticketing Software

Now that we covered some important features, it is time to see the best 12 email ticketing software.

#1 Saufter

The best automated email ticketing system, Saufter has an AI system that helps in understanding your users. Also, it offers all the necessary customer support features including a self-help portal. Through your dashboard, you can view all your customer journeys in one place.

Image Source – saufter.io


  1. Manage unlimited tickets and convert any issues into tickets.
  2. Has an agent workspace by using which your staff can easily handle all incoming tickets.
  3. Provides omnichannel support through email, live chat, SMS, phone, and social media.
  4. Create and manage your own knowledge base.
  5. Send AI-drafted emails.
  6. Automate your workflows.
  7. Offers an order and returns management system and even marketing automation tools.
  8. Integrate with eCommerce, messaging, and collaboration platforms such as WhatsApp, Shopify, WooCommerce, Slack, etc.
  9. Plus, get real-time performance reports and more.

Best for small to large businesses looking for all-around helpdesk software.


  • Custom pricing

#2 Richpanel

Image source – richpanel.com

Richpanel is a self-service software and claims to resolve 50% of support tickets without the help of agents. Also, it integrates with various apps ranging from email automation to returns management.


  1. Build a customer self-service portal and a personalized “My Account” section.
  2. Support multiple languages like Spanish and French.
  3. Let your agents view customer profiles and manage all their conversations. Also, collaborate with each other.
  4. Offers multichannel support via live chat, SMS, phone, email, and social media. 
  5. Works on mobile devices as well.
  6. Delivers your teams, customers, and Richpanel’s tools performance reports.

Best for businesses looking for self-service and multi-language support.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Starter – $250
  • Regular – $500
  • Pro – $800
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

#3 Kustomer

Image source – kustomer.com

Now that CRM software, Kustomer has become a part of Meta, it became easier to deliver customer support via social media. Not only that you can also automate your support tasks including ticket routing and assignment.


  1. Supports chatbots, voice, SMS, email, and even MMS. 
  2. Its AI detects user intent and suggests shortcuts to agents.
  3. Supports translations to 70+ languages.
  4. Displays customers’ interactions with a timeline view.
  5. Lets you create a help center that is SEO friendly.
  6. Create automated workflows for repetitive tasks.

Best for businesses that want CRM software.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Professional – $29/ user
  • Business – $49/ user
  • Enterprise – $89/ user
  • Ultimate – $139/ user

#4 Gorgias 

Image source – gorgias.com

Gorgias centralizes all your customer support tickets in one place so you can easily access users’ data. It lets you interact with your customers through email, live chat, social media, voice, and SMS.


  1. Automate repetitive tasks by defining rules.
  2. Detect audience intents and sentiments.
  3. Create a help center with FAQs.
  4. Build a self-service portal so your customers can handle their orders and returns.
  5. Measure support performance and revenue statistics.
  6. Customize your teams’ workspace.

Best for eCommerce businesses.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Starter – $10
  • Basic – $60
  • Pro – $360
  • Advanced – $900
  • Enterprise – Contact Gorgias for more details

#5 GrooveHQ 

Image source – groovehq.com

GrooveHQ won the awards “Users Most Likely To Recommend”, “Best Results” and more in Spring 2022. The software offers a shared inbox using which your support team can organize, prioritize, and resolve user requests.


  1. Collision detection prevents double replies from your agents.
  2. Collaborate by sending private notes. Plus, communicate internally with @ mentions and notifications.
  3. Build your own knowledge base.
  4. Supports live chat integration.
  5. Get performance, conversation, satisfaction, and knowledge base insights.

Best for small businesses and startups.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Starter – $15/ user
  • Plus – $25/ user
  • Pro – $40/ user
  • Enterprise – Contact the support team for more info.

#6 Reamaze

An integrated live chat, customer service, and helpdesk platform designed for online businesses. It combines live chat, email, SMS, mobile, video call, VOIP, and push notification conversations so your agents can deliver a better customer experience.


  1. A Shared inbox for the support team.
  2. Live chat including automated messaging, and video calls.
  3. Custom chatbot or use a pre-built one.
  4. Create targeted push notification campaigns.
  5. Monitor real-time user activity on your website.
  6. Build a FAQ helpcenter.

Best for businesses that want both helpdesks and push notification services.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Basic – $29
  • Pro – $49
  • Plus – $69

#7 Freshdesk

Image source – freshworks.com

Engage with your users across channels including web, mobile devices, live chat, and social media with the Freshdesk. Also, you can handle incoming tickets, prevent agent collisions, and even manage SLAs.


  1. Work together to quickly resolve user requests through shared ownership, team huddle, and so on.
  2. Automate repetitive tasks. Plus, generate time and event triggered actions.
  3. Create a knowledge base and gather customer feedback.
  4. Converse with visitors using Freddy AI chatbot.
  5. Generate custom reports.

Best for businesses that want to focus only on customer support.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 21 days
  • Free – $0
  • Growth – $18/ agent
  • Pro – $59/ agent
  • Enterprise – $95/ agent

#8 Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk
Image source – zoho.com

Trusted by 100,000+ businesses, Zoho Desk offers context-aware email management solutions along with omnichannel communication. Plus, it provides multilingual support and SDKs to develop custom mobile applications.


  1. Buit-in AI called Zia operates as a chatbot and analyzes conversations.
  2. Create a self-service portal including a knowledge base and community forum.
  3. Collaborate and communicate with fellow agents.
  4. Automate repetitive tasks and SLA management
  5. Compatible with mobile devices as well.

Best for international businesses that need multilingual support.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 15 days
  • Standard – $20/ user
  • Professional – $35/ user
  • Enterprise – $50/ user

#9 Intercom

Image source – intercom.com

With Intercom, you can create a separate inbox for support and sales. Through this inbox, you may easily respond to emails and social media conversations. Moreover, your support agents can set permissions, and use internal notes, and mentions to collaborate with each other. 


  1. Customizable Messenger to engage with consumers.
  2. Use the visual campaign builder, Series to send cohesive messages.
  3. Generate rules and automated workflows including SLAs.
  4. Also, build a chatbot.
  5. Get insights into customer behavior.
  6. Sync user data across your tech stack.

Best for social media ticket management.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Starter – $74
  • Support, Engage, and Convert – Prices vary as per usage

#10 Zendesk

Image source – zendesk.com

By using Zendesk, build a help center containing a knowledge base and community forum. And, interact with your consumers in any channel they choose, i.e. live chat, email, voice, messaging, and social media.


  1. Offers AI and bots to deliver quick support.
  2. Through agent workspace, track, prioritize, and respond to user requests.
  3. Efficiently collaborate with internal and external team members.
  4. Easily route tickets to the right agents.
  5. Get performance analytics and reports.

Best for businesses that prioritize CRM.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 30 days
  • Suite Team – $49/ agent
  • Suite Growth – $79/ agent
  • Suite Professional – $99/ agent
  • Suite Enterprise – $150/ agent

#11 Spiceworks

Image source – spiceworks.com

If you want email ticketing software that is free, then Spiceworks is the one for you. It is a cloud helpdesk software and is designed for IT. Plus, through a secure remote support session, let your agents work remotely.


  1. Monitor, send alerts and customize ticket attributes and ticket rules.
  2. Manage email organization and user portal customization.
  3. Track ongoing projects and keep up with customer requests.
  4. Generate reports with key helpdesk metrics.

Best for IT businesses.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • There are no paid plans.

#12 HelpCrunch

Image source – helpcrunch.com

HelpCrunch delivers both email and chat support services through a custom shared inbox. Using this your agents can collaborate and manage conversations instantly.  


  1. Automate sales and support workflows.
  2. Build your own chatbot.
  3. Create a knowledge base with SEO-optimized content.
  4. Offers email marketing tools that can perform operations like sending newsletters and automating email campaigns
  5. Also, supports popup notifications.

Best for businesses that only need email and chat services.

Monthly Pricing Plans

  • Free trial – 14 days
  • Basic – $15/ team member
  • Pro – $25/ team member


We hope the above-mentioned 12 best email help desk software help you to improve your customer experience. But remember to first try the free trial or free versions before opting for paid plans.

In case you want to provide automated customer support, then try Saufter. Its marketing automation, self-help services, and product management features will scale up your business.

Start your 15-day free trial here!



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