11 Best Customer Service Chatbots in 2024

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Last Updated: May 2024

Do you know that 90% of customers rate immediate response as important when communicating with a customer care representative? Thus installing chatbots can ensure quick responses to your customers.

Other than answering swiftly they also help you provide customer support 24X7 assisting customers across different timezones. This boosts customer satisfaction and generates leads proactively. 

If adding a chatbot to your website is in your pipeline, we have listed some of the best chatbots for customer support.



Trusted by more than 1500 companies. Saufter is a CRM software that is equipped with humans and bots to help your customers. It is integrated with AI to deliver the best results.


  • Enables you to automatically message happy customers for unboxing videos and reviews.
  • One-click integration option with top e-commerce platforms
  • For all plans, unlimited tickets are provided
  • It also enables you to automate your agent training.


  • Custom Pricing



Chatra chatbot solution

Chatra helps businesses to automate customer conversation with the capabilities of live chat and chatbot in the same tool. It comes with an easy customer interface with a drag-and-drop customizable option. 


  • It has a real-time visitor monitoring feature.
  • Gives you visitors insight.
  • Roll out chat reports.
  • Can be integrated with CRM systems and software.


  • Free- 1 Agent free forever
  • Monthly Essential- $17
  • Monthly Pro- $23



If you have no coding experience then it’s a perfect match for you. It let businesses design their chat box without coding. They provide AI-enabled chatbots that are equipped with natural language processing, sentiment detection, and better integration. 


  • Provides human hybrid chatbot option
  • Provides omnichannel support
  • Has an automatic speech recognition feature


  • Monthly pro- $90
  • Monthly Enterprise- $999

It also provides custom pricing for the services you acquire.



Drift offers customizable rule-based chatbots. It gives you customer insights and lets your customers book a meeting. Drift allows integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, and many more.


  • Drift has AI-powered chatbots
  • It can help you in lead qualification
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Assists in the reporting dashboard


  • Free- Live Chat and one agent
  • Monthly Premium- $600 with 10 seats

They charge $80 extra for every new seat.



Chatbot app for live chat

ChatBot provides you with A/B testing. It also has a heat map feature that shows the busiest time on your website. Just like others, it is also AI-enabled.


  • Can be integrated with Shopify and WordPress
  • It provides you with templates for sales, marketing, and support.
  • Does not require any coding


  • Monthly starter- $50
  • Annually Starter- $504
  • Monthly Team- $149
  • Annually Team- $1512
  • Monthly Business- $424
  • Annually Business- $5988

All the annual payments can be broken down and paid monthly but the contract stays for a year. 



snapengage chatbot software

It is a customer engagement platform with the live bot and chatbot solutions. SnapEngage is recently acquired by TeamSupport, a CRM company. This provides extra features to their service.


  • It has chatbot flow templates that you can decide on as per your website theme
  • SnapEngage protects your chats with chat transcript.
  • Can be integrated with other CRM software.
  • It also has Chat API


SnapEngage does not have a specific price, it depends on the services that you acquire.



Intercom chatbot software

It is trusted by 25k+ businesses such as Unity, Living Spaces, and many more. Intercom is known for its support to the Saas companies and provides a variety of bots that handle customer conversations.


  • Provides code-free installation
  • It has an automatic meeting booking feature
  • Intercom is capable of account-based assignments
  • It also provides revenue and performance reports. 


  • Monthly Essential- $38
  • Monthly Pro- $75
  • Custom Bots- $99/Month
  • Answer Bots- $99/Month
  • Product Tour- $119/Month



Ada chatbot software for website

Ada has provided its services to different industries such as fintech, Saas, Edutech, and many more proving their diversity. Their AI support automates 80% of your business conversation with your clients.


  • Ada chatbot is highly customizable and easy to integrate.
  • It gives insights into your customers.
  • Provides knowledge base support.


Ada does not have a specific price, it depends on the services that you acquire.


Freshworks Messaging

Freshworks chatbot software

It can be integrated with any messaging platform and can resolve your customers’ queries. FreshDesk is a mix of human and chatbots which helps you give fast and insightful resolution. 


  • ChatBots that primarily focus on intent and engagement
  • It comes with a single-sign-on feature
  • Supports multiple languages and can even detect them on its own. 


  • Free- 21 Days
  • Monthly Growth- $15/Agent
  • Monthly Pro- $39/Agent
  • Monthly Enterprise- $69/Agent



Tidio chatbot software

Usually preferred by small to medium sizes businesses, Tidio is backed with a lot of features. You can set your theme and match it with your website. It also allows you to search transcripts. 


  • It provides predefined workflows
  • Tidio has desktop and mobile apps
  • It offers you real-time user monitoring.


  • Free- Up to 50 users
  • Monthly Communicator- $19
  • Monthly Chatbot- $39
  • Monthly Tidio+- $289



Chatfuel provides non-coding integration with Instagram, Facebook, and websites. It can also be used as a lead generation tool with a sales personalization option. 


  • Its AI helps in recognizing repetitive conversations. 
  • Can hand over chats to live agents
  • Automate customer support conversation handling


  • Monthly entrepreneur- $15
  • Monthly Startup- $23
  • Monthly Small Business- $59
  • Monthly enterprise- Custom pricing


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Through this post, we’ve shared with you some of the best chatbot options available in the market. They all come with distinct features and qualities that can help your business to scale.

The best way to choose from the list is by trying some of them for free and then making the final decision. The decision should be made on how the tool performed, the insights given by the tool, the response rate, and by comparing their price.

However, if you are looking for software that can automate your customer support, then you should try Saufter. Its AI-driven chatbot attends to your customers in real time and solves their queries by using canned responses or knowledge-base articles. 

Not only this, but it can also help you to build your knowledge base from scratch, hire and train customer support representatives, automate your social media, and many more.

Start your 15 days free trial now! No credit is required. 



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