10 Best Currency Converter apps for Shopify

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Last Updated: December 2023

With Shopify, businesses no longer have international boundaries. Even domestic merchants like you and I can sell the products internationally.

For your international customers, displaying currency other than their local currency can surely result in confusion and frustration. This could result in more abandoned carts.

On the other hand, displaying customers’ prices in their local currency can increase the user experience and save loads of time. Let’s face it – User experience is everything in eCommerce. After a thorough study of all the currency converter apps available on Shopify, we have screened the top 10 apps that will enhance your user experience to another level.

Here’s the list:

  1. Multi-Currency Converter Hero
  2. Best Currency Converter
  3. Currency Converter And Switcher
  4. Bucks Currency Converter Pro++
  5. Language Translate And Currency
  6. Currency Robo
  7. Currency Converter Ultimate
  8. Geolizr
  9. MLV Auto Currency Converter
  10. SmartCS: Currency Switcher

Multi Currency Converter Hero (Overall ratings: 4.8, 504 reviews)

Multi Currency Converter Hero is a free app available on Shopify that converts your currency.

We have added this app to our list because this automatically converts prices as per your customer’s local currency. This app gives you 130+ currency options and comes with a feature to customize your currency switcher.

Overall the app is good but is the best fit for small range stores. 


  • Completely Free
  • Automatically switches currency as per user’s location
  • Fast install/remove
  • The support is USA based
  • Easy to handle (no coding required)


  • As it is free, limited features are available.
  • It is compatible for small stores.

Pricing Info:

  • Completely free with no hidden charges

Best Currency Converter (Overall ratings: 4.7, 8091 reviews)

The next on our list is “Best Currency Converter”. We have chosen this app because this is the most rated in the category of currency converter apps. The special feature of this app is it is compatible with any theme.

As Shopify does not allow currency converters to convert on the checkout page, the app provides a popup notification while checkout. The app provides 3 beautiful templates even for the free version. Best Currency Converter is specially designed for increasing your sales by helping your customers shop in their local currency.


  • Free version is available
  • Switches currencies as per customer location.
  • Compatible with any theme.
  • Even converts Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies.
  • Provides popup notification at checkout page.  


  • Free plan provides only 5 currencies.
  • In the app settings, the location of converter bar cant be changed.
  • Customer support process is very slow.

Pricing Info:

  • Free plan – Free for life, Add up to 5 currencies, 3 beautiful designs
  • Elite plan at $9.95/month – 30 days free trial, 160+ currencies, 3 beautiful designs, Auto switch by customer location, Checkout currency notification

Currency Converter & Switcher (Overall ratings: 4.9, 160 reviews)

The third app we have chosen is Currency converter and switcher. Webrex Studio owns this app and they have announced that the app is forever free. The currency converter app comes with 24/7 customer support.

The most interesting thing about this app is its 3 level settings : 

General settings, Currency settings, Country settings

These settings allow you to customize as per your need, ultimately increasing conversion rate and user experience.


  • It is completely free with no hidden charges.
  • 24/7 support is available.
  • Gives multiple customize fonts and styles of currency
  • Provides currency selection.
  • Provides options for additional CSS.


  • It’s a bit complicated to use.
  • It is compatible only for small stores.

Pricing Info:

  • Forever free

Bucks Currency Converter Pro++ (Overall ratings: 4.8 , 411 reviews)

We present you with another free app that has ratings of 4.8 and is an instant loader that converts the currencies within a fraction of time.

The special fact about the app is it provides an inbuilt option for additional CSS, which allows you easy customization without any charge.


  • Converts to local currencies within a fraction of time..
  • Gives multiple customize fonts and styles of currency
  • Supports 150+ country’s currencies.
  • Works fine with AJAX carts
  • Customer support is good.


  • The Exchange rates update process is slow.

Pricing Info:

  • Completely free with no hidden charges

Language Translate and Currency (Overall ratings: 4.9, 3612 reviews)

This is a special app for you because this app not only provides you currency converter but also provides you an option to translate into multiple languages as per customer geolocation.

Though this app focuses more on translation, the currency calculator still works fine.

Language translate and Currency app even provides an additional feature of Search Engine Optimisation.


  • Additional features of language conversion.
  • Provides additional features of SEO.
  • Customer support is good.
  • Works good with Shopify Markets & Checkout page if using Shopify Payments


  • Focuses more on language conversion.
  • A bit slow compared to peers.

Pricing Info:

  • Free plan – 1 language & 1 currency, machine translation, Unlimited words & pageviews,  Shopify Payment integration
  • Basic plan at $9.9/month – All in Free,2 languages & 167 currencies, Multilingual SEO, Currency redirection, 24/7 live chat support
  • Growth plan at $19.90/month – All in Basic, Add 111 languages, Edit translation for 5 languages, Language redirection
  • Premium plan at $39.90/month – All in Growth, Priority server Edit translation for 20 languages, Customer success manager

Currency Robo (Overall ratings: 4.4, 20 reviews)

The next app on our list is “Currency Robo”. This app provides you with a faster user experience and automatic currency switching.

The Currency Robo offers some interesting features like an optional currency switcher drop-down and display notes on the cart and checkout page.

You can try a 7 Day Free Trial.


  • Automatic currency switching as per customer location.
  • Currency exchange rates are updated hourly.
  • Currency dropdown menu option is also available.
  • Easy to use(No coding required)
  • Free Installation and Customization is available.
  • Compatible with any theme.


  • Little bit expensive as compared to peers

Pricing Info:

  • Premium plan at $3/month (7 days free trial available) 

Currency Converter Ultimate (Overall ratings: 4.9, 219 reviews)

It is one of the best premium currency converter tools available on Shopify. We have added this app to our list because of its smart currency detection feature. This feature automatically switches currency as per the user’s location and provides the latest exchange rates.

If you run a small store then you can switch to a free plan. For large stores, this is an affordable app costing only $4.99/month. This app can surely increase your customer’s experience to another level.


  • Easy to enable/disable.
  • Automatic geolocation-based currency switching. 
  • Smart currency dropdown.
  • Compatible with all themes (including OS 2.0 theme and legacy themes)
  • Update currency rates hourly.
  • Supports Shopify Multi-currency checkout.


  • A bit costly for small stores.

Pricing Info:

Free plan – Quick currency conversion, Readable prices, Only 3 currencies, Hourly exchange rates

Premium plan at $4.99/month – 4 days free trial, Free Plan +, All currencies, Support multi-currency checkout, Fast support

Geolizr (Overall ratings: 4.9, 149 reviews)

Let’s explore Geolizr app, this app is designed specially to enhance the user experience ultimately increasing the conversion rate.

Geolizr is a package of 4 Geotargeting apps mainly currency conversion, notifications, popups, and redirects. It offers you to display country-based content, which gives you an upper hand in promoting your product. The app offers to redirect country-specific landing pages.


  • Geo-targeting :
  • Redirecting users to country-specific landing pages
  • Automatic geo-location-based currency switching
  • Highly customizable notification, popup widget
  • Easy to enable/disable


  • A bit costly for small stores.

Pricing Info:

  • Premium plan at $10/month
  • 7 Days free trial also available.

SmartCS: Currency Switcher (Overall ratings: 4.9, 1125 reviews)


SmartCS: Currency Switcher is another popular currency converter tool. If your business is global and you receive international orders, then this tool is built for you.

The tool offers you 9 different templates with fast loading, enhancing the user experience to the next level. 

The best part of the app is its ‘Multi currency feature’. The Multi Currency feature allows the customers to shop and checkout in their own currencies


  • Update live currency exchange rates
  • Automatic geo location based currency switching. 
  • Auto position currency switcher
  • Fast loading
  • The Multi Currency Feature


  • Support needs a lot of improvement

Pricing Info:

  • Completely Free

MLV Auto Currency Converter (Overall ratings: 4.8, 5398 reviews)

Last but not least on our list is MLV Auto Currency Converter. The key feature of the tool is the app detects IP address location and switches the currency automatically.


  • Displays country flag increasing user experience (Comes in premium plan)
  • Great user readability as it automatically rounds up the converted figures.
  • Allows visitors to change the currency regardless of their geolocation.. 
  • 15 days free trial period for premium plan. 
  • IP address based country, users don’t need to give location access.


  • Even their premium plan features are offered by some free app providers.

Pricing Info:

  • Free plan – Currency Selector Dropdown, 200+ ISO currencies, Free UX Customization, Multi-currency checkout 
  • Premium plan at $9.95/month – All The Features of Free Plan, 15 Days Free Trial, Country Flags, Round Converted Prices 


We hope you enjoyed our article ‘Top 10 Best Currency Converter apps for Shopify”. While reading through the article you have noticed that we have provided some free and some premium apps with their key features, pros, and cons. You just have to analyze your needs and have to choose according to them.

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