6 Best Cresta AI Competitors You Need To Know!

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6 Best Cresta AI Competitors You Need To Know

Last Updated: June 2024

Are you ready to explore the top Cresta AI competitors? In this article, we’ll dive into the six best alternatives that can enhance your customer service and support operations. 

With businesses experiencing an average reduction of 44% in costs after implementing such AI solutions, it’s time to discover the perfect Cresta AI alternative for your organization. Let’s explore these powerful competitors and find the one that suits your needs!

Table of Contents:

Why Look For Cresta AI Competitors?

Are you wondering why you should explore alternatives to Cresta AI? Well, sometimes it’s beneficial to explore other options to ensure you’re making the best choice for your business. By considering alternative solutions, you can discover new features and functionalities that might better suit your specific needs. 

Additionally, you can mitigate the following challenges that come with Cresta AI.

1) Limited Customization

One challenge of using Cresta AI is the limited customization options. You may find it difficult to tailor the solution to your unique business requirements, potentially hindering your ability to fully optimize the software for your specific needs.

2) Integration Complexity

Another challenge is the complexity of integrating Cresta AI with existing systems and tools. The integration process may require technical expertise and resources, causing delays or disruptions in the implementation phase.

3) Scalability Limitations

Cresta AI may face scalability limitations, especially when it comes to handling larger volumes of customer interactions. As your business grows, you may encounter challenges in efficiently managing and scaling the solution to accommodate the increased demand.

4) Training and Adoption

Implementing Cresta AI may require comprehensive training and onboarding for your team. Adapting to new software and workflows can be a challenge, and ensuring widespread adoption and proficiency among your staff members may take time and effort.

5) Cost Considerations

Lastly, the cost of using Cresta AI could be a challenge for some businesses, particularly for small or budget-constrained organizations. It’s important to evaluate the pricing structure and consider whether the features and benefits justify the investment.

Top 6 Cresta AI Competitors & Alternatives

1) Saufter

Rating: ⭐ 5/5

Pricing: Free trial for 15 days; custom pricing

Being the best alternative to Cresta AI, Saufter provides a range of automated features to streamline your customer support operations. Whether you are running an eCommerce business or SaaS company, Saufter has the tools you need.


  • Build Custom Automation: Saufter creates custom automation and workflows to meet your unique needs.
  • Self-service Live Chat: Powered by AI, Saufter’s live chat delivers quick answers to your customer queries, reducing the workload on your team.
  • Chat + Knowledge Base: Create a comprehensive knowledge base and connect it to your chat to send relevant articles directly to the chat.
  • Automate Bug Fixes: Issue step-by-step instructions so your users can manage and fix the bugs by themselves without any need to contact the support center.
  • Automate Warranty Claim Requests: Allow your customers to initiate warranty claim requests on their own, anytime and anywhere.
  • Automate E-commerce Workflows: Deploy workflows for returns/ exchanges, order modifications, address updates, 24/7 order monitoring, and so on.
  • Smart Insights and Reports: Receive actionable insights and real-time reports on the performance of your business and customer service, including your agents, CSAT, orders, returns/ exchanges, sales, tickets, and more.

2) Gong

Gong logo

Rating: ⭐4.7/5

Pricing: Custom pricing

Looking for an alternative to Cresta AI? Consider Gong, a leading sales conversation analytics platform that helps you optimize your sales process and drive better results. With its AI-powered insights, Gong has proven to increase win rates by up to 34% and deal sizes by up to 35%.


  • Conversation Analytics: Analyzes every interaction, providing you with actionable data on customer sentiment, objection handling, and talk-to-listen ratios.
  • Call Recording & Transcription: Record and transcribe your sales calls. This feature helps you identify missed opportunities, train your team, and maintain a comprehensive record of customer interactions.
  • Deal Analytics: Offers in-depth visibility into your sales pipeline. It lets you track the progress of deals, identify potential risks, and gain insights into how to close more deals faster.
  • People Analytics: Gives you an understanding of the performance of your sales team. Plus, delivers insights into individual reps’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to provide targeted coaching and support.
  • Market Analytics: This enables you to stay updated on market trends and competitive insights. And, gives valuable data on customer preferences, competitor activities, and industry benchmarks.

3) Chorus by ZoomInfo

Chorus by ZoomInfo logo

Rating: ⭐ 4.5/5

Pricing: Personalized

Chorus by ZoomInfo is a compelling alternative to Cresta AI, offering advanced conversation intelligence and analytics to optimize your sales interactions. With Chorus, organizations have witnessed an average of 75% reduction in evaluation time, highlighting its impact on business processes.


  • Conversation Analytics: Transcribes your sales conversations. And, by leveraging AI-driven analytics, you can uncover patterns, identify successful sales techniques, and optimize your messaging to drive better outcomes. 
  • Real-time Sales Coaching: Provides live prompts and suggestions based on customer sentiment, enabling you to adapt your approach and improve your chances of success.
  • Sales Call Recording: Records and archives your sales calls, allowing you to revisit conversations at any time.
  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms, ensuring that all conversation data is captured and stored within your existing sales ecosystem.

4) Outreach

Outreach logo

Rating: ⭐ 4.3/5

Pricing: Contact Outreach to request pricing details

Outreach is an all-in-one platform for sales engagement and automation. It boosts sales teams’ win rates by 13% and also earned the title of leader in Revenue Operation and Intelligence in the 2022 Forrester Wave Reports. This demonstrates its effectiveness in driving revenue growth and sales productivity.


  • Email Sequences & Automation: Access robust email sequencing capabilities to automate and personalize your email outreach at scale. Plus, streamline your communication process and follow up with prospects at the right time. 
  • Sales Dialer & Call Automation: Sales dialer feature simplifies and automates your calling process. It includes local presence dialing, call recording, and advanced analytics. By automating call tasks and workflows, you can save time, increase call volumes, and drive better sales results. 
  • Sales Engagement: Provides AI-driven recommendations on the best time to reach out, content suggestions for personalized messaging, and insights into customer preferences.
  • Activity Management: Easily manage and track your sales tasks and activities. Also, offers a centralized platform where you can organize your sales activities, set reminders, and collaborate with your team.

5) Revenue.io

Revenue.io logo

Rating: ⭐ 4.7/5

Pricing: 4 plans; Contact Revenue.io team to know the charges applicable for each pricing plan.

Revenue.io achieves a quota attainment rate of 120% and reduces sales ramp-up time by 60%. As you can see, it is a dynamic Cresta AI alternative, designed to maximize sales revenue and accelerate growth.


  • Sales Engagement Automation: Automates and streamlines your sales engagement processes, allowing you to reach prospects at scale. Its advanced automation features enable personalized outreach, follow-ups, and nurturing. 
  • Intelligent Lead Prioritization: Prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert, ensuring that your sales team focuses on the most promising opportunities. Its intelligent lead-scoring algorithms analyze prospect data and engagement patterns to help you identify high-value prospects.
  • Pipeline Management: This gives a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline, enabling you to track deals, manage stages, and monitor progress.
  • Performance Analytics: Offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to measure and analyze sales performance. Plus, you can track key metrics like conversion rates, win rates, and revenue generated.

6) Avoma

Avoma logo

Rating: ⭐ 4.6/5

Pricing: Free; 14-day free trial; paid plans start from $19/user/month

Another powerful competitor of Cresta AI is Avoma. It includes advanced conversation intelligence and sales enablement features. Also, Avoma delivers deal and pipeline visibility, sales coaching and training capabilities, and AI-powered recommendations to help your sales team perform at their best.


  • Conversation Intelligence: Leverages AI-driven transcription and analysis to capture, transcribe, and analyze sales conversations. 
  • Deal and Pipeline Visibility: It provides a comprehensive view of your deals and sales pipeline, allowing you to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Sales Coaching and Training: This enables you to provide targeted coaching and training to your team members. With features like call recording, annotation, and sharing, you can deliver personalized feedback, share best practices, and improve overall sales effectiveness.
  • AI-powered Insights and Recommendations: Avoma’s AI algorithms analyze sales conversations to provide actionable insights and recommendations.


In conclusion, exploring alternative solutions to Cresta AI can open up new possibilities for your business. Each of the mentioned competitors – Saufter, Gong, Outreach, Chorus by ZoomInfo, Revenue.io, and Avoma – brings unique features and capabilities to the table.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced customer support, AI-powered conversation analytics, or comprehensive sales enablement, these alternatives offer valuable options to meet your specific needs. Take the time to evaluate and choose the right competitor that aligns with your goals and empowers your teams to achieve success.

If you are still in confusion about which one to choose, then let us suggest Saufter. With its automated workflows, agent training & hiring capabilities, and actionable insights, you can improve your customer experience and overall business performance.

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