15 Best competitor monitoring tools [Tried & Tested]

competitor monitoring tools

Last Updated: February 2024

In the dynamic landscape of business, competitor monitoring tools are the key to constant vigilance regarding your rivals and the path to thriving and achieving success. Merely concentrating on your efforts isn’t adequate; you must remain adaptable and surpass your competitors.

To aid you in this mission, we’ve assembled a catalog of the 15 top competitor monitoring tools that have been put to the test, enabling you to gather valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies and elevate your approach.

15 Best Competitor Monitoring Tools

Competitor Analysis Tools For Social Media

1. Sprout Social

competitor monitoring tools

Rating: ⭐4.4

Sprout Social streamlines social media marketing for businesses with its robust tools, enabling efficient account management, post-scheduling, performance analysis, and effective audience engagement.

Key features

    • Multi-Platform Management: Efficiently handle numerous social media accounts from a unified dashboard.
    • Content Scheduling: Schedule and publish posts across various social media platforms in advance.
    • Performance Analytics: Gain insights into engagement, reach, and audience demographics.

2. Phlanx

Rating: ⭐3.5

The Instagram engagement calculator reveals the level of activity among an account’s followers, making it a valuable resource for analyzing your competitors’ Instagram presence.

Key Features

    • Influencer Discovery: Identify potential influencers for collaboration based on various criteria such as niche, location, and engagement rate.
    • Audience Demographics: Gain insights into an influencer’s audience demographics to ensure they align with your target market.
    • Engagement Calculator: Evaluate an influencer’s engagement rate to determine their authenticity and effectiveness.


competitor monitoring tools

Rating: ⭐4.2

Social Blade proves a useful tool for exploring prominent brands as it evaluates follower counts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. It offers intriguing insights that can benefit marketers.

Key Features

    • Follower Count Tracking: Monitor follower counts on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
    • Content Statistics: Analyze content performance metrics such as views, likes, comments, and shares.
    • User Analytics: Access in-depth data about individual users and influencers.

AI-powered Competitor Analysis Tools 

4. Kompyte

Rating: 4.3

Kompyte serves as a competitive intelligence tool that consolidates competitor updates into a user-friendly dashboard for effortless monitoring. It encompasses updates from their website, reviews, content, social media, advertisements, job postings, and more.

Key Features

    • Competitor Tracking: Monitor competitor activities, updates, and changes across various digital channels.
    • Dashboard: Access a centralized dashboard for easy and efficient tracking of competitive intelligence.
    • Website Changes: Track and analyze changes on your competitors’ websites, including content and design updates.

5. Crayon

competitor monitoring tools


Crayon, an AI-powered tool, aids in both competitor analysis and competitive intelligence. Users create a dashboard that automates competitor update organization, keeping brands informed about their competitors’ strategies.

Key features

    • Competitor Analysis: Conduct an in-depth analysis of competitors across various digital channels.
    • Automated Dashboard: Create a customizable dashboard that automatically compiles and organizes competitor updates.
    • Competitive Intelligence: Gather insights into competitor strategies, pricing, product launches, and more.

Competitor Analysis Tools For SEO 

6. SEMRush

Rating:⭐ 4.5

Although SEMRush is widely recognized as a popular SEO tool, what sets it apart is its robust competitor analysis capabilities. With SEMRush, you can easily extract your competitor’s backlinks and closely monitor changes in their search engine rankings.

Key Features

    • Backlink Analysis: Explore and audit backlinks to your website and those of your competitors
    • Rank Tracking: Monitor your website’s search engine rankings and track changes over time.
    • Keyword Research: Discover valuable keywords for your SEO and content strategies.

7. Ahrefs

competitor monitoring tools

Rating: ⭐4.5

Ahrefs’s Site Explorer stands as a well-established tool for competitor analysis in the realm of SEO, empowering you to examine the primary organic keywords associated with any URL. It also provides an approximate assessment of the amount of traffic a competitor generates from those keywords.

Key Features

    • Keyword Analysis: Examine a URL’s top-performing organic keywords.
    • Traffic Estimation: Get an approximation of the traffic generated by specific keywords.
    • Backlink Analysis: Analyze backlinks to any website, page, or URL.

8. MozBar


MozBar, a Moz browser extension, swiftly assesses a website’s authority in Google’s view by assigning a Domain Authority (DA) score. This score, influenced by factors like backlinks, indicates a site’s potential for effective ranking. Thus, a higher DA score signifies greater potential for successful ranking.

Key Features

    • Domain Authority (DA) Analysis: Quickly assess a website’s domain authority, indicating its potential to rank effectively.
    • Page Authority (PA) Analysis: Evaluate the authority of specific pages within a website.
    • Backlink Insights: Access data on backlinks, including the number, quality, and sources.

9. Buzzsumo

competitor monitoring tools


Buzzsumo enables you to explore the most successful content related to your brand and your specific competitors. This tool examines a piece of content’s social media engagement and its overall shares across the internet.

Key Features

    • Content Analysis: Discover top-performing content for specific topics and competitors.
    • Social Media Engagement: Measure content engagement on various social media platforms.
    • Content Sharing Insights: Explore the total number of shares content receives across the web.

10. Similarweb


Similarweb is an extensive tool that covers both content and SEO aspects. It allows you to conduct in-depth analyses of your competitors’ content and the sources of their website traffic.

Key Features

    • Website Traffic Analysis: Gain insights into a website’s traffic sources, including organic search, referral, direct, and social traffic.
    • Competitor Research: Analyze your competitors’ web traffic, content strategies, and audience demographics.
    • Keyword Research: Discover high-performing keywords and phrases driving traffic to websites.

11. Feedly

competitor monitoring tools


Feedly serves as a content aggregator that not only collects and organizes newly published content but also includes that of your competitors. This functionality enables you to conveniently access and view the trending topics covered by your competitors, all in one unified platform.

Key Features

    • Content Aggregation: Collect and organize content from various sources, including your competitors.
    • Content Curation: Customize and categorize content for easy access.
    • Topic Monitoring: Stay updated on the latest news and trends in your industry.

Competitor Analysis Tools For Email, Industries & Ads

12. Mailcharts


Mailcharts aggregates competitor emails to influence your email marketing strategy. It collects subject lines and compiles data on send frequency, allowing you to compare your email campaigns with industry benchmarks.

Key Features

    • Email Campaign Monitoring: Collect emails from competitors and industry campaigns for analysis.
    • Subject Line Insights: Examine subject lines used by competitors and industry players.
    • Send Frequency Data: Access data on the frequency of email campaigns and compare it to your own.

13. Owletter

competitor monitoring tools


Owletter automatically gathers competitor emails, organizes them in a user-friendly dashboard, and analyzes your competitors’ email frequency and trends to help you optimize your email timing.

Key features

    • Email Aggregation: Automatically collect emails from competitors and organize them for analysis.
    • User-Friendly Dashboard: Present competitor emails in an easy-to-navigate dashboard.
    • Email Frequency Analytics: Analyze changes in your competitors’ email sending frequency.


Rating: ⭐3.5

iSpionage is the ideal tool if you want to delve into a competitor’s paid advertising efforts. It offers a comprehensive analysis of various aspects of PPC campaigns, including the number of keywords a brand is actively targeting on AdWords.

Key Features

    • Competitor PPC Analysis: Analyze and gain insights into your competitors’ pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.
    • Keyword Monitoring: Track the number of keywords a brand is targeting on platforms like AdWords.
    • Ad Copy Analysis: Examine the ad copy used by competitors to understand their messaging and strategies.

15. Owler

competitor monitoring tools


This industry analysis tool leverages community data to collect and organize information and content from startups that pertain to your specific niche. Although better suited for larger brands, this tool lets you input brand names and create a customized dashboard to closely monitor industry players.

Key Features

    • Community Data Utilization: Leverage community data to gather information and content from relevant startups in your niche.
    • Custom Dashboard Creation: Input brand names to construct a tailored dashboard of industry players to monitor.
    • Niche-Specific Insights: Gain access to insights and content directly related to your specific industry or niche.

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Step into the future of customer service, where human-like interactions and lightning-fast responses are the norm. Welcome to Saufter.io, the AI-powered solution revolutionizing customer engagement.

Key Features

    • Real-time Reporting: Access and analyze real-time data and performance metrics for better decision-making.
    • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with other tools and platforms, including CRM systems and third-party apps.
    • Customization: Tailor the AI-powered system to align with your brand’s unique tone and style for a personalized customer experience.
    • Multichannel Support: Provide support across multiple communication channels, including email, chat, social media, and more.
    • Automated Responses: Automate responses to common customer queries, freeing up agents for more complex tasks.


In the ever-evolving business landscape, keeping a vigilant eye on your competitors is essential for success. These 15 competitor monitoring tools offer valuable insights, covering areas from social media and SEO to content and email campaigns. Embrace these powerful tools to remain competitive, adapt your strategies, and flourish in the dynamic world of business.

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