7 Best B2B Shopify Apps in 2024

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Last Updated: May 2024

When you are a busy entrepreneur running a store, it is hard to research necessary B2B Shopify apps. However, you need them to optimize your business functionalities. 

But there are more than 6000 Shopify apps in the market. So, it will be time-consuming to go through all those apps to pick the one that satisfies your requirements.

Yet you don’t need to worry about it as we have the list of the top 7 Shopify B2B apps here. Just take a look at the features and pricing details to select the one that matches your needs.

Top 7 Shopify B2B Apps

  1. Stock Sync: Automate Inventory (⭐4.7/5, 1002 reviews)
  2. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale (⭐4.4/5, 988 reviews)
  3. Syncee ‑ Global Dropshipping (⭐4.7/5, 856 reviews)
  4. Wholesale Club (⭐4.7/5, 534 reviews)
  5. Helium Customer Fields (⭐4.9/5, 266 reviews)
  6. CALAMUS B2B Login (⭐4.9/5, 243 reviews)
  7. Dual Price Display PRO (⭐4.9/5, 140 reviews)

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#1 Stock Sync: Automate Inventory (4.7/5, 1002 reviews)

Stock Sync – Automate Inventory is designed to take care of your stored goods. Update your stock or add new items and manage your store with multiple suppliers’ feeds without any difficulty.

Bold Custom Pricing - Wholesale
Image Source – apps.shopify.com


  1. Formats like Rest API, SOAP, CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, and XLS(X) are supported along with supplier download links that need vendor login. 
  2. Integrate with channels such as QuickBooks, SFTP, Dropbox, online download, Google Spreadsheet, Email, FTP, One Drive, and more. 
  3. Automatically update your inventory feed hourly or daily. 
  4. Export stock to other distribution channels for instance Walmart, Houzz, Amazon warehouse, and so on.
  5. Also, combine your offline shop with your online store by synchronizing your inventory system via FTP, URL, etc.

Pricing of Stock Sync: Automate Inventory

  • Free Plan
  • Free Trial – 14 days.
  • Basic – $5/ month.
  • Pro – ProXL:
    • Pro – $10/ month,
    • ProX – $15/ month,
    • ProX2 – $20/ month,
    • ProXL – $25/ month.
  • Enterprise – $49/ month.

#2 Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale (4.4/5, 988 reviews)

Provide multiple levels of tiered charges and custom wholesale prices for your products. Set VIP automation and use the Wholesale app power features to regulate the cost based on your pricing rules.

Bold Custom Pricing - Wholesale
Image Source – apps.shopify.com


  1. Move clients up as they spend more with the auto-tagging feature.
  2. Upload a wholesale charges list through a spreadsheet/ CSV or use a detailed grid to price each product and offer bulk discounts.
  3. Control manually or automatically the names of user groups, discounts, and members of each group.
  4. Show or hide any items to any customer type simply by adding tags.
  5. Apply discounts on product types, specific collections, vendors, and across your entire store.

Pricing Details of Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale App

  • Free Trial – 14 days.
  • Basic – $39.99/ month.
  • Premium – $59.99/ month.

#3 Syncee – Global Dropshipping (4.7/5, 856 reviews)

This is a global app of Shopify for B2B dropshipping platform, created to help connect vendors and suppliers. It enables you to find the products on the Syncee marketplace and add them to your store.


  1. You can automate product uploads & updates, and synchronize orders.
  2. Dropbox, One Drive, (S)FTP, XLS(X) & JSON import, CSV & XML import, Google Docs, and Google Drive integration is available.
  3. Has built-in chat for direct communication with suppliers.
  4. Customize price settings like setting a unique price margin, tiered structure, or adding rounding rules.
  5. The Syncee customer support helps to resolve any issues you may face while using the app.

Pricing of Syncee – Global Dropshipping

  • Starter Plan – Free up to 25 products.
  • Basic Plan – $29/ month.
  • Pro Plan – $79/ month.
  • Business Plan – $129/ month.

#4 Wholesale Club (4.7/5, 534 reviews)

Formerly Orbit, now the Pixel Union Apps enterprise owns the Wholesale Club Shopify B2B e commerce app. Here, you don’t need to create another account or duplicate inventory, just add this app to display wholesale pricing variants to your customers.


  1. Quick order forms enable buyers to add multiple items to their cart at once so that they can make large purchases easily.
  2. Create order eligibility requirements for each user group and set minimums per product, collection, or variant.
  3. Easily set a specific customized price for every stock in your store. To save time, import the CSV file.
  4. With net payment terms like NET 90, NET 30, or NET 45, you have the ability to allow certain wholesale consumers to pay for their orders later.
  5. Offer bulk discounts based on the products or cart value of a customer.

Pricing of Wholesale Club

  • Free Trial – 30 days.
  • Basic Plan – $29/ month.
  • Professional Plan – $59/ month.

#5 Helium Customer Fields (4.9/5, 266 reviews)

Improve member sign-up experience with the collection of tools from the Helium Customer Fields app. Personalize marketing, & user service efforts, simplify consumer onboarding and improve customer retention by integrating this application into your store.


  1. Use a drag-and-drop form builder to customize registration forms and collect members’ data.
  2. Mark unique fields so that you can filter, export, sort in-app and integrate the records with other business tools.
  3. Review & approve accounts and let your users edit their data.
  4. Automate custom tags by setting up rules that will conditionally label buyers based on field selection or any other criteria.
  5. Get email notifications whenever a customer signs up on your store or edits their account.

Pricing of Helium Customer Fields

  • Free Trial – 14 days.
  • Lite – $12/ month.
  • Pro – $26/ month.
  • Advanced – $60/ month.

#6 CALAMUS B2B Login (4.9/5, 243 reviews)

The B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price App by BSS Commerce is now changed to CALAMUS B2B Login. With this B2B  Shopify app, you may Lock & restrict private pages, hide prices & products, private links, and private stores in case your site is only for wholesale B2B members.

Image Source – apps.shopify.com


  1. Compel your guests to log in or subscribe to newsletters.
  2. Hide prices for certain customer tags, and non-logged users.
  3. Secure your content by locking pages with a passcode, adding tokens to the links, and allowing access to targeted consumers only.
  4. Import the passcode via a CSV file.
  5. Show messages when a visitor accesses the signup page. Actually, you can disable the “Create an Account” or default registration form.

Pricing of CALAMUS B2B Login

  • Free Plan.
  • Pro Plan – $5/ month.
  • Plus – $10/ month.
  • Platinum – $25/ month.
  • Premium – $50/ month.

#7 Dual Price Display PRO (4.9/5, 140 reviews)

Manage your store prices for both B2B and B2C clients by adding the Dual Price Display PRO app.  Here, you can set the prices of the stock to change automatically after the customer chooses a variant.


  1. Display both prices on your home page, catalog, product details page, and searched items.
  2. Set more tax rules on your site based on customer tags, countries, product types, collections, and vendors.
  3. Gives you the ability to show prices both including and excluding VAT for each stock item.

Pricing of Dual Price Display PRO

  • Free Trial – 7 days.
  • Base Plan – $14.99/ month.
  • Pro Plan- $29.99/ month.

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After reading the features of Shopify B2B apps, just click on the provided “Check Pricing” or “Check Official Website” button to go to the associated organization’s website in case you have any more doubts. Then, go to the Shopify app store and directly add them to your store effortlessly.

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