5 Best Automated Refund Shopify Payments Apps In 2024

Last Updated: February 2024

Do you offer fast refunds for the products returned by your customers? Well, if you do it manually, your return and refund process is not as fast as it can be.

According to studies, 30% of shoppers believe that fast refunds contribute to a pleasant return experience.

This is where an automated refund Shopify payments app can enable you to provide fast refunds, ensure a pleasant return experience, and reduce your team’s workload as well.

In this post, we have shortlisted the 5 best automated refund Shopify payments apps for your store.

5 Best Refund Shopify Payments Apps

  1. Saufter
  2. Aftership
  3. ReturnGo
  4. Return Prime
  5. FlexReturn

1. Saufter

Rating: ⭐ 5/5

Pricing: Personalized; a 15-day free trial

Specially built for Shopify stores, Saufter is a customer service tool that empowers you to automate returns, refunds, exchanges, and more based on your set rules. Additionally, protect your store from refund fraud by setting restrictions and custom rules.

Moreover, you can offer omnichannel customer support through live chat, email, voice, and social media.

Key Features

  • Self-service portal: Allow your customers to request returns, exchanges, and refunds anytime, anywhere.
  • Fraud protection: Automation doesn’t mean that consumers can exploit your policies. Set custom rules to tackle refund fraud.
  • Anti-refund strategies: Encourage customers to opt for exchanges and store credits instead of refunds.
  • Detect delivery delays: Get smart alerts when an order gets delayed and handle it proactively.
  • Entire customer history: Get a single view of the entire customer history, including every interaction.
  • Smart reports: Track key return metrics, including the return rate, refund rate, return reasons, and more.

2. Aftership Returns

AfterShip Returns

Rating: ⭐ 4.6/5

Pricing: Free; paid plans start at $11 per month

Developed by AfterShip & Automizely, AfterShip Returns is an all-in-one return software you can use to refund Shopify payments quickly. Furthermore, provide an effortless return process, enhance the customer experience, save time, and recover revenue by using an automated returns system.

Using AfterShip, you can encourage customers to exchange instead of return in order to make up for lost sales.

Key Features

  • Self-service: Reduce customer anxiety with a self-service returns page and email notifications.
  • Reduce returns: Intelligent return policies, such as return windows and non-returnable items, can reduce returns.
  • Flexible: To delight customers and recover revenue, offer flexible refund and exchange options.
  • Automation: Automation rules such as auto-refund and auto-restocking can help to reduce manual labor.
  • Inexpensive: Package return and restocking settings for carriers and warehouses that are quick and inexpensive.

3. ReturnGo

shopify helpdesk for return label

Rating: ⭐ 4.9/5

Pricing: Starts at $17/mo; 14-day free trial

If you’re looking to build a self-service return portal for your customers, ReturnGO lets you use a branded self-service return portal to automate returns and exchanges for simple return management. 

Also, you can ​​customize your return and exchange policy rules, eligibility conditions, resolutions, and return reasons to automate your RMA process and email alerts.

Key Features

  • Return options: Exchange of products and variants, gift returns, order cancellation, store credit, and more.
  • Upload options: Ability to upload images and videos, as well as to provide flexible return reasons.
  • Automation: Auto-exchange, auto-refund, auto-approve, and auto-credit rules.
  • Shipping labels: Pre-paid returns shipping labels for tracking returns that are generated automatically.
  • Integrations: Integrates with logistics companies, 3PLs, ERPs, help desks, and more.

4. Return Prime

Return Prime

Rating: ⭐ 5/5

Pricing: Free

You can manage all exchanges, returns, and refunds using Return Prime.

Sending return labels, allowing in-store returns, offering store credit refunds, and automating the process all contribute to better return management.

Key Features

  • User-friendly: Build a return portal that is both user-friendly and fully customizable.
  • Automation: Create new orders on Shopify, send return labels, and so forth automatically.
  • Refunds: Refunds can be made to cards or gift cards as well as other payment methods (on any Shopify plan).
  • Customizations: Allow store returns, provide exchanges for any item, and establish your own return guidelines.
  • Integrations: Connect Return Prime to your mobile apps, 3PL partners, and a variety of other apps.

5. FlexReturn Return Center


Rating: ⭐ 4.8/5

Pricing: Free; paid plans start at $6.99/mo

FlexReturn is an intelligent return center that allows you to manage returns, exchanges, and refunds. It allows you to create smart return rules that will present the best return resolutions based on your customers’ preferences. 

Key Features

  • Customizations: The return page is customizable and beautiful, and it supports 12 different languages.
  • Email Alerts: Your customers will receive email notifications at each stage of the return process.
  • Custom rules: Smart rules display optimal return options to customers and reject unwanted return items.
  • Upload feature: Customers can exchange different product variants by uploading proof photos.


Returns and refunds are two of the few crucial tasks for every ecommerce business. If not managed effectively, it can cause refund fraud, and your profits might turn into losses quickly.

This is where a good Shopify refund payments app can empower you to manage and automate Shopify refund payments with ease. All the apps listed in this post are the best, and you can select any of them depending on your needs.

If you’re still confused, we suggest you try Saufter without a doubt. It is the ONLY Shopify help desk software that offers a dedicated portal for returns, exchanges, refunds, and other customer service workflows.

Best of all, you can avail yourself of the 15-day free trial without a credit card.

Helplama Helpdesk is now Saufter.io!