Top 7 Backup Apps to Safeguard Your Shopify Store in 2023

Last Updated: December 2023

Losing all hard work to technical difficulties is disheartening. Data is the backbone of every online brand. Customer preferences, email ids, product sales data, and other crucial information can be lost forever if one avoids data backup. Fortunately, there are Shopify backup apps to shield you from data loss. These apps don’t cause any slowdowns on your store and are thus recommended to avoid any dire data loss. We have handpicked some of the best Shopify backup apps that you should check out and immediately backup your store. Also Read: Top 10 Shopify Product Customizer Apps in 2022

7 Best Shopify Backup Apps 

Performing a Shopify store backup periodically is ideal. In some instances of making changes to your store, you are prone to lose data. These apps store your data on secured servers, which can be retrieved on demand. Following are some of the best apps to backup your Shopify store:

1. Rewind Backups

  1. $9/month (200 orders per month)
  2. $39/month (600 orders per month)
  3. $99/month (2000 orders per month)
  4. $299/month (8000 orders per month)
Rewind Backups is a preferred Shopify backup app. Using Rewinds, you can backup all item types like products, images, customers, orders, collections, blogs, pages, themes, store policies, metadata, and more. This app is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) compliant. GDPR mandates that personal data is maintained safely and protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing. Rewind performs a backup check every day, ensuring your data safety.

2. Backups

  1. $4.99/month (3000 products & 100 orders per month)
  2. $19.90/month (10000 products & 500 orders per month)
  3. $79.90/month (Unlimited products & orders)
Backups is yet another GDPR-compliant backup app for Shopify. If you are wondering how to backup your Shopify store, you are one click away from securing your data with Backups app. This app saves all the versions of your store, taking into account all the store changes. You thus have the provision of granular restoration using which you can avail lost data flexibly and get back deleted items or recover older versions of items.

3. ExIm – Export Import Pages

Price: $0.99/month ExIm is helpful for backing up pages, blogs, and theme settings. If you wish to set up a new store, you can use ExIm to clone your store, and can thus export this clone with preferred settings to your new store.  With the help of this app, you can create pre-set demo data for your customers. This feature is handy for web developers and they can make changes as per the customer feedback. Also Read: 13 Pro Tips to Enhance Post-Purchase Customer Experience in 2022

4.  Automatic Backups by Talon

  1. $9/month (1000 products)
  2. $19/month (5,000 products, 50,000 customers, and 50,000 orders)
  3. $35/month (20,000 products, 200,000 customers, and 200,000 orders)
  4. $69/month (40,000 products and 400,000 meta fields, customers & orders)
Automatic Backups is a comprehensive tool to regulate all aspects of a Shopify store backup. The restoration browser provides a detailed view of all the changes made to your store, including product catalog, blog posts, and theme settings. You can even recover a lost product category with a single click. A clear audit trail is maintained in the app, which you can opt to view on demand. In scenarios when a new app is used, Automatic Backups highlights the changes made by that app and allows you to undo any undesirable changes.

5. Vault ‑ Backups & Restore

  1. Free (10 orders per month)
  2. $4.99/month (5 cents per order above 10 orders per month)
  3. $14.99/month (5 cents per order above 300 orders per month)
  4. $29.99/month (4 cents per order above 750 orders per month)
Vault lets you restore any product or collection to any previous version instantly, and there is no cap on the number of restores. Vault also backs up product reviews from Yotpo, Judgeme, Shopify product reviews, Automizely, Okendo, Loox, and Stamped. Along with the major item types, this app also stores products, variants, collections, related meta fields, orders, and customers in its GDPR-compliant servers.

6. ThemeWatch ‑ theme backup tool

  1. $3 per theme per month
Themewatch, as the name suggests, shows you which files were changed in your theme compared to the previous automatic daily backup or the last manual backup. Apart from the changes in theme, you can also track differences in particular assets. This app also allows you to compare each version of an asset from backups with your current version, making highlighting changes easy.

7. Go back ‑ theme backups

  1. $1.99/month (2 days history)
  2. $4.99/month (30 days history)
  3. $9.99/month (90 days history)
Go back is the best backup app for theme management. Shopify has no provision for storing your theme backup. If your prime concern is safeguarding your brand’s thematic presence, this app is all you need. This rings true if you have built your theme painstakingly from the ground up. With this app, you can restore the themes from any past date (for example recreating your page’s festive feel).

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