6 Features of an Automated Customer Support Ticketing System

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Automated Ticketing System

Last Updated: May 2024

Irrespective of whether your company is a startup, small or big size business, you should provide an exceptional customer service experience to your customers. Because

96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

To achieve that, you need to adopt some helpful advanced technology into your customer service vertical.

We are talking about an automated ticketing system that helps businesses greatly in saving time alongside providing excellent customer support through intelligent and smart AI-based tools.

If you are wondering what an automated ticketing system is and how can it work for you? We will help you with that in this post by explaining to you all about it along with the top 6 features that you need to look for when you consider getting one.

What is an automated ticketing system?

It is a helpdesk tool/software that collects and organizes all your customer complaints/requests in one place, automatically, to give you whole knowledge on every customer journey with your brand. This helps you greatly to provide knowledgeable customer support.

By saying that, let us now see how this can help you with enhancing your customer service in detail.

How can an automated ticketing system be useful to a business?

Firstly and majorly, this automated ticketing system will help you reduce manual workload using its AI-integrated smart tools, thereby satisfying your customers with first-time and fast responses.

According to a 2021 survey, 83% of customers expect an immediate response when they contact a company.

And this will help you retain your customers and scale your ROI.

91% of consumers said excellent customer service was the most important factor when making a purchase decision.

As the above stats show, it is imperative to amp up your customer interaction at every level across channels to drive more sales. Now let us see how the automated ticketing system can help you achieve that.

Your ticketing system should sport the top 6 requisite features to meet the expectation of providing exceptional customer service.

  1. Organize tickets
  2. Multi or Omnichannel support
  3. Email Integration
  4. Self-help automation
  5. Team Integration
  6. Analytics and Reports

Organize Tickets

helplama helpdesk ticketing

The first and foremost feature of the automated ticketing system should be able to automatically create and streamline “tickets” for every customer’s case or issue from every channel (call, chat, email, etc).

The software should intelligently identify customers’ history of tickets and compile them into one stream. It should display the whole customer context in one window for your agent’s use at the time of customer interaction.

This feature of organized tickets is very critical to provide a clutter-free environment to your agents alongside providing all the required knowledge of the customer to offer a brilliant support service.

72% of consumers say they expect customer service agents to “know who they are, what they have purchased, and have insights into their previous engagements.”

Multi-channel or Omnichannel support

In addition to ticket streamlining, your ticketing system should also include a few other relevant automation features to help you provide a cohesive customer support experience.

Let’s say you own a website and a mobile app for your business which is also available on social media. So you have provided multiple touchpoints for your customers to reach you over call, chat, messenger, or email.

Your customers may want to approach you from any of these channels at any time and the same with their follow-up calls/chats/emails. They expect you to reply to them back promptly.

60% of Millennials expect brands to provide them with a consistent experience across channels.

How can you provide consistent performance across channels when all your customer support tickets are spread over different windows and tools? Also if you expect them to repeat their case history or issue every time, then they are sure to be frustrated. As

65% of the customers have reported frustration over having to repeat or re-explain information to different representatives.

An intelligent ticketing system management will help you reduce customer churn rate using seamless native integrations across channels (Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and give you a complete customer context so that your agent can provide knowledgeable customer support.

Email Integration

Increased email interactions help build trust and strengthen customer relationships. Email has made a giant leap as an acquisition channel from 8% in 2019 to 60% in 2021 alone – a study shows.

Smart notifications or automated email messages alone account for up to 50% of the customer journey with a brand.

Looking at these stats, we can clearly understand that customers are comfortable receiving constant email communications from brands. Hence the automated ticketing system should possess an efficient email integration that is fully automated to help save your agent’s time spent on replying to menial emails.

Self-help automation

Not only that, you should not expect customers to contact your support team every time for simple tasks like order status, order returns, exchanges, offers, deals, etc. For, 79% of customers say they expect brands to have a self-service option.

helplama helpdesk self-service

To enable this self-help service, your ticketing system should have the necessary automated solutions like a self-help portal and chatbot.

70% of the customers are interested in using chatbots for simple customer service. This is mainly because the chatbots are designed to answer the customers round the clock using knowledge base integration and automated workflows.

Team Integration

Your support system should not only focus on satisfying your customers but also keep your team happy so they can provide delightful customer support.

75% of consumers expect consistent interactions across departments of a company.

A well-thought-out ticketing system software should also be able to combine intelligent integrations like Slack, for effective team collaboration. This feature shares the awareness of every customer’s journey across the departments (sales, marketing, and support) for a cohesive support service.

Analytics and Reports

Last but not the least, no effort would pay rich without analyzing the results. No software is considered useful without being able to rate your team’s performance.

helplama helpdesk analytics

It should be able to show you performance reports based on all the key metrics of customer service, which are fast response rate, ticket volume, CSAT, net promoter score, churn rate, social media metrics, etc.

It should also allow you to customize and share the reports with your respective teams.


By now, you would have understood what are the top features that you should look for when incorporating an automated ticketing system for your customer support.

We recommend you check out Saufter, a feature-rich helpdesk software that includes all of the above mentioned features along with a couple more interesting and intuitive tools to help you boost your CSAT scores, customer retention rate, and ROI.

72% of customers share positive customer service experiences with 6+ people. Saufter helps you utilize these customer reviews (user-generated content) and redirect them into a marketing pipeline to showcase them on your social platforms and drive more leads.

It allows you to hire experienced industry-specific customer service professionals easily in a click after thoroughly testing them using your previous tickets. You can also automate your agent training using this software and save up to 50% of your time and money.



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