Aspire Pricing, Features, Reviews [Complete Breakdown]


Last Updated: February 2024

90% of brands believe that influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing.

Do you want to use AspireIQ for your company and want to know more about its pricing and features? Then check this article which provides a complete breakdown of AspireIQ pricing and features. Additionally, we have added relevant customer reviews to enhance your understanding.

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What is AspireIQ?

AspireIQ is an influencer marketing platform allowing your business to cultivate and build communities of customers, influencers, affiliates, and more. You can use Aspire influencer platform to discover influencers and streamline customer relationships.

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This software provides unique features such as influencer search, relationship management, and content development. Additionally, it helps you measure the ROI of influencer campaigns using metrics like total clicks, reach, and promo code usage.

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Pros and Cons of AspireIQ

Aspire help you discover influencers with ease using its influencer search engine.AspireIQ does not support API testing.
You can utilize its content creator marketplace to get access to highly effective influencer-developed content to promote your own business.Keyword tracking is not present in AspireIQ.
Develop branded landing pages for your business using AspireIQ’s customized landing page feature. Omnichannel marketing is absent in AspireIQ.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on AspireIQ pricing plans. Because the company does not provide public disclosure of its pricing plans on its main website.

Also, Aspire does not offer free trials. So you cannot try the software without requesting a demo first. Despite that, we have found the following information based on user reviews.

The pricing reviews indicate that users were disappointed by the software pricing model. In the first review, the reviewer points out that AspireIQ overprices its software

Likewise, the second reviewer also states that the company is not responsible and honest in pricing. Also, when she asked to Aspire to cancel her subscription, the company charged her $500/month even after she closed her account. Judging by these pricing reviews, we can say that the company is dishonest about its pricing and overcharges its users. 

Pricing Reviews

“Company is unethical and overprices its software ”-( Rating1/5, MARSHALL G.).

when I asked Aspire to cancel my subscription, they refused and still charged me $500/mo even though I had closed down my account with them. This is not an honest business. Go with someone else more reputable and reliable.”( Rating⭐1/5, Stacy).


AspireIQ Features with Customer Reviews

Influencer-Based Search Engine(Overall Rating 4.5/5)
Influencer-Based Search Engine

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Faster influencer search: You can use any category to find famous influencers, creators, and affiliates using AspireIQ’s search engine.

Connect using insights: Before you invite an influencer to a marketing campaign, view that particular’s individual’s profile to check their audience engagement rate, demographics, and follower count. You can utilize this information to know whether that creator is a perfect match for your marketing campaign.

Link at scale: Ask influencers to join your marketing campaigns by sending them tailored emails in bulk using Aspire’s scale connect feature. As a result, you save a lot of time while developing better relationships with influencers.

Positive Review

I also love the creator search and how I can quickly see the analytics of each creator to determine their fit with our campaigns, allowing me to feel confident in selections.”(Rating4.5/5, Cassidy C.).

Negative Review

It was difficult to get AspireIQ to reach out to them in a timely fashion. using creator search”.(Rating 4.5/5, Brittany R.)

Marketplace for Influencers(Overall Rating 4.3/5)
Marketplace for Influencers




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Applications: AspireIQ’s influencer marketplace allows you to receive applications from influencers, creators, and affiliates to work with your business free of cost. 

Efficient recruitment: You can publish your marketing campaign and review applications from interested influencers anytime, as the marketplace is always on. So, you can efficiently recruit new influencers for your campaign and save time.

Diverse talent: Explore your business’s marketing story that genius influencers tell your clients creatively. Aspire’s marketplace allows you to hire talented influencers without any limits. It is a hub of award-winning athletes, musicians, illustrators, and many more.

Multiple sources to find Influencers: Gain your complete marketing potential utilizing Aspire’s data-based influencer search engine and inbound interest. Thus, maximize your reach and recruit numerous talented influencers to represent your influencer campaign in minimum time.

Scale your recruitment: AspireIQ’s marketplace allows you to receive multiple proposals for your marketing needs from influencers by automatically increasing your marketing campaign reach. It uses KPIs such as your campaign’s sales, total clicks, and revenue generated to attract new applicants.

Positive Review

We chose to aspire to automate the influencer marketing process. I love how convenient it is to keep all documents in one location and have a pool of creators in one central space. It is beneficial to have one platform that can automate influencer relations from the beginning to the end of the process. From collecting documents that outline deliverables to gathering mailing addresses and seeing metrics – aspire makes it easy to find everything in one spot. I love how easy it is to activate an influencer!”(Rating 4.5/5, Bella H.)

Negative Review

The least helpful part of Aspire is that there isn’t a discrete way to pass creators and get them out of the incoming applications without them knowing about it. I am not particular about declining influencers because they get notified about it.” (Rating 4.5/5, Ashley T.)

Marketing Campaign Management (Overall Rating 4.4/5)
Marketing Campaign Management

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Customize campaign design: Design your branded campaign page using the custom page feature. It allows you to enable influencers to apply directly to your campaigns.

Automate campaign management: Use Aspire’s campaign workflow to automate your most time-consuming processes with properly designed workflows.

Campaign CRM: Aspire influencer CRM aligns all of your ambassador and influencer relationships associated with your marketing campaign in one place. Hence you can manage your campaign effectively.

Positive Review

It is also great to be able to run simultaneous campaigns focused on promotions, new product launches, and social specific campaigns.”(Rating 4.5/5, Samantha G.)

Negative Review

“I wish there were a better filtering program. Campaigns can get overwhelming with so many potential content collaborators” (Rating 4.5/5, Mackenzie N.)


Common Features Missing in AspireIQ

API Testing

90% of programmers use API testing to develop their programs.This feature allows you to check whether an application software fulfills its expected feature sets, securityreliability, and performance recommendations. Unfortunately, AspireIQ does not have an API testing feature.

Keyword Tracking

Utilizing it, you monitor essential keywords regarding user searches on your influencer marketing campaign webpage. Essentially this feature allows you to gain important insights about your website and optimize your brand page for more user traffic. AspireIQ does not have a dedicated keyword tracking feature.

Omnichannel Marketing

A feature that enables you to interact with consumers and fulfill their needs anywhere using marketing channels such as online, mobile, and store. AspireIQ lacks omnichannel marketing features.



We hope this article provides you with sufficient knowledge of AspireIQ pricing and features. Also, we have added relevant customer reviews to ease your decision-making process.

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