10 Best Apps for Zendesk to Make Your Life Easier in 2023

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Last Updated: February 2024

Many businesses have been using Zendesk to facilitate customer support and streamline internal processes. With numerous apps to choose from, the Zendesk app marketplace is itself filled to the brim.

With so many options available, choosing the best Zendesk apps can overwhelm a budding entrepreneur and even a seasoned business head.

Apart from the overwhelming number, frequent updates in the Zendesk app marketplace and new functionalities are some more reasons to keep a keen eye on the ones that are useful. We have compiled a list of a few handpicked apps that are potent for every business domain and brand.

Best Apps for Zendesk Recommended by Helplama to Increase Productivity

Zendesk apps marketplace is a vast ocean of utility apps and Zendesk plugins. Fortunately, in the app marketplace, Zendesk has them classified under several categories — analytics & reporting, email & social media, quoting & billing, etc.

Following are some of the best Zendesk apps:

1. ChargeDesk

Best Apps for Zendesk

ChargeDesk is a payment management app which handles the most necessary aspect of any business – money. The app lets you view, charge, refund & cancel all your customer payments & subscriptions from inside the Zendesk support panel. The app is also adept at resolving support tickets with ease.

ChargeDesk is one of the best Zendesk apps, which is compatible with PayPal, Braintree Authorize.Net, Zuora, NMI, Stripe, WooCommerce, Recurly, and Chargify.


  • 14-day free trial
  • $29/ month (Hobby)
  • $99/month (Startup)
  • $249/month (Business)
  • $749/month (Enterprise)

2. Read Receipts

Read Receipts tool in the Zendesk app marketplace enables you to determine if and when recipients have opened and read your emails. This level of email tracking gives you a clear snapshot of whether your campaign is working or not. Thus, you can better gauge which types of emails have invoked customer responses and build on them.

Read Receipts also has a public ticket portal that allows customers to view and update tickets without logging in.


  • $2 per agent per month

3. GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance from the Zendesk app marketplace enables you to stay compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other compliance acts.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation on data protection and privacy pertaining to the European Union and the European Economic Area. Using this app, you can anonymize personal data in Zendesk while still retaining records for business reports. You can save a lot of time by deleting customer data that violates GDPR at once.


  • $41.70 (Standard, 7-day free trial)
  • $54.20 (Premium)

4. Geckoboard for Zendesk Chat

Best Apps for Zendesk

Geckoboard is a boon for any business that has several live chats running at once. Custom dashboards of all the live chats can be created using Geckoboard. Messages that need answering, pending replies, resolved queries, and more can be seamlessly managed by using one of the most efficient apps in the Zendesk app marketplace.

A customer feels valued when their query is promptly addressed or even acknowledged, which can be easily achieved using Geckoboard. By having a clear snapshot of live chats, even your internal teams will feel valued as their hard work gets recognition.


  • $39/month (Essential)
  • $79/month (Pro)
  • $559/month (Scale)

All plans are billed annually.

5. Proactive Campaigns

Proactive Campaigns, as the name suggests, lets you spearhead mass email campaigns for your customers. The app also has a variety of editing tools to format an email that suits your desired aesthetic. A detailed stats section in the app provides an overview of details about all the campaigns ever drafted/made live through this tool from the Zendesk app marketplace.

The spam section constantly poses a risk of losing and forgetting your mail. Proactive campaigns can prevent that, as you can test your bulk emails before sending them out.


  • $4.17 per agent per month (Lite Plan)
  • $12.50 per agent per month (Pro Plan)

6. Kaizo

Kaizo is one of the top-tier tools from the Zendesk app marketplace aimed at assisting your internal teams to stay at their peak performance. Utilizing gamification, Kaizo effectively incentivizes and rewards the efforts of hard-working agents and internal teams. It helps you keep a scorecard for each team member, and a job well done will reflect in their overall score.

Kaizo can initiate the assignment of team-based performance scores and metrics. This helps in quantifying their efforts and gives you a clear overview of their time-based goal execution. With automated reporting in Kaizo, you can say goodbye to the manual data upkeep of excel sheets.


  • $15 per agent per month (Growth)
  • $34 per agent per month (Business)

7. SnapCall Video for Messaging

SnapCall lets you connect with potential and existing customers in the most effective way. This one from the Zendesk app marketplace comes with brilliant features to quickly resolve customer queries regarding your product installations and features – screen sharing.

With the post-pandemic changes in shopping patterns and mediums, it has become crucial to have a face to a business. This imbibes trust in customers, and they feel assured that a person exists to resolve their queries rather than buying from a faceless online portal.


  • 7-day free trial
  • $20 per month per seat

8. Botmind

Botmind is a virtual agent and a chatbot. By leveraging AI, it allows you to automate your chat and manage your workload effectively.

Rather than keeping a customer waiting, you can opt for Botmind to collect customer queries and deliver greetings in the initial phase of their shopping. Additionally, Botmind engages customers by offering answers to answer FAQs.


Botmind offers a customizable plan to its users, the pricing of which can be calculated as per requirement.

9. Harvestr

Harvestr is a product management app oriented to channel customer feedback into actual measurable improvements. Integrating with Zendesk, Harvestr empowers users to bookmark customer feedback messages and seamlessly generate tickets for enhanced customer support. This ticket can be assigned to the relevant agent for resolution and, at the same time, can be formed into a roadmap for your product improvement.

This feedback loop can be stored for future reference and thereby helps in resolving critical queries, in turn solidifying your brand reputation.


  • Free (Launch Plan)
  • $79 per editor per month (Scale)
  • $139 per editor per month (Elite)
  • Custom (Enterprise Plan)

10. Google Play Reviews

Google Play Reviews empowers you to collect reviews from the Google Play store. These reviews enable the creation of a ticket within the Zendesk support panel, allowing you to respond directly to customer complaints/queries from this app itself. It helps to decrease downtime in addressing issues.

This app from the Zendesk app marketplace is most useful if your product is registered on the Google Play store. The Google Play reviews section is the first place your customers will visit to gauge your app. Seeing your replies to the bad reviews will assure them of your effectiveness.

This proactive approach to query resolution is the best way to make your business thrive with one of the best apps in the Zendesk app marketplace.


  • Free

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