6 Best Apps to Confirm COD Orders for Shopify in 2023

If you are a Shopify store owner, you may have already faced a few bogus COD or cash on delivery orders. COD is a favorable option for customers who only have to pay with successful delivery. It fetches a large number of orders for any business online. But the option brings in risks for the seller. Fraud orders and cancellations lead to RTO (return to origin), one of the main reasons for operational losses. Finding ways to reduce COD Shopify order failures is imperative. One way to achieve this is by verifying every COD Shopify order. A simple verification reduces RTO on COD orders in your store and saves you a lot of money. By confirming that the customer is of genuine intent, you will also reduce expenses from attempted deliveries to fake orders.

How Does Cash on Delivery Order Verification Work?

When the option for COD remains enabled in a store, the chance of encountering bogus orders is high. It is both unreasonable and difficult to verify individual orders manually. Here is where apps that do the job for you come in. These apps will verify COD on Shopify and tackle the problem of fraud orders present in the system. Such apps work by initiating a call or an SMS that requires input from the customer. It is this customer input that confirms or discards an order. Find six of the top-rated COD order confirmation apps on the Shopify store and their key features below:

1. COD Verification by Onjection Labs

4.8/5 (81 ratings) Free to install. Additional charges may apply. Business plan starting at $30 This COD Shopify app allows users to verify cash on delivery via IVR and WhatsApp. Users can automate their IVR calls & Whatsapp to confirm Shopify cash-on-delivery orders. The enabling or disabling of the IVR feature gets done with a single click. Users can also manage the template and set customer messages. These may be welcome notes or display messages after order confirmation. Other features let you be on top of the IVR calls. Such as allowing for time and triggers for follow-up calls to be set up. After the Shopify order confirmation, orders will get displayed with organized tags. There is an easy-to-access tab that will show the list of verified orders. Besides, the app also supports calls in several languages and accents.

2. Verify COD Orders & Reduce RTO by Hillteck 

5/5 (84 ratings) Free to install. Additional charges may apply. Hillteck’s COD Shopify app is for reducing RTO by verifying COD orders. An automated call or message over WhatsApp will get generated. You can ensure that a Shopify cash-on-delivery order is legitimate by incorporating this app into your store. The app gives access to an efficient dashboard with several filters which allow you to display all information you deem necessary in one place. The app’s order report and panel assist in keeping a tab on all orders, verified and otherwise. The app thus lets the user monitor all Shopify order confirmations. The option to send messages to customers to motivate them to pay is an added advantage.

3. COD Fee & Order Confirmation by BirdChime

5/5 (16 ratings) Free plan available. Additional charges may apply. $10/month, $20/month, and $30/month plans are available. BirdChime’s Shopify cash-on-delivery app works with SMS to verify COD Shopify orders. An SMS OTP or link verifies the customer’s phone number and ensures that the order is genuine. The COD Fee & Order Confirmation app functions in Italy, Spain, India, and Germany and is thus global. It is easy to navigate with a customizable message template. Further, you can limit the number of SMS retries and the time between retries. Users can also add COD fees with a single click. Also, there is a feature of automatic order tagging that makes monitoring efficient.

4. COD Verify & COD to Prepaid by CODFIRM

4.9/5 (45 ratings) Free plan available. Additional charges may apply. $5/month plan is available. CODFIRM ensures that every COD Shopify customer confirms their order. An OTP gets sent to their phone over SMS or Whatsapp. The OTP both verifies the customer number and intent to complete the sale. When a customer confirms or cancels, it redirects to their order status and summary. If it is a cancellation, the customer receives an email, and the items restock. For an app user, the stats of the COD confirmation is visible on the “Orders” tab on the Shopify dashboard. The app currently works for stores shipping cash on delivery Shopify orders to India, Italy, UAE, and Spain.

5. COD Order Confirmation for India by Softpulse Infotech

4.4/5 (75 ratings) Free to install. Additional charges may apply. The Shopify cash-on-delivery app by Infotech offers automatic order confirmation via IVR, SMS & OTP for COD Shopify orders. The app users can choose between voice, SMS, and OTP modes. With voice mode, an IVR call with a customized message gets placed. The SMS mode sends a verification code, and the OTP mode uses an OTP for Shopify order confirmation. The app comes with customizable settings and options to manage unverified orders. These include auto-cancellation and retries. A dashboard displays all the necessary metrics about cash on delivery Shopify orders of your customers in one place.

6. COD Verification by OTP CODBot by Zegsu

5/5 (5 ratings) Free to install. No monthly charges. Pay per SMS. CODBot is a Shopify cash-on delivery verification app that filters fraud orders through an automated OTP sent via SMS or WhatsApp. The OTP system ensures that COD Shopify orders are genuine. The app allows both the auto-cancellation and the sending of reminders for any unverified order. Only after the Shopify order confirmation does the order gets placed. The customizable message templates, the tab for order stats, and the dashboard ensure easy management.

Optimize Your Shopify Store

Be it a call, a verification code, or an OTP, these methods employed by cash-on delivery apps will ensure that every COD Shopify order is verified with your online store. It is up to you to choose the Shopify order confirmation app which works best for you. As your profit is on the line, this choice is crucial. This list can help simplify your task. Every customer touchpoint matters and customer service can be a major one. Setting up foolproof customer support is a must-do for your Shopify store. Further, to ensure that you receive full returns from your customer support spend, start using it as a marketing channel. Helplama Helpdesk app turns customer service into a new marketing pipeline. Check the pricing here.

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