Looking for some automated customer service tools for your eCommerce business? Read this article to learn about automated services, some examples, and one automation solution in particular that your company should possess.

Automated services definition

Automated customer services can effectively accelerate your eCommerce business. These robust automation tools help you simplify the whole customer service process by simply automating the tasks and workflows. Therefore, you would also witness a drastic reduction in manual time which you can put to better use.

The best part of this automation technology is that you don’t require any technical or coding knowledge to use them. Using these solutions, you can streamline your entire service process to provide a faster and more fulfilling customer experience across channels.

Nearly 70% of companies plan to invest more in customer service automation.

According to a BCG survey, companies report that by implementing AI-driven knowledge base tools, they have improved first-contact resolution by five to seven percentage points, reduced handling time by 20% to 30%, and reduced new-hire training time by 25% to 40%.

Customer service automation examples

Let us give you some of the customer service automation solutions available today. They are,

  • Self-service portals

As the name says, self-service portals let your customers get answers to their queries without contacting your company support team.

  • Knowledge Base

Simple FAQ pages are yet powerful AI solutions as they provide your customers with relevant information that helps in their decision-making.

  • Live chat/Chatbot

52% of customers expect a quick resolution. And to provide such faster service, you need to incorporate a live chat/chatbot with your support system.

  • Auto-canned responses/AI-drafted emails

An automated email response system allows you to launch instant yet personalized email responses to your customers assuring them that you are listening.

  • Automated ticket management

This is a centralized support mechanism that collects and manages all your customer queries/tickets from across channels in one place. With this in place, your agents need not shuffle between windows or run between departments to gather customers’ history.

Benefits of customer service automation solutions

  • You can provide round-the-clock customer service, irrespective of your customer’s geographic location or time zone.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Your agents are relieved from handling a piled-up call volume.
  • The pre-designed and customized workflows result in improved efficiency.
  • Skyrocket your company’s customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing first-time resolutions, timed personalized responses, etc.

An example of automated services is:

80% of customers said they want quicker responses from companies. And 90% of consumers regard resolution as their most important customer service issue.

So, how do you meet your customers’ faster resolution expectations?

Talking about the faster response, ideally, you need to be available 24/7 to attend to your global customers’ queries. They are spread across the globe and in various time zones.

Is it practically possible? Yes, with an automated customer self-service portal.

For example, your customer sitting in a different time zone wants to check his order status. But alas! He cannot call you at that time because it is your off working hours. Now, if you expect your customer to wait until your business hours, he is sure to get frustrated and cancel his order, outrightly.

Consider, you have included a self-help portal where your customer can check his order-related information at any time. Yes! You just made your customer happy with an instant response.

Look into this another example where your customer received the wrong product in hand. This is definitely a horrifying situation for your business especially if you are going to make him run behind your support team for an exchange or a refund.

Instead, give him the platter to choose from right away on your website with the self-help portal. Isn’t it the smart way to turn your unhappy customer into a happy customer instantaneously?


Embracing automation will enormously benefit any big or small businesses. All you need to do is just make AI-driven solutions an integral part of your customer service strategies. Having said it all, what if we tell you that you need more than just one or two of the above-mentioned tools to scale your customer support for your growing business?

We recommend you check out an all-in-one helpdesk that includes all the above-mentioned automation service tools and more. Helplama Helpdesk is a very efficient one at that as it additionally offers you an automated agent training tool. This tool helps enhance your agents’ support efficiency.

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