Amazon Influencer Program Requirements Guide

amazon influencer program requirements

Last Updated: February 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Amazon Influencer Program requirements

Are you eager to become a part of Amazon’s influential community and unlock the potential for brand collaboration and monetization? Before you start, it’s crucial to understand the program’s prerequisites. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential criteria and qualifications you need to meet in order to join the Amazon Influencer Program. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can turn your passion into a thriving online presence.

How does the Amazon Influencer Program work?

Much like the Amazon Associates Program, the Influencer Program enables you to promote a range of products and earn commissions on resulting sales. However, the key distinction lies in how program members direct their audience to the endorsed products.


Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon Associates Program

Target audience

Individuals with substantial social media following.

Individuals with niche websites or blogs.

Storefront creation

Allows custom storefront creation on Amazon.

Sharing individual product affiliate links on websites or social media.


Promote a wide range of products for commission.

Promote specific Amazon products for commission. 


Social media influencers – including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and personal websites.

Primarily for personal websites or blogs focused on a specific niche.

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amazon influencer program requirements
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Amazon Influencer program requirements

Amazon evaluates your suitability based on your social media presence. Here are the key qualifications for the Amazon Influencer Program:

1) Platform Selection

When applying, Amazon will prompt you to designate the public social media account where you wield the most influence. Currently, you can choose from platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

Source: Amazon

2) Number of Followers

While Amazon doesn’t specify a minimum follower count requirement, the number of your followers is taken into account. Having a substantial following can enhance your eligibility, though it’s not an absolute prerequisite.

3) Engagement Metrics

In the realm of influencers, genuine and engaged followers hold more significance than sheer numbers. Amazon assesses your post frequency, consistency, and follower interaction metrics. These aspects carry more weight in determining your eligibility.

How to apply for the Amazon Influencer Program?

Below are the steps to apply for the Amazon Influencer Program:

  1. Check Your Social Media Influence: Ensure you have a strong and engaged following on social media, such as Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.
  2. Visit the Amazon Influencer Program Homepage: Go to the Amazon Influencer Program homepage to begin the application process.
Source: Amazon

3. Click “Sign Up” or “Create New Account”: If you have an existing Amazon customer account or Amazon Associates account, you can use those credentials to apply. Otherwise, select “Create a new account.”

Source: Amazon

4. Connect Your Social Media Account: Link one of your social media accounts to your application. Amazon will use this to assess your eligibility.

amazon influencer program requirements
Source: Amazon

5. Choose Your Social Media Platform: You can select from Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook to connect to your application.

6. Wait for Approval (if using Instagram): If you opt to connect your Instagram account, it may take up to 5 days for Amazon to make a decision. It’s recommended to apply with the account having the most followers.

7. Provide Account Information: Here, enter your Instagram handle, follower count, and post count. Then, share your chosen profile name, a brief self-description, details about the content you promote, and links to your other social media accounts.

Now, you can proceed to designate your Storefront name and tagline and provide your account information.

amazon influencer program requirements
Source: Amazon

8. Save and Finish: Click on “Save and Finish” to complete your application.

9. Follow Amazon Influencer Program on Instagram: Once in the Amazon Associates dashboard, follow the Amazon Influencer Program on Instagram using the account through which you applied.

It is equally important to note that your application won’t be approved until you do this.

Source: Amazon

10. Start Building Your Store: While your application is in pending status, you can begin building out your Amazon Influencer Program store.

Amazon influencer program requirements
Source: Amazon

Following these steps will set you on the path to becoming part of the Amazon Influencer Program and earning income through product recommendations.

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How much do Influencers earn?

This question often arises among aspiring influencers. As mentioned previously, the Influencer Program operates under the same payment structure as the Amazon Associates program.

Each category on Amazon offers a fixed commission rate for influencers. For instance, the Luxury Beauty and Luxury Stores Beauty categories yield a 10% commission, whereas categories like Video Game Consoles, and Health & Personal Care provide a 1% commission.

Before selecting a category to promote, it’s essential to review Amazon’s Commission Income Statement. While some categories may appear to offer lower commissions, these payments accumulate significantly over time. 

What’s even better is that it costs nothing to include your storefront link in your Instagram bio or YouTube description – a worthwhile investment.

Consider this scenario: You promote a popular pet product, earning you a 3% commission, to your 10,000 followers. This product is listed at $109.99 on Amazon.

Source: Amazon

Even if a mere 1% of your followers opt to purchase that product, you’d generate $329 simply by including the link in your Instagram bio! Just envision the potential earnings with an exceptionally engaged audience.

Generate Revenue Through Onsite Commissions

In addition to earning income by directly endorsing products to your audience, Amazon Influencers have the opportunity to earn money through “onsite commissions.” Affiliates can accrue onsite commissions by sharing “shoppable content” on an Amazon product detail page.

Upon approval, your product videos or images will be featured on an Amazon listing. When a customer views your video, image, or idea list and subsequently makes a purchase, you’ll receive a commission.

amazon influencer program requirements
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

This method of earning is particularly appealing to influencers because it doesn’t require the promotion of products to an audience to generate income. You simply craft content, upload it to your Amazon influencer profile, select a product, and that’s all there is to it! You can upload numerous videos or photos, making your earning potential virtually boundless.

However, it’s important to note that even if your Amazon Influencer account is approved, you must also obtain approval for onsite commissions. To commence uploading videos and gain approval for onsite commissions, navigate to the “Manage Content” section within your dashboard, and then click on “Get started uploading videos.”

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How to create your Influencer store?

Firstly, go to your dashboard and click on the given link.

Source: Amazon

Proceed by selecting “Create Content” from the options. Within this section, you’ll be prompted to choose from four content types: an idea list, a shoppable photo, a video, or a live video. 

Source: Amazon

In this instance, I’ll opt for “Idea List.” Provide a name for your idea list and a corresponding description.

amazon influencer program requirements
Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Now, you can commence adding as many products as you desire. Whenever a customer clicks on one of the products you’re endorsing and completes a purchase, you will earn a commission from that sale. 

amazon influencer program requirements
Source: Amazon

You can conveniently monitor all your sales and earnings through your Amazon Associates account. To offer some inspiration for your Influencer Storefront, here are a few examples:

Chelsey from Chelsweets promotes her preferred baking tools, ingredients, and useful resources for food bloggers.

Source: Chelsweets

Justin Braun of Overtime Garage endorses automotive repair equipment.

Source: Overtime Garage

How to promote your influencer store?

Securing approval and setting up your store is just the beginning; now it’s time to promote it!

Inform your audience that you’ve curated a list of products tailored to your niche, products you genuinely love and recommend. If your audience is engaged and responsive to your content, many will place their trust in your product suggestions.

1) On Instagram:

    1. Add a link to your influencer page in your bio.
    2. In post captions, direct your followers to your influencer link, ensuring they know where to access your recommendations.
    3. Encourage your followers to shop for the products in your posts by clicking the link in your bio.
    4. Utilize Instagram Stories to reveal your authentic personality, engage with your audience genuinely, and broaden your reach. You can employ 24-hour stories to spotlight products or pin high-performing stories to your profile for new followers to explore.

2) On Facebook:

    1. Include the link to your influencer page in your “About” section.
    2. Promote recommended products in your Facebook Stories, mirroring the approach of Instagram Stories.
    3. Add a “Shop Now” button to your Facebook profile and link it to your Amazon influencer page.
    4. In every product-related post, include links to both your influencer page and the corresponding product detail page.

3) On Snapchat:

Utilize Snapchat Stories to provide followers with a sneak peek of your influencer page and the products you recommend.

Additionally, aside from endorsing products available on Amazon, you can also promote Amazon services, known as “Bounties” in the Affiliate program. These services encompass offerings like Prime Video Channels Free Trial, Amazon Baby Registry, Amazon Business, Amazon Home Services, and Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial.

The Amazon Bounty Program offers fixed commissions (or bounties) for each specific service promoted by an affiliate or influencer. 

Source: Amazon


In this comprehensive guide to Amazon Influencer Program requirements, we’ve provided a detailed overview of the essential qualifications needed to become an Amazon Influencer.

By focusing on building a strong social media presence, influencers can unlock opportunities for monetization through product recommendations. Furthermore, if you are looking for a comprehensive helpdesk solution, do take a look at Helplama Helpdesk.

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