AI Shopping Assistant: The Ultimate Guide!

Last Updated: February 2024

In the digital maze of online shopping, the frustration of endless searches is a thing of the past, thanks to AI shopping assistants

If you’re tired of scrolling endlessly, these virtual helpers are the ultimate solution! For both shoppers tired of browsing and businesses losing customers, AI shopping assistants are a game-changer. 

Among them, e-commerce chatbots shine, enhancing user experiences and boosting sales. This guide explores their wonders, benefits, and transformative impact on online shopping. 

Ready for a seamless, enriching adventure? Dive into our AI Shopping Assistant guide now!

AI Shopping Assistant

AI shopping assistants are invaluable tools in the world of online retail. They play a crucial role in aiding customers to locate products efficiently. 

These assistants operate by answering queries and guiding users through the intricacies of online stores. Some can even perform tasks like placing orders, making the shopping experience seamless and convenient.

1. Diverse Forms of AI Shopping Assistant

These digital aides come in various forms, catering to different customer needs:

    • Chatbots: Conversational interfaces that engage with customers in real time.
    • Widgets: Small applications providing specific functions, often embedded within websites.
    • Popups: Interactive windows that appear on the screen, offering assistance or promotions.
    • Mobile Apps: Applications designed for smartphones, enhancing on-the-go shopping experiences.
    • Conversational AI: Advanced artificial intelligence systems capable of interactive and personalized conversations.
    • Browser Plugins: Extensions added to web browsers, offering shopping assistance features.

2. Functionalities

Virtual shopping assistants vary in complexity and functionality:

    • Basic Assistants: Provide fundamental product information and answer general queries.
    • Advanced Assistants: Can handle tasks such as adding items to shopping carts, checking out, and providing detailed product recommendations.

3. Key Use Cases

These virtual assistants serve multiple purposes, including:

    • Product Discovery: Research conducted by Heyday revealed that 20% of user intentions with virtual assistants were related to discovering products.
    • Offering Discounts: Providing discount codes and special offers to enhance the shopping experience.
    • Cart Recovery: Assisting in recovering abandoned shopping carts, reducing cart abandonment rates.
    • Personalized Recommendations: Offering tailored product suggestions based on customer preferences.
    • Order Management: Processing and tracking orders and returns efficiently.
    • Customer Support: Answering customer questions and providing real-time assistance.
    • Gift Suggestions: Giving personalized gift recommendations, and enhancing gifting experiences.

4. Growing Popularity

The demand for virtual shopping assistants is on the rise. In 2022, a staggering 88% of customers engaged with e-commerce chatbots. 

This trend reflects the increasing reliance of businesses on these digital assistants to enhance customer satisfaction, improve user experiences, and boost sales.

Benefits of an AI Shopping Assistant

In the bustling world of online retail, you’re well aware of the fierce competition among over 9 million e-commerce stores. 

Winning new customers in this landscape is a challenge, but there’s a powerful solution, engaging with AI shopping assistants and messaging chatbots can give you a significant edge.


Enhancing Your Customer Experience

1. Enjoy Improved Browsing

Say goodbye to dull, static websites. With interactive virtual assistants, your customers can navigate your products swiftly and enjoyably. Real-time assistance adds a personal touch, positively influencing their purchase decisions.

2. Say Farewell to Abandoned Carts

AI-powered shopping assistants streamline the checkout process by swiftly addressing customer queries. Personalized discounts keep your customers engaged, reducing cart abandonment rates significantly.

3. Boost Your Sales

E-commerce chatbots are your automated sales allies. By analyzing previous purchases and browsing history, they suggest products tailored to your customer’s preferences. If a customer buys shoes, the chatbot can recommend matching trousers seamlessly.

4. Cost-Effective Support

Virtual assistants handle FAQs and order tracking efficiently, minimizing your need for manual responses. This not only cuts down on customer support costs but also ensures your customers find the information they need without hassle. 

Plus, chatbot marketing offers an excellent ROI, lowering your customer acquisition expenses.

5. Seamless Omnichannel Engagement

Your customers’ satisfaction matters. By offering various communication channels, including chatbots, you ensure a seamless experience. Customers can interact through phone calls, email, social media, and chatbots, all contributing to their satisfaction.

6. Efficient Lead Qualification

Converting first-time visitors into customers can be tough. Conversational shopping assistants employ lead-generation techniques, turning visitors into qualified leads. They even tag customers based on their specific product interests, simplifying your marketing efforts.

Examples of AI Shopping Assistant

Physical stores are great because they provide personalized experiences through human interaction. We love talking face-to-face with others. But, when it comes to online shopping, virtual assistants that use smart technology are the next best thing.

Even in the digital world, you can get great results without a lot of work. 57% of online store owners think using these smart bots is worth it because they give good results without costing much.

Below are instances of companies employing AI assistants to share product information, recover abandoned carts, and send helpful notifications.


ai shopping assistant

Rating: ⭐ 5.0

Pricing: Custom stands as a remarkable example of an AI assistant, revolutionizing the online shopping experience. With its cutting-edge technology, offers a range of innovative features designed to simplify your shopping journey.

Key Features

    • Product Expertise: provides detailed product information, helping you make informed purchasing decisions.
    • Cart Recovery: Never worry about abandoned carts again. ensures items don’t get left behind, offering seamless checkout experiences.
    • Smart Notifications: Receive timely and personalized notifications, keeping you updated on discounts, restocks, and special offers.
    • Intuitive Recommendations: analyzes your preferences and past purchases to suggest products tailored just for you.
    • Real-Time Assistance: Enjoy instant support and answers to your queries, enhancing your shopping confidence.

2. Upsy Shopping Helper

ai shopping assistant

Rating: ⭐ N/A

Pricing: Starting at 485€/month.

Upsy Shopping Helper is like having a friendly assistant for your small or medium-sized online store. It makes shopping easy for your customers by showing them the right products without any hassle.

Using smart technology, it highlights the best items from your store and even shares daily deals and new arrivals.

Key Features

    • Mobile-Friendly: Works smoothly on phones and tablets, ensuring a great shopping experience on any device.
    • Easy Category Search: This helps customers quickly find what they want by sorting products into categories.
    • Smart Recommendations: Suggest related products and upgrades, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

3. RetailRocket

ai shopping assistant

Rating: ⭐ 4.3

Pricing: Custom

RetailRocket stands out as an AI-driven shopping assistant platform, specializing in tailor-made product suggestions, automated email marketing, and customer engagement strategies.

Key Features

    • Personalized Recommendations: Tailored product suggestions based on individual preferences for a satisfying shopping experience.
    • Automated Email Marketing: Effortless communication with customers through personalized, timely emails.
    • Real-Time Analytics: Instant insights into customer behavior, empowering data-driven decisions for business growth.


ai shopping assistant

Rating: ⭐ 4.8

Pricing: Custom is a cutting-edge tool crafted to enhance customer interaction in online retail.

Key Features

    • Smart Search: Simplifies product discovery, although it lacks advanced categorization features.
    • Product Suggestions: Provides AI-driven recommendations, though they aren’t as personalized as some alternatives.
    • Email Customization: Delivers personalized emails, though the interactivity level is not as high as in Upsy’s features.

5. Coveo

ai shopping assistant

Rating: ⭐ 4.3

Pricing: Custom

Coveo, a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) search engine based in Quebec, Canada, is driven by artificial intelligence. 

The Coveo Relevance Cloud provides comprehensive solutions for e-commerce, customer service, digital workforce, and website search.

Key Features

    • Quick and Smart Search: Coveo helps you find what you need fast, making your searches efficient and frustration-free.
    • Personalized Suggestions: Get recommendations tailored just for you, making your shopping or browsing experience more enjoyable.
    • Easy Testing: Test different versions to see what works best for your users, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone.
    • Recover Lost Sales: Coveo assists in getting back customers who left their carts, helping you rescue potential sales and keep customers happy.


In the world of e-commerce AI shopping assistants are the game-changers, making our experience smoother and more personalized.

By embracing these advancements, online retailers can ensure happier customers and better sales. As we move forward, it’s clear: virtual shopping assistants are shaping the future of online shopping, creating a win-win situation for businesses and buyers alike.

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