Do you know that 84% of customers with lousy return experiences won’t purchase from the same store again? To retain a customer you must have an exceptional aftersales service with a quick refund.

If you are an online merchant and confused between Aftership and Shipstation, then we have curated a comparison between their features to help you choose the best.

Reports(Final Winner: Shipstation)Rating 4.5/5

Shipment Reports(Winner: Shipstation)

Shipment reports provide insights about product delivery. You can get metrics such as the most delivered area, estimated delivery charges, shipping costs, and many more.

  • Aftership provides shipment analytics and the topics that it covers are shipment tracked, top courier, top destination, and exception shipments.  
  • Shipstation also provides shipment analytics but it allows you to sort them as per your liking. It even provides more relevant reports as compared to Aftership. Some of the metrics provided by Shipstaation are shipment count by the user, shipped items, batch details, and many more.

Winner: Shipstation

Order Reports(Winner: Shipstation)

This report provides you with all the information regarding the orders given by your customers.

  • Aftership does not provide any such reports.
  • Shipstation on the other hand provides insights such as total product ordered, the unique product ordered, top-selling product, low-selling product, and many more. 

Winner: Shipstation

Inventory Report(Winner: Shipstation)

This report notifies you about the products kept in your inventory.

  • Aftership does not provide any inventory reports.
  • Shipstation gives you an overview of your inventory reports with the options such as inventory low stock reports, inventory audit reports, out-of-stock reports, and inventory status reports.

Winner: Shipstation

Notifications(Final Winner: Aftership) Rating 5/5

Marketplace Notifications(Winner: Shipstation)

These notifications are sent to your connected stores informing them about the shipped product. 

  • Aftership provides notifications only to customers.
  • Shipstation provides marketplace notifications with topics such as delay notification, shipped notification, and prevent marketplace notifications. 

Winner: Shipstation

Custom Notifications(Winner: Aftership)

This feature allows you to share engaging notifications that match your store theme. 

  • Aftership provides an easy interface for you to edit text, font, color, and CTAs.
  • Shipstation also allows you to create custom notifications. However, for advanced customization, you should have HTML knowledge. 

Winner: Aftership

Customer Notifications(Winner: Aftership)

These notifications are sent to your customer to make them aware of the delivery status of their ordered product.

  • Aftership provides customer notifications such as out for delivery, in transit, orders lost, and many more. It even resolves the lost order issue.
  • Shipstation also provides your customers with notifications but it does not have an order lost notification available at the moment.

Winner: Aftership 

Notifications Platforms(Winner: Aftership)

With multichannel notifications, you can send messages to more people.

  • Aftership allows you to send notifications through emails, S.M.S., and Facebook.
  • Shipstation allows you to send notifications only through emails and S.M.S.

Winner: Aftership

Basic Features(Final Winner: Shipstation)Rating 5/5

Customization( Winner: Shipstation)

With the customization option, you set up a tracking page, email templates, and more as per your brand theme.

  • Aftership allows you to customize your tracking page and shipment notifications as per your brand theme.
  • Shipstation has more customization options available as compared to Aftership. It allows you to customize your emails, packing slips, tracking page, and return portal.

Winner: Shipstation

Delivery Date Prediction(Winner: Aftership)

It allows your customers to view the estimated time for the delivery so that they are available to take the order.

  • Aftership’s AI intelligence allows you to easily predict the delivery date.
  • Shipstation can not predict the delivery date you need to set it manually.

Winner: Aftership

Language Support(Winner: Aftership)

If you have customers all around the globe then this feature allows you to send personalized messages in their language.

  • Aftership supports 24 languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and many more. 
  • Shipstation has 6 language options: English (UK), French, Spanish, and more.

Winner: Aftership

Automation(Final Winner: Shipstation)Rating 5/5

Automate Business Operations(Winner: Shipstation)

With automation, you can easily perform day-to tasks with easy. All you have to do is set automation rules and then you are ready to go.

  • Aftership provides only three types of automation that are auto-import, auto-track, and auto-notification.
  • Shipstation provides more automation as compared to Aftership. Some of the automation are tag orders, multi-pack orders, automated shipping, and many more. 

Winner: Shipstation


Now that we have compared all the critical features of Aftership and Shipstation we can easily say that Shipstation is the winner.  

Shipstation provides both delivery and return options whereas you need to integrate with two different apps of Aftership to avail both shipment and return features. 

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