Aftership vs Narvar: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

Last Updated: February 2024

Did you know that 92% of people will buy again if they have an easy product return process? This shows the importance of after-sales service. 

Online merchants are always in a dilemma between Aftership and Narvar as they are both features loaded. If you too are an online merchant and confused between the two apps then we have curated an informative comparison between the two to help you. 

Reports(Final Winner: Aftership)Rating 5/5⭐


Reports and analytics allow you to keep track of high-return products so that you can make the necessary changes to lower the return rate. 

  • Aftership comes with a lot of analytic options to assist you and your customers in managing the product return/delivery. Some of the metrics provided by Aftership are page analytics, quarterly account reviews, carrier transit time analytics, and many more.
  • Narvar also provides you with many analytics options. Although the reports provided by Aftership are more relevant and helpful. Some of the metrics provided by Narvar are real-time visibility, personalized reporting, and post-purchase analytics.

Winner: Aftership

Automation(Final Winner: Narvar)Rating 5/5⭐

Inventory Management

Inventory management allows you to restock returned products to your inventory. 

  • Aftership inventory automation requires you to manually re-stock items. Though with the help of advanced rule settings you can automate it, still it’s a long procedure.
  • Narvar comes with trigger rule options that automatically re-stock returned products to your store.

Winner: Narvar

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, you can advertise your products through emails, and S.M.S.s. This increases your sales resulting in more revenue generation.

  • Aftership does not have any marketing automation feature available at the moment.
  •  Narvar has a marketing automation feature that allows you to advertise your products regularly. It automatically sends abandoned cart emails, emails for re-purchasing consumable items as per their expiry date, an AI chatbot to answer your customers, and many more.

Winner: Narvar

Product Return Automation

Return automation makes it easier for you to accept or reject return requests. It even automates the refund cycle and ensures that a full refund is made by the customer. 

  • Aftership allows return automation with RMA processing. It even initiates faster refunds which increases your customer satisfaction. However, there are still many return automation missing as compared to Narvar.
  • Narvar comes with a lot of return automation features. It allows you to set rules for accepting or rejecting a return request, issues return shipping labels to customers,  use workflow logic to determine where the product should be sent, etc., some of the return automation provided by Narvar.

Winner: Narvar

E-commerce Operation Automation

This automation feature automates your day-to-day tasks such as printing order details, shipping labels, return labels, etc.

  • Aftership can only automate your return labels. With Narvar you can automate printing labels, notifies your customer about product tracking, print return labels, and many more. 

Winner: Narvar

Basic Features(Final Winner: Narvar)

In-store Pickup

With the in-store pickup feature, you can allow your customers to place online orders and then pick up the ordered product directly from the store.

  • Aftership does not provide any such option whereas you can set up an in-store pickup with Narvar’s concierge service. Narvar currently has 200,000 locations where your customers pick up or drop off their products.

Winner: Narvar

Delivery Partners

  • Aftership has 800+ delivery partners whereas Narvar has 300+ delivery partners. 

Winner: Aftership

Lost Shipment Reporting

An important feature as it reduces theft and makes sure that the right order is delivered without any malpractice.

  • Aftership does not provide any reports of lost orders whereas Narvar does provide you with the reports.  

Winner: Narvar

Notifications (Final Winner: Narvar)

Shipment Updates

Shipment updates inform your customers about the status of their orders. The notification can be sent either through email or S.M.S.

  • Aftership return app does not provide order shipment details. You need to install Aftership’s shipment app to provide order shipment details. 
  • Narvar allows you to send new order shipment details. Some of the notifications that it sends are delivery anticipation notifications, on-its-way notifications, delay notifications, and many more.

Winner: Narvar

Account Update Notification

Whenever a customer updates their password, number, email, etc. a notification is sent to them. This reduces the risk of fraud.

  • Aftership does not provide any account update information to your customers.
  • Narvar on the other hand provides information such as password reset, new account creation, cart order reminder, and many more.

Winner: Narvar

Return Updates

When your customer initiates a return request then an email/S.M.S. is sent indicating the return status.

  • Both Aftership and Narvar provide return shipment notifications. Some of the notifications are: return initiated, return approved, refund sent, and many more.

Winner: Both

Order Updates

Order update notifications are sent whenever your customer places a new order.

  • Aftership does not provide any order notification whereas Narvar does. Some of the order notifications sent by Narvar are order confirmation, backorder, fulfillment delay, and many more.

Winner: Narvar 


Now that we have compared all the critical features of Aftership and Narvar we can easily say that Narvar is the winner.  

Narvar provides both deliveries and returns options whereas you need to integrate with two different apps of Aftership for shipment and return features. 

However, if you are looking for complete e-commerce support software then you should try Saufter. It provides a smooth return and shipment tracking option. Saufter also provides you with several metrics that can help you analyze your business. It also has features like email support, phone order tracking, live chat support, dedicated call centers for small businesses, and many more which can help you scale up your business at a faster rate.

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