AfterShip Returns Pricing – Which Plan Is The Best? [Complete Breakdown]

A recent survey on eCommerce trends showed that 92% of the customers would buy again from your brand if you offer them easy returns. The same study also states that the recent inflation has a direct impact on consumer spending and this is likely to extend through 2023.”

Hence, you need to strive hard to assure your customers of a good overall experience throughout their journey with your brand. This includes an excellent post-purchase experience involving returns, refunds, and exchanges.

In case you are thinking to onboard the AfterShip returns center to deliver such positive after-sales experiences, spare a few minutes to read this AfterShip pricing guide to know the following information.

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What Is AfterShip Return?

It is a returns management software helping you deliver a positive post-purchase experience to your customers. By using this software, you can optimize the costs of returns and increase revenue through customer retention.

With AfterShip, you can provide a branded self-service returns portal for your customers to initiate returns on their own. Get access to proactive shipment tracking, street-level prediction, and other shipping management tools.

AfterShip software enables multiple returns methods like return to store, green returns, etc. Additionally, it offers various returns solutions to choose from – refund to original payment, return store credit, product exchange, and product replacement.

Implement automation rules to expedite returns and refunds management along with measures to prevent fraudulent returns. We will also be covering a requisite returns automation after the pricing chart. The weekly and quarterly reports give you full insights into returns so that you can keep a regular check on your returns management.

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Complete Breakdown Of AfterShip Return Pricing Plans

AfterShip offers four different pricing plans to cater to all sizes of businesses from small to enterprise. Check the complete breakdown of all four AfterShip pricing plans below.

  1. Essentials
  2. Pro
  3. Premium
  4. Enterprise

Before we proceed further, find the login and demo information here, along with the links. Sign up to create an account for free or login using your Gmail or Shopify accounts on the AfterShip login page.

Alternatively, if you prefer to watch the demo first, then submit your business email address on this given link here. Thereon, their post-purchase experts will take you through the consultation.


1. Essentials

Price – starts from $11/mo.

This plan offers you the basic returns features and integrations to use.


Key Features Of This Plan

  1. Automatic Label Generation – Let your customers generate returns labels automatically upon approval.
  2. Branded Returns Page – Host a returns portal that looks totally native to your brand.
  3. Email Notifications – Keep your customers informed with automated proactive email status/delivery notifications.
  4. Returns Analytics – Identify common returns reasons by analyzing returns rate, refund rate, most frequently returned items, and other important returns metrics.
  5. Basic Refund & Exchange Methods – Initiate refunds to the original payments or offer replacement of the same product.
  6. Basic Routing & Eligibility Rules – Set up automated routing rules depending on your business policy, country, product types, and reasons.



  • No Automatic Returns Approval – Manually check the returns eligibility and approve the return requests. Increases approval time without this automation feature.
  • Multilingual Returns – With the Essential plan, you cannot create returns page in multiple languages.
  • Advanced Return Methods – As this is a basic plan, you cannot give multiple returns methods options to let your customers choose.


This Plan Is Good For:

If you are looking for a basic plan to provide basic returns and refund options, then you can opt for this plan.

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2. Pro

Price – $119/mo onwards.

Including the Essential plan features, Pro plan offers advanced tools to manage returns.


Key Features Of This Plan

  1. Automatic Returns Approval – Enable automatic approval of different types of returns by setting the rules.
  2. Exchange Orders – Process exchange orders fastly in just one click.
  3. Multilingual Returns – Design the returns page in multiple languages to give a native and personalized experience to your global customers.
  4. Advanced Return Methods – Allow your customers to choose from various return methods including pre-paid returns label, return to store, customer’s choice of carrier, and green returns.
  5. Allowlist & Blocklist – Streamline your returns effectively by categorizing the products into eligible/not eligible for returns.
  6. Refund Store Credit – If you are a Shopify Plus member, then you can refund store credits as a gift card. Click here to learn how to do it.



  • Exchange Orders – You cannot extend exchange for other items to your customers. To avail this functionality, you need to opt for the next advanced plan.
  • Refund Portal – As a Shopify Plus user, it is possible for you to only refund credits, but cannot embed a returns portal on your Shopify store.
  • Refund Automation – Only refund to original payment method and store credits are possible with this Pro plan. Yet it is not possible to automate the refunds.


This Plan Is Good For:

Are you looking for a plan to provide advanced returns methods along with the possibility to block non-eligible returns? Then this plan may suit your needs.

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3. Premium

Price – $239/mo onwards.

Premium plan brings you all the Essentials and advanced Pro plan features plus powerful AI, analytics tools, and more, for your Shopify stores too.


Key Features Of This Plan

  1. Auto-refund – Apply automation rules to perform quick refunds automatically once the return shipment is received.
  2. Exchange With Other Items – While the Essential plan lets you replace with the same product, through this plan you can offer exchange to any item in your store.
  3. Extra Credit – Offer bonus credits when your customer opts for an exchange instead of returns.
  4. Advanced Eligibility Rules – Regulate returns fraud by setting whether/not to allow multiple returns per order, accept/decline discounted orders, non-returnable category of products, etc.
  5. Embedded Returns Page – Embed branded returns page into your Shopify store’s header and footer to give your customers a seamless self-service experience.
  6. Returns Webhook – Implement robust integrations with your OMS, TMS, WMS, and more using AfterShip Returns Webhooks to automate the returns workflows within your system.



  • Integrations – There are some customization limitations on using the integrations. Furthermore, the AfterShip tracking API comes with a rate limit of up to 10 requests/sec.


This Plan Is Good For:

Go for this plan in case you want to embed the returns portal into your Shopify store. Plus, enjoy the robust webhook integrations.

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4. Enterprise

Price – Custom price.

This is a fully tailor-made plan from AfterShip that lets you pay for only what you need. Besides the customized features, you will also get the below given additional features for this custom pricing plan.


Key Features Of This Plan

  1. ERP & Carrier Integrations – Connect with various ERP and global carriers to streamline seamless inventory management and overseas fulfillment services. AfterShip claims to cover a whopping 95% of worldwide customers with its huge carrier network.
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO) – Allow single sign-on through Google, Shopify, and BigCommerce accounts. Also, set up custom roles and permissions.
  3. Returns API – Helps you manage all admin operations related to returns initiated via the AfterShip returns center.
  4. Partial Returns – Give sanction to partial returns of the bundled items.
  5. API Rate Limit – Have an edge with the Enterprise plan in terms of custom API rate limit as per your large business requirements.


This Plan Is Good For:

If you are running a big-size enterprise, then this tailor-made plan may prove useful with its advanced integrations and security features in addition to your preferences.

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AfterShip Return Pricing Plans Feature Comparison Table

Automatic Label Generation
Branded Returns Page
Email Notifications
Returns Analytics
Returns MethodsBasicAdvancedAdvancedCustom + Partial returns
Refund MethodsBasicStore creditsAuto-refundCustom
ExchangesBasicOne-click exchangeExchange for other items + Extra creditCustom
Routing & Eligibility RulesBasicAllowlist & BlacklistAdvancedCustom
Embedded Returns Page🗙🗙
Returns Webhook🗙🗙
ERP & Carrier IntegrationsBasicBasicBasicCustom
Returns API🗙🗙🗙
API Rate Limit10 requests/sec/org10 requests/sec/org10 requests/sec/orgCustom

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Automatic Return Label

Remember, we told you earlier that we will discuss a requisite returns automation?

AfterShip lets you generate returns labels automatically negating the manual labor of uploading one every time. This surely saves you loads of manual time. Currently, the software supports this feature for 17 carriers including UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. But provided, you hold an active Postmen account with the carrier you choose.

To aid you to save some more time, we are giving you the easy steps to set up auto label generation.

1. Open your AfterShip returns center Admin page, and go to Return routing rules settings. Click on the three dots next to the required rule and select the Edit rule.

AfterShip return label

2. When you scroll down to the Return shipping methods section, you will find Ship with a return label toggle button, switch it on.

3. Click on the Set return shipping information and fill in the details. Hit save when you are done.

Aftership returns label

4. Check the box that says Automatically approve a return request for this return method under the Auto-approval section.

Aftership returns label

5. Recheck all the fields you have filled and press Save if everything is correct.

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User Reviews

Positive Reviews

We are happy to be able to manage shipping and returns from the same dashboard and branded tracking and return pages enabled us to have modern setup for our customers at affordable rates.” – Manager, small business.


There are so many features and options that are perfect for our businesses. Fast, user-friendly, and well-integrated with Shopify stores.” – IT manager, small business.


Easy to set up return and order tracking page.” – a small business owner.


Returns are a pain, but Aftership Return Center and Postman combined make them a lot easier. With the click of a button you can generate a label.” – Apparel & Fashion, small business.

Negative Reviews

I’m looking forward to managing all our returns in one place. It seems like they need a price plan in between the Essentials and the Pro plan.” – CEO of a small business.


Hard to set up more app with Squarespace.” – a small business owner.


Labels are not as cheap as – a USPS label on is half the price to ship the same item to the customer compared to shipping it back.” – Apparel & Fashion, small business.


They have integrations with all bigger e-commerce apps/softwares. But we have requested to add integration for a software we are using but they don’t have integrations for that yet.” – Store Manager, small business.

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In The End,

As we have mentioned in the beginning, we have presented what is AfterShip, its different pricing plans, and its features in detail. Furthermore, continued to discuss user reviews and automatic label generation. This assures us that after reading this comprehensive AfterShip pricing guide, you will be able to choose a plan rightly.

However, if you are still quizzed, let us suggest you a better customer support software, Helplama Helpdesk. Why do we call it better? Because, using Helplama Helpdesk tools, you can automate and manage all your eCommerce returns pretty effortlessly. It offers a fully customizable branded self-service portal for returns/exchanges along with auto-print labels with just one click.

What is more? The software auto-scans all the orders every day and alarms you in case of any shipment issues or delay. You can also easily forward the same alert notification to your customers proactively. With the help of marketing automation like prompt deals/discounts on the returns portal, you can convert returns into revenue.

Hence we conclude Helplama Helpdesk as the best and most affordable Aftership return alternative. To learn about more Helplama helpdesk tools, visit the website at once.


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