Do you know that chatbots help 55% of businesses to generate high-quality leads? They nurture the leads by engaging clients with personalized messages throughout their journey. Chatbots even provide a quick resolution to your customers’ queries which scales up your customer experience. 

If adding Chatbot to your website is in your pipeline then you are at the right place. Here we have curated 3 easy ways by which you can add a chatbot to your website. 

Benefits of Chatbot

Increases Customer Engagement

AI chatbots provide personalized messages based on your users’ data. They analyze responses and then engage with your customers which reduces errors and delivers more insightful replies. 

Reduces Customer Service Costs

Chatbots can solve customer queries with the help of your knowledge base and canned responses. It reduces ticket traffic for your agents and because of that, you don’t need to hire more staff. This even lower your training and infrastructure costs. 

Provides Insights into Customer Data

Some chatbots are well-equipped to monitor customers’ data that can be used by you to categorize them as per their preference. They even collect feedback after a customer purchases or interacts with the bot.

Increases Sales

The chatbots can run sales campaigns on your behalf by suggesting your products to them while the customers chat. It even sends notifications to customers regarding cart abandonment which could also increase your sales. 

3 Easy Ways to Add Chatbot on Your Website


  • Installing Chatbot Inside of your Website Chat Software

If you already have live chat software installed on your website, you can easily integrate bot service software. This helps you automate your customer support with a human touch in it. It has several advantages such as:

  • The bot automatically engages with your customers if all your agents are busy with other customers. 
  • If the customer query is too complex and can not be resolved by the bot, it automatically jumps over to your live agent who can now solve the query thus making sure that the ticket is resolved.
  • Use an Effective Chatbot 

Several ready-made chatbots are available in the market, which you can equip with your website to provide 24X7 customer support. These third-party chatbots can be customized as per your website, providing a branded experience to your customers. 

Using an effective chatbot platform such as Helplama Helpdesk is one of the easiest ways to add a bot to your website as it has an easy configuration and does not require too much technical knowledge. 

  • Implementing a Chatbot Using a Chat Provide’s API

This option provides better service to your agents through an advanced AI chatbot. If the query is too complex to handle then the chatbot can quickly run through your database and find a solution through previously solved queries. 

The other two options mentioned above are a bit basic but the API integration such as that of IBM can provide better customer support. However, it could be a bit expensive as compared to the above 2 ways. 

4 Best Website Chatbot Providers


Helplama Helpdesk

Helplama Helpdesk can also automate your customer support with the help of its AI chatbot. The bot attends to your customers in real time and solves their queries using canned responses or your knowledge base articles. 

It also provides a live chatbot widget that can be customized as per your website theme. 

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LogoEnergie is a dedicated chatbot-providing company. They can solve your customers’ queries 24X7 and provides the most insightful customer data available. It can be integrated with your live agent software and provides a human and AI touch to your customer support. 

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Peerbits bot allows you to store canned responses which can provide a better-personalized service. The bot has a multilingual feature that enables you to resolve your global customers’ queries. 

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Softweb Solutions

The AI chatbot by Softweb provides you with customer insights that you can use to categorize them. It attends to your customers in real time and solves their queries using the articles from your knowledge base. 

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Now, in the end, we hope that the information listed above was of some help and you will be able to create a chatbot for your website that matches your business operations. We have also listed some of the best chatbot providers in case you are looking for one. 

However, if you are looking for a complete solution with a chatbot for your business then you should try Helplma Helpdesk. Its AI chatbot not only automates your customer support but can even automate your social media handle. The AI collects good reviews from platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp!, etc. and posts them on your social media accounts

Helplama also provides dedicated call center support with services like after-hour call handling services, overflow-call handling services, and many more.

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