It is very crucial to offer in-time reliable services to your customers. Automating your service desk workflow will give your business the ability to do this.

In fact, helpdesk AI is designed to offer faster services and reduce the workload of your customer service agents so they can concentrate on difficult tasks.

A research paper released by Forrester reports that strategically pairing the strength of AI with your agents will result in increased employee satisfaction.

This proves that integrating service desk automation leads to the contentment of both your customers and staff.

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Benefits of Automating Service Desk Workflow

Benefits of Helpdesk Automation


1) Faster Response Time

ToisterSolution says that 88% of users expect to get a response within a minute of asking a query. It will be difficult to achieve with just human agents because there are only a finite number of customers your staff can handle.

However, to the AI helpdesk, it does not matter the number of customers as long as the infrastructure is right it will provide a response within seconds.


2) Accurate Automatic Reporting

In the manual process, the employee has to refer to the data and create a report. Once in a while, you will most probably find some errors in the records which leads to more work.

That is where the AI-enabled helpdesk would be of great service.

  • They improve the workflow by avoiding any human errors and inconsistency in the data. 
  • You can also save time with automatic reports generated in real time. 
  • It will assist you in handling any incident properly.
  • With accurate information, you can understand where and what is lacking in your workflow and plan improvements.


3) Increase in Productivity

Usually, every business has some common tasks that need to be done every day like resolving certain common issues most of the customers face.

But almost 40% of user support leaders feel that managing repetitive tasks has a negative impact on the CSAT score.

So, the automation system must be used to take care of common issues. In fact, the AI service desk design focuses on taking care of those repetitive tasks.

Automatic routing improves productivity by 66%

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4) Save Money

In automated service desk workflow, you just have to invest in the infrastructure and software. Once it is set up, the system gets the work done without costing any money.

Artificial Intelligence With The Human Touch report by Forrester states that nearly half of the managing team (i.e., 41%) acknowledge that using AI decreases customer service costs.


5)  Improved Customer Experience

Across customer service scenarios, the decision makers who have paired AI solutions with human agents reveal that there is an increase in

  • User satisfaction – 61%
  • Digital experience – 60%
  • Customer retention and lifetime value – 59%
  • Delivering personalized experience – 42% 

The automation desk services handle simple requests efficiently without any mistakes by 56%.

These statistics are enough to prove that if utilized correctly, an AI-enabled helpdesk can improve the consumer experience.


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What Features Should an AI Helpdesk Have?

There are many Helpdesk software out there that come with various features, but you need to look for the right one that fits your enterprise needs. We will list the basic services that an automated helpdesk must have.

  • Support Ticket Handling,
  • Agent Testing and Training,
  • Knowledgebase,
  • Mobility,
  • Integrations,
  • AI-drafted Responses,
  • Live/ Chat Support,
  • SMS and Phone Support,
  • Reporting and Analytics.


How to Choose Automation Desk Services For Your Business

How to choose Helpdesk Automation Services


1) Consider Cost

Define how much you want to spend on the service desk AI software by considering your company’s growth and budget.

In case your company is increasing the number of products, then you need to analyze the support you may require and choose the software that presents all the necessary features at an affordable price.


2) Quality of Automation Software

Spending the money on an AI that has all the features but does not work well and has lots of bugs or errors will definitely lose your customers. That is why it is crucial to employ the one that offers quality services

It is best to choose the one that has experience in providing helpdesk services for a certain time period like Helplama Helpdesk.


3) Scalability

If you are thinking of expanding your business, then you need to choose the software based on your requirement for future use. The AI should be able to handle those needs without damaging ROI and your business performance.


4) Ability to Integrate other Apps

Most of the time, there is a need to integrate other applications into your program as no software can include all the facilities essential to run an organization.

The integration feature enables you to add more features to your business like increasing endpoints, deploying models, adding social media, etc.


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5) Easy to Use

If the helpdesk automation application is difficult to navigate then it will be tough to give faster and more efficient responses to your clients. Therefore, test the software before buying it. 

Actually, almost all AI service providers grant a trial or free version of the software. So, install it and check its functionalities before employing it.


Best Helpdesk Automation Software – Helplama

Helplama Helpdesk is the only software that understands the operations of a business and offers the necessary features. This service desk automation system not only satisfies your customers but also makes your staff happy.



  1. Offers one-click integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  2. Automatically tracks the order status and informs your agents to proactively resolve the issue.
  3. Has an in-built portal that instantly allows your purchasers to return or exchange the items based on your policies and download the return labels.
  4. View all the messages and history of your consumers on one platform.
  5. Easily integrate popular social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.
  6. Collect the reviews of buyers from Google, Trustpilot, and UGC videos and use them as testimonials.
  7. The software automatically responds to customers and thanks them for their reviews.
  8. Add knowledge base to provide self-help services.
  9. Hire professional user service agents from the Helplama marketplace.
  10. You can access the training module to test and upskill your staff.
  11. It gives scores to each employee and lets you track their performance.
  12. Allows slack integration to make it easier for your team members and departments to communicate with each other.

Moreover, it offers the following basic customer support services.

  • Livechat,
  • AI-enabled email support,
  • Phone answering,
  • SMS integration, and
  • Analytics.



In order to keep up with the competition in the business world, you need to employ helpdesk automation to offer your services efficiently and effectively. That does not mean that you need to remove customer support agents.

In fact, blending AI with human agents allows organizations to achieve the strengths of both.

So, recognize the value of AI and improve both customer and employee satisfaction, as well as increase revenue and reduce costs by implementing Helplama Helpdesk software.

You can start your 15-day free trial here!