8 Unmissable Benefits of Multilingual Customer Support

Last Updated: February 2024

If you think having a brilliant product is the only thing that matters, you may not be entirely correct. Providing customers with quality after-sales services is equally important. Professional customer service experiences play a critical role in client retention.

Whether you are into e-commerce or in the hospitality industry, customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every business. However, with the growing competition, it is critical to diversify customer connectivity. Offering multilingual customer support instills confidence and sends a message to your customers that you care about their comforts.


8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Multilingual Customer Support


Let’s explore in-depth how multilingual support is beneficial to your business.

1. Access to a Wider Market

If you think that English is the only language spoken in every corner of the world, think again. In reality, there are more than 743 million non-native speakers in the world (lemongrad).

To gain access to these people, offering multilingual customer support is critical. The simple act of translating your web content into different languages and providing the visitors with location-based chat support will also help you rank higher on search engine result pages. This will improve brand visibility and help you gain access to an international market.

2. Boosts Sales And Offers Better Conversion Rates

One of the benefits of offering multilingual customer support is better conversion rates. If and when your content appeals to your customers, you gain access to many of them. This way, you also maximize your company’s sales potential. By closing online sales, you will enhance your brand reach and accelerate the growth of your business.

3. A Cost-Effective Strategy to Generate Quality Leads

If you aim to scale your operations and access new markets, translating your web content and offering real-time support in multilingual languages is cost-effective. Also, since this strategy helps in improving your search rankings, you can save on marketing costs and generate a positive ROI.

4. Prevents Miscommunication 

A language barrier can be incredibly frustrating for a customer and often leads to miscommunication. This can also increase your bounce rates. When your customer doesn’t understand the features and functionalities of a product or service, they feel distrustful and may choose to abandon their carts.

With Multilingual Customer Support, You Can Ensure That:

  • The customer understands critical information about the use, assembly, or care of the product.
  • They do not misinterpret any communication and have the freedom to express themselves freely.
  • You’re able to put your point across effectively.

5. Strengthens Your Relationship

When you allow your customers to speak in their native language, you address their concerns quickly. With timely communication and an efficient feedback loop, your customers will feel heard and more appreciative of the brand. In addition, by making the purchase cycle easier for your customers, you are strengthening your relationship. This will not only enhance their experience but add value to your business.

6. You Are Communicating Your Product’s Value Proposition

The value proposition is what makes your company stand out in the crowd. So naturally, when you think about expanding your business to international borders, it is critical to communicate your product’s value proposition for improved sales. One way to do this is by putting up multilingual product guides, FAQs, voice support, and more to put your international customers at ease. By making multilingual information as well as client support accessible to your customers, you make sure that the buyer understands the features, benefits, and use of the product.

7. Prevents Service Delay

Service delays turn off many customers. Ever since the advent of e-commerce, the ease of purchasing products and services has increased tremendously. However, service and delivery delays can critically impact customer satisfaction and lead to brand abandonment issues. In such cases, offering prompt customer support is crucial.

If your customers have to wait long for support in their local language, it will negatively impact their experience. Hence, multilingual customer support can help prevent such product issues and makes it easier for end-users to do business with you.

8. Create a Differentiating Factor For Your Business

A recent survey has shown that only 28% of end-users receive multilingual customer support (Intercom). You can use this as a differentiating factor to help your business stand out from the crowded playing field. This multilingual content is beneficial if you live in a country that speaks multiple languages. Instead of offering support in only one or two languages, consider expanding to establish a foothold in your niche area.

Tips to Offer Stellar Multilingual Customer Support For Your Customers

1. Understand What Languages Your Users Speak

As mentioned above, instead of offering support in one or two languages, understand your client demographics and expand your customer support channels accordingly. You can take surveys to know what kind of native languages your users speak, use digital tools such as Google Analytics, and more to strategize and implement solutions accordingly.

2. Translate & Publish Content in Multiple Languages

Modern customers want access to critical information in the most user-friendly manner. Hence, whenever you decide to create and post content on your website or even on your social feed, ensure that you use translating tools, language software, and more. That way, even when your customer support team cannot assist the users, they can browse through troubleshooting steps, product manuals, guides, blogs, and more, to solve their problems and reduce your operating costs.

It is also crucial to focus on multilingual SEO. With a proper multilingual SEO strategy, your customers can find your website quickly and access everything they need.

3. Hire Professionals For a Hassle-Free Experience

Reputable outsourcing companies provide stellar customer service and help you scale your operations. In addition, they have the tools and experience to understand your requirements, access the market, and offer a suitable solution that best suits your needs. They have experts skilled in multiple languages and help you reduce operational costs and grow your business.

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