6 Facts That Make eCommerce OMS a Must for Online Business

Last Updated: December 2023

Managing online orders is simple when you are just starting as a business owner. However, after some time, you’ll need a more efficient way to take care of excess orders. A good eCommerce OMS (Order Management System) is an ally in this scenario. It enables you to smoothly manage the entire process of receiving, tracking, and fulfilling your customers’ orders.

Customers may be unhappy if you are unable to fulfill their orders. And a dissatisfied customer means negative reviews these days. So, let’s see how software can save us here.

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What is an eCommerce Order Management System (OMS)?

An eCommerce Order Management System (OMS) is software that allows you to view and manage all of your orders from a single platform. It enables you to keep track of your orders across multiple channels, inventory, the nearest warehouse location, and track a customer’s order till it reaches them. It also synchronizes your customer data with your CRM (customer relationship management) and current technology stack.

The entire process is automated and in sync with your existing tech stack, from the point of sale to delivery fulfillment. As a result, manual work is reduced, giving you more time to focus on business growth.


6 Advantages of Order Management Software in eCommerce


The majority of small and medium-sized businesses have an online presence. As a result, keeping track of the customer’s orders and inventories manually becomes difficult for them. They can use an eCommerce order management system to report, process, track, and fulfill orders across multiple channels. An OMS also cuts down the time taken to manually track your inventories and sales. It has a slew of other advantages that make it an absolute favorite among eCommerce retailers.

Let us look at some of the advantages of an eCommerce order management system:

1) Track inventory across multiple channels 

Today, merchants make their products available to customers via multiple channels such as their own websites, eCommerce websites, associate partners, etc. Thus,  whenever a customer places an order online, they must be aware that the said item is available in the warehouse. A good order management software for eCommerce makes the entire inventory available at the touch of a button. You can refill the stocks as per the need at various sales channels. This frees up a lot of time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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2) Automation of manual tasks 

It takes time to manually log in order, process it, update inventory, and track the shipment until it is delivered. An eCommerce OMS enables you to automate these tedious but essential repetitive processes. This leads to faster sales and order fulfillment, increasing your customer base.

3) Track the trendsetters 

An order management system for eCommerce consolidates your sales data from multiple channels onto a single platform. You can see which products sell well on which website, location, or region and adjust your inventory accordingly. As a result, you can ensure that your products are available where they are required and earn more profit.

4) Decision-making

With an eCommerce OMS, you can view all of your sales, inventory, as well as other related data online. You can use this information to make decisions to further your business.

5) Scalability 

As your company grows, so will your operations. As a result, you will need to implement a new or improve your current accounting system, as well as add more warehouses. It will take a long time to manually scale up your current logistics. But, an eCommerce OMS will be compatible with your existing systems. It will quickly adapt to your current technology stack and run smoothly and save time and money.

6) Time saver 

The most significant advantage of having an order management system in eCommerce is that it saves time on all fronts. It speeds up the operations to take, process, and ship the order. Even the order’s shipment and return are quick and simple.

Things to watch out for when choosing an eCommerce Order Management Software:


If you want to boost your business, it’s time to invest in eCommerce order management software. However, before contacting the nearest vendor, keep the following points in mind:

1) Integration 

The OMS should be simple to integrate into your current eCommerce stack. It is a waste of time to transfer data between your OMS and your eCommerce site.

2) Customization 

OMS should be tailored to your specific business. It would be a costly affair if you were a mid-sized company and chose an OMS designed for an eCommerce conglomerate like Amazon. You will end up paying for features that do not meet your company’s requirements.

3) Future-sight

Every new piece of software is obsolete in six months. As a result, you must have Order Management Software for eCommerce that will also serve you in the future, as your operations expand significantly.

The Takeaway

An order management system for eCommerce can save you a lot of time and relieve you of tedious manual labor. It will assist you in analyzing data related to your business and making sound business decisions. And contribute to your success.

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