5 Types of Instagram Automated DMs To Scale Your Instagram Marketing

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Last Updated: April 2024

“Thank you for reaching out to us. We are happy to help.”

“Welcome to ….. How may I help you?

Have you been sending the same exact message typed again and again to your Instagram DMs? If yes, then this article will help you save loads of time and energy.

We are aware that you are a busy entrepreneur running your eCommerce business. We know that you have very little time to research ways to effectively manage the pouring of Instagram direct messages every day.

Alas! If you don’t send a prompt response, then you are sure to lose a sale. Are you in the same fix? Do not worry.

We assure you that by the end of this article, you will be able to successfully reply to all the Instagram DMs without missing any. Let’s dive in.

Table of contents,

  1. What are Instagram automated messages?
  2. Why do you need Instagram automated messages?
  3. Auto Instagram DM to comments
  4. Auto Instagram DM – Welcome message
  5. Automated DMs to Instagram story mentions
  6. Automated FAQs for Instagram
  7. Automated Instagram DM drip marketing

What are Instagram automated messages?

The definition of Instagram automated messages goes like this, “the canned responses that are pre-defined to a set of frequently asked questions triggered using keywords variables”.

Brands can now use Instagram Messenger APIs developed by Facebook, to enable Instagram bot messages over a chatbot. These help you in responding to every single Instagram DM and drive sales. Let us dive more in.

Why do you need Instagram automated messages

There are around 1.4 Billion active monthly users on Instagram exchanging messages and following brands.

As a brand, you need to often reply to your followers, new followers, potential followers, and common viewers as well. Embracing automation will greatly help you grab your customers around the clock. Helps you achieve a fast response rate even during your non-business hours.

80% of customers expect quicker responses from companies.

Though automated, it can be customized to deliver personalized responses and sound human. You may possess any Instagram account – be it a personal or a business account. It is totally possible to enable this unique auto Instagram DM feature. But, yes Instagram business accounts will obviously have more advanced features.

Next, we will see the types of Instagram automated DMs that can help you to scale your Instagram Marketing.

Auto Instagram DM to comments

These are Instagram autoresponders that are triggered when an Instagram user comments on your Instagram story/reel/post. Enables immediate customer engagement along with building your brand’s reputation. It is a great and easiest way to get connected with potential followers in an auto-mode.

Customizing these auto-comments based on the nature of the comments/complaints provide more personalization to the conversations. Set up different rules for kind of appraisal comments, complaints, or questions. Routing specific queries in comments to human agents will guarantee your reliability to the users.

Auto Instagram DM – Welcome message

When a user clicks on the message on your profile, send them a warm welcoming message automatically. So that your potential customer will feel immediate attention. No customer would like to wait for hours together to get a response. This will affect your brand reputation.

Instagram DM Welcome message

Using a well-designed automated DM Instagram welcome message, you can

  • Acquire a fresh lead/customer.
  • Engage in a positive conversation.
  • Provide a great customer experience, and
  • Increase customer satisfaction.

Use the automated welcome messages as a tool to politely inform your customers when you are not available. Also, you can urge them to click on a link to go to your website for more information.

For example,

Ho-ho-ho! Please let us know your queries. We are presently busy helping Mr. Santa Claus, so we may take a little longer to respond. Kindly bear with us.

Automated DMs to Instagram story mentions 

Creating automated DMs to Instagram stories is another great way to expand your visibility, increase the number of followers, and acquire more new customers. This feature, when triggered, automatically replies to your mentions in others’ stories. It allows you to add any links – offers/discounts, to it.

Say, for instance, an existing customer of yours posts a story with a mention of your brand. Your Instagram account will immediately identify the ‘mention’ trigger and automatically replies to that user.

In case you offer an attractive discount as a token of appreciation to that customer, you have just successfully initiated a future possible sale. Thus you have promoted your brand to your customer’s followers too along with yours.

Automated FAQs for Instagram

Note down the commonly asked questions in DMs that are repetitive. Frame the answers. And save these answers under the app settings. And you are all set to launch auto-reply. Add links to the corresponding answers, if any. That’s it. You have just made it easy for your customer to find the answer to his question without you attending to it.

BCG reports that companies have improved first-contact resolution by 5% to 7% points after implementing AI-driven knowledge base tools in their marketing strategy.

Research some popular keywords that can be used as triggers in the auto-reply workflows.

Also, save the common questions that are asked frequently. So that when a new visitor messages, your chatbot can automatically pose the relative questions to him. And when he chooses the question, the bot gives him the relevant answer.

This will help satisfy your potential customer’s questions and make a purchase decision. Thus a successful conversion is made.

Automated Instagram DM drip marketing

Once you receive a DM from an Instagram user, your automated reply will engage in conversation. Continuing this engagement with consecutive drip messages at regular intervals of time is called automated Instagram DM drip marketing.

Thus, you can reduce abandoned chat conversations by constantly reminding your customer gently about the product that he/she was checking.

Currently, Mobilemonkey offers this functionality to their users. Top digital marketers like John Lee have adopted drip marketing campaigns and benefited enormously.

Instagram DM drip sequence example

Ready to scale using auto Instagram DM?

All the above-mentioned automated DM Instagram ways benefit you and your team by providing extra time to put into more complicated matters of customer service.

Yet, would you like to manage all your channels’ including Instagram conversations from one place? Check out Saufter then. It has AI-enabled tools that provide you with overall customer support solutions. The software can easily integrate your business with Instagram and other leading social platforms.

Furthermore, using this software, you can automatically use your positive customer reviews as a marketing tool to promote your brand on all major social platforms. Additionally, get real-time analytics to monitor the auto DMs’ performance. So why wait?



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