10 Best Shopify Website Designing Agencies in 2023

A well-designed Shopify website can sell products. In fact, over 50% of Shopify stores get repeat purchases.

So, you can be listing an in-demand product on Shopify, but if your website design is not great then the chances of you making a profit can be quite less. 


There are more than 1.75 million merchants listed on Shopify and to stand out from every merchant you must have an eye-catching website.

So, don’t settle for a regular Shopify website template. Instead, collaborate with Shopify website designers and create a unique and customer-friendly website.

We are here to help you with a list of the top 10 Shopify website design agencies 

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard has been into digital marketing since 1998 and with a work experience of 24 years, they should be your go-to Shopify website design agency. They have collaborated with 1000+ companies in a wide array of industries. 

Year Started: 1998

Services offered:  Shopify website design services, Brand and Marketing Strategy, Brand Voice, Creation Corporate ID Development.

Clients:  A&E Television, AERCO, Agility, Blue Foundry Bank, BNSF, BonChon Chicken, Broadway League, Bryant Park, Canon, and more.



BlueSwitch has a blend of industry expertise that works upon complex ideas and turns them into simple solutions. With an experience of 20 years, Blueswitch’s team is efficient in re-platforming, designing, and marketing strategies that can help you in growing your business.

Year Started: 2000

Services offered: Shopify Plus, Website Designing, Performance Marketing, and more.

Clients: European Wax Center, ZenB, Rapiscan, Gaiam, Motherhood Maternity, and more.


We make websites

We Make Websites design, develop, and enhance Shopify Plus stores to help global businesses get the most out of the Shopify platform. They not only help in creating a website but also in moving from another platform to Shopify. 

Year Started: 2009

Services Offered: Design & UX, SEO, International Expansion, compliance, and many more.

Clients: CodeNation, Indspire, The Outrunners, and many more.


SmartSide digital marketing agency

Smartside not only helps in designing your website but also helps in acquiring more customers and selling more stuff as they are Google’s premier partner. They have 900+ completed websites and $100M+ Sales generated for clients.

Year Started: 2011

Services Offered: Design & UX, Shopify Website designing, Creation Corporate ID Development.

Clients: Anexio, HealthStrong Chiropractic, APS Pro-life, and many more.

Customer Feedback: https://www.smartsites.com/company


SleepLess Media

SleepLess media specialize in Shopify Plus and Shopify website designing. With the motto of radiating style, authenticity, and passion they will help you in designing your website according to your taste.

Year Started: 2009

Services Offered: Website designing, Shopify Ecommerce, WordPress, Branding, and Content Creation

Clients: Island Store, Lenny & Larry’s, Clearly Filtered, Tepui, Arlen Ness, Breebo, and many more.



With a customer-centric approach, Noticed is a Shopify partner. Noticed is a mission-centric brand and deals with high-quality content creation. They have an experience of 7 years but still, they have collaborated with more than 10+ and helped them grow drastically. 

Year Started: 2015

Services Offered: Conversion Rate Optimization, Ecommerce & Digital Strategy, Ecommerce Implementation, User Experience Design, Full Service Digital Marketing,  and many more.

Clients: Rare Beauty, Moscot, Liquid Death, Wandered Beauty, M.Gemi, Lemon Perfect, and many more.


Eastside Co

Located in London, Eastside Co has helped hundreds of aspirational brands to grow and achieve their goals. They are not only specialized in website designing but also in-depth business audits.

Year Started: 2015

Services Offered: Design & UX, Shopify Website designing, Creation Corporate ID Development, Shopify eCommerce, WordPress, Branding, and Content Creation.

Clients: Motel Rocks, Trojan, SHOWstudio, Hera, Trunk, Clicksit, and many more.



Propeller is a team of experts who are specialized in website development. They are a partner of Shopify and with the help of Statistics, they can make your business grow.

Year Started: 2002

Services Offered: UX/UI, Website Designing, Shopify & Ecommerce, and Digita marketing.

Clients: Fairline, Amerifine, KX, Birch, and many more.


Minion Made

Minion Made is an award-winning website developing agency located in New York. They are Shopify plus & Shopify Experts who have created more than a hundred websites. 

Year Started: 2012

Services Offered: eCommerce & mCommerce, Quality Assurance, Commerce Strategy, Planning & research, and many more.

Clients: SA Fishing, Ivy City, Buoy, Urotuning, Deluna, Gravity Blankets, Fauxmo, and many more.


Roswell Studio

With a gross Portfolio of $350M in 2021, Roswell Studio is a rising digital marketing agency. They specialized in D2C and B2B marketing.  Roswell studio not only provides website development but other features such as photography, and logo design which is quite different from all the above agencies. 

Year Started: 2011

Serviced Offered: Branding, UI/UX, Website designing, ERP integrations, Data & Analytics, and many more.

Clients: amika, Kajer Wies, Misook, Bachan’s, Calm, Greats, JONES New York, and many more


Final Words

Attracting site visitors is of no use if they are leaving swiftly. To regain customers or to make them view your products it’s important to have an eye-catching website. Designing Shopify websites is easier when you collaborate with Digital marketing agencies. 

If you are looking for one place where you can avail of social media integrations, automated UGC marketing services, and automated customer support solutions for your store, along with a seamless Shopify integration, then Helplama is the stop. It offers one-click integration with Shopify and provides you with effective automated solutions to save on your manual labor time by 50%.


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